• Automatic Splices And Dead Ends
    Automatic Splices And Dead Ends Fargo offers the largest line of automatics and associated products in the industry. Installation is fast.
  • ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls
    ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls Maysteel Electronic Capacitor Controls are designed to automatically switch pole-mount and pad-mount capacitor banks
  • Ethernet Radio Modems SRM6200E and SRM6300E Ethernet radio modems have passed industrial shock/vibration testing at an accredited lab for applications in the harshest industrial environments...
  • Data Concentrator
    Data Concentrator Microsols Data Concentrator acts as a Data Hub providing convenient connection points for external interfaces to the system. This is particularly important in the case where the RTUs are distributed around the substation and a central connection point is necessary to facilitate interfacing.
  • Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter
    Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter The world's first cost-effective active harmonic cancellation filter is easy to upgrade and automatically
  • Flex-Core Current Transformers
    Flex-Core Current Transformers This split-core current transformer was designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys
  • Netbas Plan
    Netbas Plan With simple recording wizards for complex network components, such as distribution substations, this constitutes a powerful tool for effective and economical planning and documentation of the network in Netbas
  • Model 1133A Power Sentinel
    Model 1133A Power Sentinel The Model 1133A brings laboratory performance to the substation, delivering unprecedented revenue accuracy of 0.025% under most conditions
  • Pick-a-Port Modular Switch
    Pick-a-Port Modular Switch Mention Fiber Optics Online to receive a 5% discount on our most flexible popular fiber switch through 9/30/03...
  • Combination Locator
    Combination Locator Consisting of two instruments in one, the PARDIS Model 383 is housed in a larger case and incorporates both the PARDIS Models 163B and 243
  • Hot Water Booster
    Hot Water Booster Series HTC heaters include a formed nickel-plated copper Glenn tubular heater mounted to a finished steel control housing
  • North Lightning™ Series Ergonomic Safety Eyewear
    North Lightning™ Series Ergonomic Safety Eyewear Innovative Lightning™ series protective eyewear, by North Safety Products, was engineered to provide a secure, flexible, ergonomic, comfortable fit – even on large faces. Prescription lens insert option and custom logo imprinting available. Click the link to learn more.
  • Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug
    Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug The special feature of a Conklin Sherman Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug is its ability to be reused again and again. A special brass screw mechanism allows you to distend or stretch the plug.
  • Trinetics® Capacitor Switches - Vacuum
    Trinetics® Capacitor Switches - Vacuum The VS Series vacuum switch combines the extended operating life and maintenance-free benefits of a vacuum interrupter with the insulation advantages of oil. The switch is designed to perform in excess of 30,000 operations and switch should last over 30 years under normal operating conditions
  • Handheld Computer
    Handheld Computer The Rx1 handheld computer is ergonomically designed to encompass true durability in mobile/field applications.
  • RSI-G Series : 3/4 to 5 HP
    RSI-G Series : 3/4 to 5 HP 230 volt, single phase, 1/2 to 2 hp, constant torque ratings
  • Light Task Plus 5™ Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove
    Light Task Plus 5™ Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove The Light Task Plus 5™ is a high performance cut resistant glove that gives up nothing in wearer comfort, making it ideal for applications requiring a high level of protection from cut hazards combined with a high degree of dexterity and feel. A highly advanced seamless liner contains Dyneema® yarn that is cool, stretchy and amazingly light. It also contains glass fiber for enhanced cut resistance up to ANSI cut level 3 and EN388 cut level 5.
  • Secondary Unit Substations Our vast knowledge of switchgear combined with our transformer capabilities allows us to provide secondary unit subs
  • FCOG-1200 Twelve Pulse Firing Board
    FCOG-1200 Twelve Pulse Firing Board The FCOG-1200 firing board supplies delayed, hard-firing gating pulses for parallel or series connected 12-pulse
  • Power Load
    Power Load Powered hoists and accessories for loading and handling applications.
  • Power System Remote Monitoring - Cat PointGuard
    Power System Remote Monitoring - Cat PointGuard PointGuard™ equipment monitoring and management services use web-based software, remote communications technologies and on-site hardware to connect Caterpillar® power solution users with their generator sets and related equipment
  • 4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets
    4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets All sockets are designed to accept all standard 4mm (.160in) plugs either with fixed or retractable shrouds. The panel aperture needs to be 12mm (.472in) diameter. Panel thickness min. 2mm (.080in) max. 10mm (.394in).
  • 700 Series Wall Bushings
    700 Series Wall Bushings 700 Series Wall Bushings are generally designed for use as bus entrance and cell transition insulation in switchgear applications
    SMARTLINK™ MONITORING & CONTROL DEVICES The new Fisher Pierce SmartLink™ Utility Application Interface
  • ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester Vanguard Instruments Co.’s Model ATRT-01 is a second generation microprocessor-based, single-phase, automatic, transformer-turns-ratio tester
  • IEEE Surge Protective Device Standards, VuSpec Edition Imagine having immediate access to, and easily searching through, all 34 SPD standards. This single IEEE VuSpec CD offers you this complete collection of all Surge Protective Device standards
  • Consulting and Services When you hire a consultant, you don’t want a “laundry list” of your deficiencies or a “canned report”
  • A Guide For Small Business Owners A Guide For Small Business Owners
  • Stud Mount Transformer Connectors
    Stud Mount Transformer Connectors UTILCO’s stud mount transformer connectors are designed to be installed on the threaded bushing on the secondary side of a padmount transformer
  • Electronic Services
    Electronic Services Technicians provide diagnostics, analysis, repair and calibration of solid-state electronic equipment
  • Quickshot - On-line Circuit Breaker Analyzer
    Quickshot - On-line Circuit Breaker Analyzer Since breaker performance can be tested while the breaker is still on-line and in service,
  • Electrical Systems Survey
    Electrical Systems Survey The infrared electrical systems survey is typically conducted on an annual basis as part of a regular
  • Additional Test Systems The Electric Device Corporation manufactures a wide variety of testing systems for the following applications
  • An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package
    An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake
  • M-3310 Transformer Protection System
    M-3310 Transformer Protection System Multiple Setpoint Groups
  • Netbas Fasit
    Netbas Fasit Netbas Fasit is a tool for recording and saving information on faults and interruptions
  • Settlement One Gold
    Settlement One Gold Settlement One is a software package developed specifically to meet the retail settlement needs of the Ontario market
  • UTP's ESD Ploymeric Flooring
    UTP's ESD Ploymeric Flooring UTP's ESD Ploymeric Flooring - provides your facility with the ultimate in a low maintenance durable epoxy floor
  • Three Phase Voltage Monitors - Model 102A
    Three Phase Voltage Monitors - Model 102A Model 102A is an auto-ranging voltage monitor designed to protect 3-phase motors regardless of size
  • FC 4000 GPS-Satellite Phasing System
    FC 4000 GPS-Satellite Phasing System The FC4000 is an instrument which enables to accomplish remote identification of A-B-C electrical phases from all the 50 and 60 Hz (THT to BT) networks
  • Information Technology Object Modelling
  • GenStake
    GenStake Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake
  • Environmental Chambers
    Environmental Chambers Temperature and Temperature Humidity chambers
  • Shakespeare Army Sticks CB Antennas
    Shakespeare Army Sticks CB Antennas 48" to 102" length, all UPS shippable
  • Oil Circuit Reclosers
    Oil Circuit Reclosers We are an authorized service center for Cooper Power and Lexington Switch reclosers.
  • Engineering Capabilities
    Engineering Capabilities From the onset, our Applications Department, together with Engineering support and the customer's project team, engage in extensive evaluation of the project - nothing is left to chance
  • AX-S4 MMS DDE/OPC server AX-S4 MMS is a DDE/OPC server for MMS that provides "Access For" the desktop to real-time data for Windows DDE Client Applications.
  • MM15 mini series
    MM15 mini series MM15 mini series features Clevis mounted 12 or 24Vdc
  • Test Set
    Test Set PTI-Serial for DNP 3.0 is a serial port-based, 32-bit Windows application used for protocol emulation
  • Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard
    Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard The Arbiter Systems, Inc. Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards
  • Meter-Based Internet Connectivity
    Meter-Based Internet Connectivity Power Measurement now has two new features for its flagship ION series energy and power quality meters: the
  • Motion Control Schneider Electric offers a full range of motion products that provide superior control for single-axis, multi-axis and coordinated multi-axis motion installations
  • Value Engineering Amon Consulting, after a complete review and understanding of the Client's needs, can provide value engineering and analysis that offers cost saving suggestions and best value recommendations.
  • Measure and Tools
    Measure and Tools Measure Tools by FranceLog
  • ATRT-01D Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01D Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The ATRT-01D is a single-phase, transformer turns-ratio tester.
  • MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case
    MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case The MajorPFC1500 Series of AC/DC converters uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability. Generates 1500W of output power at high DC voltage with convection cooling...
  • FCOG-6100 Three-Phase Firing Board
    FCOG-6100 Three-Phase Firing Board Introduced in 1983, this industry-standard firing board is ideal for large industrial power supplies, motor
  • Simplified Motor Soft-Start
    Simplified Motor Soft-Start GOLETA, CA—April 11, 2000—Enerpro, Inc. introduces the Simplified Motor Soft-Start (SMSS), a compact, economical
  • inCABINET Interface  Battery Tester
    inCABINET Interface Battery Tester Our inCABINET Interface Battery Tester gives you Consistent Battery Testing From Outside Confined Rack Or Cabinet
  • Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC55 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) The Motorola MC55 brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to pocket-sized mobile devices. As the smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, bar code scanner, camera, walkie talkie and mobile computer into a robust business class device with true consumer styling and ergonomics — and is designed to meet mobile worker, business application and IT requirements.
  • monarch EMS Platform
    monarch EMS Platform monarch is the culmination of Open Systems International’s vision and passion for developing a truly open EMS platform
  • PPA Prepackaged Assembly
    PPA Prepackaged Assembly The PPA assembly is a compact 12-pulse rectifier rated at 80A, with natural convection cooling. This assembly uses
  • MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System
    MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System The next-generation professional two-way radio communications solution is here, with more performance, productivity and value—thanks to digital technology that delivers increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for professional organizations that need a customizable, business-critical communication solution using licensed spectrum.
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems A series of stainless steel tubing arrays distribute demineralized water under high (2000 to 3500 psi) pressure
  • Partial Discharge Monitor
    Partial Discharge Monitor This new partial discharge monitor can detect faults developing inside high voltage transformers before they
  • ATRT-03B  3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-03B 3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The Vanguard Instruments Co. Model ATRT-03B is a second generation, microprocessor-based, automatic, three-phase, transformer, turns-ratio meter
  • Linear Regulator
    Linear Regulator The new OMR9601SCK is a 3.3 to 2.5V ultra-low dropout
  • Fortress Rackmount
    Fortress Rackmount Advanced Power Integrity And Management
  • Energy Managing Program
    Energy Managing Program Alarm Manager collects energy and facility alarm information, prioritizes these alarms based on user-defined
  • Construction Powerserve Technologies, Inc. has extensive relay and substation experience
  • EMC Testing
    EMC Testing The company offers EMC testing services per CISPR, VDE, IEC, EN, FDA, MDS, and ANSI standards
  • EDR Taper Gauge
    EDR Taper Gauge EDR Taper Gauge
  • Testing/Quality Control
    Testing/Quality Control Features of Testing/Quality Control
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Reclamation-HTF Thermal Electric Power generators near the West Coast accumulated thousands of gallons per year of used
  • Harmonics Analysis Program
    Harmonics Analysis Program The Harmonics Analysis Program has been designed to assist electrical engineers in solving harmonics problems
  • Electrical Sensitive electronic systems and equipment should have an electronics grade electrical distribution system unlike "standard" electrical distribution system for proper equipment and systems operation.
  • VMD2A Digital Multimeter
    VMD2A Digital Multimeter Ross Engineering Corporation’s Wideband DC-10MHz digital multimeter measures DC, true RMS, ±peak voltages and captures transients to 1000V.
  • Trolley
    Trolley Trolley
  • DESS 5.0
    DESS 5.0 DESS is a suite of analysis tools to help you design and run your distribution system more efficiently
  • Energy Profit Improvement Software
    Energy Profit Improvement Software EnterpriseOne imports data from many popular building
  • Flush Mount Front Removal
    Flush Mount Front Removal This version of the Panel Adapter enables the user to easily remove the socket meter from the front as well as from the back
  • Type AFK Surface-Mount Aluminum Capacitor
    Type AFK Surface-Mount Aluminum Capacitor Best SMT aluminum capacitor type for low impedance and small size. With 40% to 60% lower impedance and 30 to 50% smaller size and more than twice the life compared to other low-impedance aluminum SMD capacitors, the AFK also excels at cold temperature performance down to –55°C. 3.3 to 6800 µF ± 20%. 6.3 to 100 Vdc. –55 to 105°C. Up to 2 amps at 100 kHz, 105°C.
  • Partial Discharge Detector
    Partial Discharge Detector The DDP/540 partial discharge detector is designed to test
  • Resins
    Resins Dow Corning’s range of electrical impregnating varnishes and silicone resin provides high thermal stability combined with excellent electrical resistance for use in motor stator coils, transformer windings, wire wound resistors, solenoids, generator coils
  • Resettable Sectionalizers
    Resettable Sectionalizers The sectionalizer offers a convenient way of isolating sections of distribution systems in the event of a permanent fault, while eliminating outages due to temporary faults
  • Tube Expanders
    Tube Expanders Elliott offers a full line of Tube Expanders that have been carefully designed and manufactured to seal tube ends securely in boiler
  • Insulator 15kV Poly Pin Type - Tie Top
    Insulator 15kV Poly Pin Type - Tie Top Hendrix 15kV Tie-Top Insulator, Proprietary Molded Gray HDPE.
  • Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed <p>
    Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed

    The LZC series provides surge protection for 2 or 3 wire 24 volt circuits, such as 2 or 3 wire 4-20 mA 24 V loops, or 24 V contact closures

  • Price RTP Real-Time Pricing: Across the electric utility industry, nearly everyone agrees that RTP will be a powerful tool in meeting the needs of important customers - and an indispensable key to success in an era of increasing competitive challenge
  • GM022 Glove/Sleeve Testing Accessory
    GM022 Glove/Sleeve Testing Accessory The one piece slave will simultaneously test one or two lineman's gloves
  • Downstream Logistics & DistributionTraining
    Downstream Logistics & DistributionTraining Courses offered in the "Downstream Logistics & Distribution" area include:
  • UPS Series
    UPS Series The Pulsar Esprit Power Cluster series are UPSs that offer an optimized combination of availability and reliability
  • TheSeparator Jr.:  Model 4250
    TheSeparator Jr.: Model 4250 The Separator Jr. is a bench mounted unit for separating most types of ribbon cable
  • MMS-EASE C language Application Program Interface
    MMS-EASE C language Application Program Interface MMS-EASE is a C language Application Program Interface (API) for the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) protocols as specified by MAP V3.0 for communications between programmable devices on the factory floor.
  • Analytical Services
    Analytical Services Philip Analytical provides solutions to an extensive range
  • M-2001B Digital Tapchanger Control
    M-2001B Digital Tapchanger Control Microcontroller-based to provide reliable operation and expanded capabilities
  • Ground Sets
    Ground Sets In the context of the IEC-1230 international standard, CATU offers a range of grounding systems
  • Stakeless Pedestal
    Stakeless Pedestal The precision and strength of match metal molding
  • IDA 200 Insulation Diagnostics System
    IDA 200 Insulation Diagnostics System IDA 200 Insulation Diagnostics System is designed for diagnostic measurements of electrical insulation...