• Emergency AC Power System
    Emergency AC Power System Offering a transfer time of less than 50-milliseconds, the
  • Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 900-1100kW Powered By The Cat C32
    Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 900-1100kW Powered By The Cat C32 Caterpillar Inc. introduces the first in a line of diesel-fueled generator sets with ACERT™ Technology. With rating ranges of 900 – 1000 ekW and 1000 – 1100 kVA, the new generator set is the first EPA Tier 2 certified generator set to be offered in the North American marketplace
  • ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester Vanguard Instruments Co.’s Model ATRT-01 is a second generation microprocessor-based, single-phase, automatic, transformer-turns-ratio tester
  • Display Wall System
    Display Wall System The GraphXMASTER C50 one-chip DLP solution projects vivid video imagery and finely detailed data with 600 ANSI lumens
  • Scada-Mate CX Switches
    Scada-Mate CX Switches Automation needs change and grow with increased load, capacity, and demands for more reliable service. S&C’s Scada-Mate CX Switches can meet these changing needs...economically. They’re three-pole, group-operated interrupter switches specifically designed for automating overhead distribution systems
  • Large Scale Power Supply
    Large Scale Power Supply The mission-critical Uninterruptible Power Supply ranges from 65-1000 or more kVA and is designed to protect sensitive operations
  • Kamlrok Heaters
    Kamlrok Heaters These unique heaters are constructed of a rust-resisting iron sheath with optional chrome steel sheaths available
  • The Hottest New Welding Helmets
    The Hottest New Welding Helmets Craftsmen welders across the country were asked to help create the next generation welding helmet. The result: new Fibre-Metal FMX™ - premium quality welding helmets, with the Xtra features welders want.
  • Power Distribution Stringer
    Power Distribution Stringer This new, reusable NEMA power distribution stringer (4B5-20) is ideally suited for arenas, stadiums, and other
  • CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software
    CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software By connecting a TM1600/MA61 Breaker Analyzer System or an EGIL Breaker Analyzer to a PC that is running the CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software you can test circuit breakers even faster and more reliably
  • Energy Profit Improvement Software
    Energy Profit Improvement Software EnterpriseOne imports data from many popular building
  • OWM
    OWM Barrington Consultants, Inc. is introducing a new solid state transformer temperature monitor
  • North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  • Starlite Flourescent Lamps
    Starlite Flourescent Lamps From maintaining proper levels of vital nutrients to stimulating our production of hormones, the natural spectrum found in sunlight plays an important role in our essential biological processes. Unfortunately, most people today don't get enough of it
  • flat panel line displays
    flat panel line displays If your primary concern is how to look good and save space, you will love HP's lineup of flat panel displays.
  • B-PRO Bus Protection Relay
    B-PRO Bus Protection Relay Provides bus and substation differential protection (low impedance), integrated breaker failure and overcurrent protection with metering and fault oscillography
  • Stud Mount Transformer Connectors
    Stud Mount Transformer Connectors UTILCO’s stud mount transformer connectors are designed to be installed on the threaded bushing on the secondary side of a padmount transformer
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies - SE Plus Series
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies - SE Plus Series SEPlus UPS Systems are true on-line ferroresonant systems which provide regulated, clean, continuous power for critical AC loads
  • MajorPS300 Series - Enclosed Case - 300W Single-Output
    MajorPS300 Series - Enclosed Case - 300W Single-Output The MajorPS300 Series of AC/DC converters uses a field proven high frequency half-bridge technology to generate 300W of output power with convection cooling...
  • Alpha-1 Fluid Alpha-1 Fluid is a fire resistant insulating oil that is made for retrofill and top-off applications
  • Automated Unattended Transformer Oil Processing System BA-AUTOS Purification Systems
    Automated Unattended Transformer Oil Processing System BA-AUTOS Purification Systems Fully automated and designed for unattended operation
  • Kiosks
    Kiosks Ergo can develop a wide variety of custom kiosk solutions
  • Outdoor Transformers
    Outdoor Transformers These units are produced for indoor or outdoor applications in either power stations, substations or switchgear
  • BlueTree GPRS Modems
    BlueTree GPRS Modems Our rugged GPRS modems support GSM & GPRS wireless networks...
  • Line Leakage Testers
    Line Leakage Testers LINECHEK automated line leakage testers are available in
  • CIS Service
    CIS Service NEXTEND service extends the life of an energy company’s existing legacy Customer Information System (CIS) by
  • Rental Equipment
    Rental Equipment From 6kW to 22.8MW generator sets, this company rents out
  • Lindsey Angle Roller
    Lindsey Angle Roller The Lindsey Angle Roller is the fastest and most efficient roller available
  • XTS® 5000 Digital Portable Radio
    XTS® 5000 Digital Portable Radio Motorola’s IP-enabled portable two-way performer offers a full array of sophisticated features and progressive technology. Designed specifically for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical, military and federal agencies, the XTS 5000 digital portable radio is the preferred tool of life-saving professionals.
  • Remanufacturing
    Remanufacturing Remanufacturing for all low & medium voltage equipment
  • <b>Professional Services</b>
    Professional Services Systems Failure Analysis
  • Load Testing System
    Load Testing System The millennium load bank is a portable, self-contained unit that simulates electrical loads...
  • EMC Documentum xCP
    EMC Documentum xCP

    Accelerate development of intelligent case management applications and automate business processes to improve efficiency and compliance.

  • inFORM Battery Database Creation
    inFORM Battery Database Creation Convenient and simple system that stores, analyzes, and trends state-of-health, voltage, and all other relevant battery system information.
  • ATRT-01B Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01B Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The ATRT-01B is ac-line or rechargeable-battery powered transformer turns-ratio tester
  • Glenn Starflex Band Heater
    Glenn Starflex Band Heater The Glenn Starflex Band heater is an extruded aluminum segmented band employing rugged refractory insulated tubular heating elements
  • Custom UPS Systems If computer or telecommunication networks are your company’s lifelines, then when these systems go down, data integrity, sales, customer loyalty and employee morale can suffer considerably
  • Diodes
    Diodes The new series of hyperfast-recovery diodes with soft-recovery waveshape are designed to increase performance and
  • Afaria
    Afaria It’s on the front lines of business where your employees—such as mobile sales people, field service engineers, and workers in remote offices and retail sites—interact with your customers.
  • Testing Testing for all low & medium voltage equipment
  • Power Conditioners--BIDHISS III
    Power Conditioners--BIDHISS III Power Quality Inc. offers a full line of BIDHISS bidirectional isolating series surge protectors with harmonics suppression
  • Compactest GCT
    Compactest GCT Electrotechnical voltage and/or current generator, single phase
  • Signature System
    Signature System The Signature System is the most advanced power quality monitoring system available on the market today
  • Line Conditioners A line conditioner is a fancy word for a special transformer. Most line conditioners provide some isolation by their design. Isolation transformers (covered in the next section) perform both functions but must meet a different set of specifications.
  • Custom UPS Systems Power interruptions can be avoided through the use of a protection system that incorporates an Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator surpasses other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size
  • PreDictive Diagnostic Cable Testing Service Ultra Power Technologies, Inc. and IMCORP offer patented, partial discharge, diagnostic, underground cable testing using state-of-the-art equipment on the cutting edge of the testing industry
  • E Series Limit Switches
    E Series Limit Switches When you combine CPI's industrial and military grade basic switches with the E Series bracket and actuator line, the result is a broad line of limit switches which can be configured for your specific applications
  • Pathfinder Cable and Pipe Locators
    Pathfinder Cable and Pipe Locators The 8840 Path Finder and the 8850 Pathfinder II cable and pipe locators rival any path locators at any price
  • Hydrography
    Hydrography TRSI has decades of successful hydrographic experience around the globe, from the canadian Arctic to South America, and from Australia to the Middle East and Africa
  • Bashlin Steel Climbers
    Bashlin Steel Climbers This rugged, steel alloy adjustable climber features a replaceable gaff
  • CVR-600 Three-Phase Six-Pulse Firing Circuit with Current and Voltage Regulation
    CVR-600 Three-Phase Six-Pulse Firing Circuit with Current and Voltage Regulation The CVR-600 is the three phase version of the CVR-200, utilizing the FCOG-6100 firing and the ISOVLCL-1 regulator
  • ProductNEXT Your Voice in IEEE-SA Product Development! Here’s your chance to tell us directly how we can better serve you.
  • Spacer 15kV Ring Tie Less (Patent Pending)
    Spacer 15kV Ring Tie Less (Patent Pending) Spacer 15kV Proprietary, Gray, Track Resistant HDPE.
  • The Connected Utility: Delivering A New Level Of Productivity And Customer Service
    The Connected Utility: Delivering A New Level Of Productivity And Customer Service Today’s utilities face many new challenges that threaten profitability. Ever-volatile energy prices are reaching new highs, pressuring margins and forcing price increases. Consumer demand is on the rise. Safety and security are a major concern. An aging workforce is being replaced by a new workforce with less experience.
  • 502 Universal Duo-Power Wringer
    502 Universal Duo-Power Wringer Eels from 2 1/2 to 4" diameter and ribbons or pads of 24" widths are easily guided through the oil recovery chute...
  • Electronic Services
    Electronic Services Technicians provide diagnostics, analysis, repair and calibration of solid-state electronic equipment
  • Geltek&#153  Sealant Strips
    Geltek™ Sealant Strips In cable termination applications, you need to provide your customers with additional weathering and sealing protection, which you would normally achieve through the use of sealant strips
  • Envirotemp® FR3™ Fire-Resistant Fluid Envirotemp® FR3™ Fluid, available in Envirotran™ Transformers, is a natural ester-based fluid formulated from a renewable natural resource -- seeds
  • Flush Mount Heat Exchanger
    Flush Mount Heat Exchanger The model CC900F, 1300F, and 2500 F heat exchangers are lightweight, weighing only 16, 22, and 30 lb. respectively
  • 160 x 120 Resolution Infrared Camera for Electrical and Mechanical Applications: E40
    160 x 120 Resolution Infrared Camera for Electrical and Mechanical Applications: E40 The FLIR E40 Infrared Camera for electrical and mechanical predictive maintenance applications features a 19,200 pixel (160x120) infrared resolution, a 3.1 megapixel visible light digital camera with an LED lamp to provide clean images, regardless of light conditions, a -4 to 1,202°F (-20 to 650°C) temperature range, and more. Like all FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras, the E40 has a manual focus, a 3.5” color LCD touch screen, a 60 Hz frame rate, and an accuracy of +/-2% or 2°C. WiFi connectivity allows you to connect to Apple® and Android® smart phones and tablets. When used in conjunction with FLIR's mobile apps, a user can view and analyze images, bring out additional detail in images, add data, create reports, share files, and more. The E40 infrared camera has a 2x continuous digital zoom, and thermal sensitivity of <0.07°C.
  • Drawing / Modeling Autocad 2000 and Mechanical Desktop, version 4, for drawings and solid Modeling on PCs
  • Substation Controller RTU+
    Substation Controller RTU+ In recent years, the emphasis on access to utility substation data has shifted from traditional SCADA interfaces to include enterprise connectivity and increased levels of automation
  • Type F Interlock
    Type F Interlock The type F interlock is Kirk Key's most popular interlock
  • 1394
    1394 400Mbps. Simultaneous
  • Control Products
    Control Products Most major brands
  • wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy&reg; Solutions
    wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy® Solutions The wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy solution is streamlined, powerful and simple, with built-in installation and deployment assistance, making Canopy solutions faster and easier to implement.
  • Harmonics Analysis Program
    Harmonics Analysis Program The Harmonics Analysis Program has been designed to assist electrical engineers in solving harmonics problems
  • "Multipoint" Power Recorder
    "Multipoint" Power Recorder The new "Multipoint" Power Recorder from Reliable Power Meters is the perfect solution for permanent monitoring applications that demand the ultimate in power measurement
  • Liquid Level Monitor
    Liquid Level Monitor The model 1810 liquid level monitor is a microprocessor-based panel instrument that is best suited for
  • Substations Circuit Breakers
    Substations Circuit Breakers TPM manufactures all kinds of current transformers that can be retrofit into any kind of substation circuit breakers and keep our clients well protected on all their departure line
  • DL-8000 Portable Substation Monitor
    DL-8000 Portable Substation Monitor The DL-8000 Portable Substation Monitor is an advanced power monitoring system incorporating all the functionality of the TR-100 Integrated Substation Monitor in a rugged portable package
  • Type F Interlock
    Type F Interlock Generally flat (or face) mounted with bolts
  • Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed <p>
    Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed

    The LZC series provides surge protection for 2 or 3 wire 24 volt circuits, such as 2 or 3 wire 4-20 mA 24 V loops, or 24 V contact closures

  • Power Supplies
    Power Supplies These power supplies have been designed especially for checking bonding and grounding of electrical equipment, as mandated by CSA Standard C2.2, No. 0.4, and equivalent documents from UL and other standardizing agencies.
  • CTX 2000
    CTX 2000 The Current Transformer Test Set has been designed to test current transformers for Excitation, Saturation, Ratio and Polarity by comparing Voltage
    MIDAS The MIDAS thermal imaging camera is an extremely lightweight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering capabilities normally found in models costing much more
  • <b>Systems Acceptance, Maintenance & Repair</b>
    Systems Acceptance, Maintenance & Repair Complete Substation Testing and Maintenance
  • Failure Prevention in Steam Systems This continuing education course covers the prevention of equipment corrosion, fatigue, creep, and other failures.
  • Access Management System
    Access Management System Secure Perfect is a Windows 95, computer-based access
  • 98 Series The latest telemetry technology offered by INIVEN is available in the 98 Series. The 98 Series equipment is
  • Tachometer
    Tachometer Memory Recall
  • E-LAM Laminated Wood Poles
    E-LAM Laminated Wood Poles We supply poles or pole systems from 25 to 160 ft
  • Mapping and Facilities Management Software CableCad version 4.0 is a high performance automated mapping and facilities management through geographic
  • xCell Processor Module
    xCell Processor Module Microsol’s XCell Processor Module ( CPR-041) combines I/O processing, communications, user configuration, diagnostics and applications programming.
  • Harmonic Filtering Resistors
    Harmonic Filtering Resistors The compact design of the Harmonic Filtering Resistors is designed for substations with limited space
  • ATRT-03 3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-03 3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The ATRT-03 is a three-phase, transformer turns-ratio tester.
  • Tools For Electrical, CATV And Telecommunication
    Tools For Electrical, CATV And Telecommunication UP-B240 Shark, UP-B200 Aussie Pliers, UP-B480 - linemans pliers
  • Automatic Meter Reading Unit
    Automatic Meter Reading Unit The Acyuta AMR is a low cost, real time, multi-channel, multi-tasking, compact, high quality
  • 5kV Insulation Resistance-Test Meter
    5kV Insulation Resistance-Test Meter Model IRM-5000 Megohmmeter is a micro-processor based, high voltage insulation-test meter
  • Using a Digital Multimeter Whether it’s troubleshooting an electrical problem or testing a circuit for safety purposes, digital multimeter
  • Motorola TCO Mobility Toolkit: Looking Beyond Acquisition Consumer-class devices simply can't compete with rugged, enterprise grade mobile devices — especially for enterprise, field-based applications. With budget cuts and capital investment challenges, you need to make every dollar count today, and tomorrow. Motorola has answers. Our TCO Mobility Toolkit, including four downloadable resources, will provide the answers you need to justify — and protect — your investments.
  • TPI instrumentation
    TPI instrumentation Here's the comprehensive family of TPI instrumentation
  • THE CONSTRUCTOR 2.0 for Windows
    THE CONSTRUCTOR 2.0 for Windows This program makes the creation and printing of electrical ladder diagrams, schematics and one line diagrams fast and easy
  • Automatic Meter Reading System
    Automatic Meter Reading System Surpass customers expectations with the STAR Wide Area
  • Run Tester
    Run Tester The 905D Functional Run Tester, RUNCHEK, can make measurements of input voltage, amperage, power (watts) and
  • Electronic Voltage Detector for indoor or outdoor use
    Electronic Voltage Detector for indoor or outdoor use The Operating Voltage ranges from 5 to 36 kV
  • Fiberglass Crossarms
    Fiberglass Crossarms Highline fiberglass reinforced composite crossarms exceed all ASTM requirements of wood.
  • Energy Services This company’s Energy Services Division provides the specialized design, placement and service of insurance
  • M-3520 Intertie Protection System
    M-3520 Intertie Protection System Protects a generator from abnormal voltage and frequency