• 15kV-35kV Underground Distribution Cable
    15kV-35kV Underground Distribution Cable Hendrix / Kerite Underground Distribution Cable is unsurpassed in quality and reliability
  • XJF - External Flanged Explosionproof Enclosure
    XJF - External Flanged Explosionproof Enclosure Adalet explosionproof enclosures are used in the packaging of electrical/electronic components for control
  • High Speed Stamping and Assembly Doran has in-house automation specialists that build new automation for high volume work
  • Uprated Cooling Systems
    Uprated Cooling Systems Weidmann-ACTI develops a thermal model of the existing design, evaluates the design and current condition of the cooling system components (analytical study and/or on-site thermographic inspection)
  • Management Modules These modules are the newest addition to Enterprise Reliability Management System...
  • Netbas Calculation
    Netbas Calculation The network calculation system is a useful tool for many of the power utility's tasks
  • Networking and Communications The Modbus communications protocol is the de facto industry standard for easy, cost-effective networking
  • Hydrogen/Electricity Co-production System This hydrogen electrical generating system and hydrogen and hydrogen-enriched natural gas fueling station is the result
  • Sign Ballasts
    Sign Ballasts Sign Ballasts
  • Load Flow Analysis
    Load Flow Analysis The Load Flow will help you pinpoint problems in your existing system and determine effects of additions and upgrades before you do them
  • Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS Mobile Station
    Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS Mobile Station The Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS mobile station test set provides CDMA mobile phone manufacturers with increased measurement speed, improved accuracy, and flexibility to increase test throughput and product quality
  • 600 Volt Class Dry Type Distribution Transformers
    600 Volt Class Dry Type Distribution Transformers The Hammond line of Dry Type Distribution Transformers
  • AX-S4 MMS DDE/OPC server AX-S4 MMS is a DDE/OPC server for MMS that provides "Access For" the desktop to real-time data for Windows DDE Client Applications.
  • Bulk Front End Power Supply
    Bulk Front End Power Supply The modular HPS Series bulk front end switching power supply is designed to address the demanding needs of
  • First Aid Kits for Utilities by North Safety Products
    First Aid Kits for Utilities by North Safety Products North Safety Products offers a full line of First Aid Products designed for the needs of utility companies. Kits include: Unitized First Aid Kits, Emergency Burn Care Kits, Portable First Aid Kits, Bite & Sting Treatment Kits, etc.
  • Visionary Model 2 Mini-RTU The Model 2 mini-RTU is designed for use in medium to large substations
  • Sealants
    Sealants Dow Corning® 748 Noncorrosive Sealant – Off-white neutral (noncorrosive - alcohol) cure one-part RTV sealant especially for electrical sealing applications such as power and control connections, motors, cover plates, instrument lenses
  • Substation Maintenance I
    Substation Maintenance I

    Substation maintenance is a key component of any successful plant maintenance program.  Failures in key components can lead to unplanned outages, the need to replace equipment, and in some cases, the injury or death of personnel.  Having skilled substation maintenance technicians is essential to maintaining equipment reliability and potentially avoids these situations.

  • Electric Hand Trucks
    Electric Hand Trucks These safety moving systems feature a power lift wheel
  • Electrical Skills and Safety Hands-On Training These courses vary in length and can pe performed at your location or ours
  • Utility Billing Management System
    Utility Billing Management System This utility billing management system (UBMS) is a utility billing system for small to moderately sized water, gas,
  • Feeder Analysis The cost analysis automatically runs load flows for a full range of conditions, and allows you to accurately calculate long-term energy costsDromey Design Inc.
  • Monitron MCT-148
    Monitron MCT-148 A simple cost-effective approach for monitoring batteries at remote sites
  • AIM SkyLine
    AIM SkyLine The AIM SkyLine is a self-contained unit with FM and NEMA approvals, designed to gather readings from natural gas meters to facilitate end-of-day accounting.
  • Model BA-OHM,VPM and OHVM SERIES Portable Oil Heating-Pumping & Vacuum Systems
    Model BA-OHM,VPM and OHVM SERIES Portable Oil Heating-Pumping & Vacuum Systems These economical Baron units are compact, light and portable systems for the assisted heat up of transformers
    SERVISAVOR® The SERVISAVOR is a mobile unit designed to temporarily restore power to customers
  • Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported  Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications
    Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications If you need a great liquid proof glove for multiple solvent handling applications then choose North’s Nitri-Knit™ Glove. A unique textured finish gives you a sure grip on oily, wet or dry objects. A tough nitrile outer layer, and comfortable knit inner layer, resists snags, cuts, abrasion and punctures from mechanical hazards. North’s Nitri-Knit Glove helps you multitask on the job.
  • Power System Blockset
    Power System Blockset This Power System Blockset is a state-of-the-art design tool for modeling and simulating electric power systems
  • Whitehall School's Shoreline Elementary
    Whitehall School's Shoreline Elementary Whitehall District School's Shoreline Elementary was completed in September, 1994
  • Underground Switches
    Underground Switches Dead-front units for underground distribution sectionalizing in a wide variety of circuit configurations.
  • MajorPS300 Series - Enclosed Case - 300W Single-Output
    MajorPS300 Series - Enclosed Case - 300W Single-Output The MajorPS300 Series of AC/DC converters uses a field proven high frequency half-bridge technology to generate 300W of output power with convection cooling...
  • Static Machining, Honing & Polishing Machines Capabilities include refinishing to all types of bearing journals, crankshaft journals, hydrogen seals, collector rings (including re-grooving), thrust runners, gland seal areas, and rabbit fits
    HIGH FIBER COUNT (HFC) CABLE DESIGN AFL was the first to introduce High Fiber Count (HFC) OPT-GW and continues to lead the world with fiber counts as high as 288 fibers
  • Stud Mount Transformer Connectors
    Stud Mount Transformer Connectors UTILCO’s stud mount transformer connectors are designed to be installed on the threaded bushing on the secondary side of a padmount transformer
  • Workshop/Production Line Testing Equipment
    Workshop/Production Line Testing Equipment Designed for workshop and production line testing of finished electrical products, the Megger MHP1 and MHP2 HiPots perform dielectric strength tests in conformance with UL and similar quality control standards
  • Diodes
    Diodes The new series of hyperfast-recovery diodes with soft-recovery waveshape are designed to increase performance and
  • Overhead Distribution Switches
    Overhead Distribution Switches Equipment used to control and route the flow of power through electrical lines.
  • OnsitePower™ Systems Vericor Power Systems offers customers flexible OnsitePower™ solutions ready for industrial on-site power and steam generation
  • Sales Analysis & Market Research Analysis of client profiles, market segments, and sales channels to determine how to guide the organization's product development, marketing, and sales efforts at both the tactical and strategic levels
  • CT-7500: Circuit Breaker Analyzer
    CT-7500: Circuit Breaker Analyzer The Model CT-7500 is a stand-alone, microcomputer-driven Breaker Analyzer
  • 8010/8020 PQNode
    8010/8020 PQNode Selected by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for the standard-setting Distribution Power Quality project, the 8010/8020 PQNode is the preferred instrument
  • Harmony Wireless Communication
    Harmony Wireless Communication A digital wireless solution, the Harmony system is a complete private communications system for customers who own 800 and 900MHz frequencies. Compact and scalable, Harmony delivers rapid return on investment through enhanced worker productivity.
  • Cable Fault Finder
    Cable Fault Finder This TDR is great for contractors, electricians, cable installers and alarm installers who need to test for opens
  • ACE 2000
    ACE 2000 The ACE 2000 is an advanced single- and three-phase power analyzer featuring energy, harmonic, transient, and flicker analysis capabilities
  • 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator surpasses other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size.
  • Signature System
    Signature System The Signature System is the most advanced power quality monitoring system available on the market today
  • Gloves
    Gloves Gloves
  • MikroScan 7515
    MikroScan 7515 The MikroScan 7515 is an extremely light-weight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering capabilities normally found in models costing much more
  • ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls
    ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls Maysteel Electronic Capacitor Controls are designed to automatically switch pole-mount and pad-mount capacitor banks
  • Box Pad HL-48
    Box Pad HL-48 Advantages for the Box Pad HL-48 are:
  • MODELEX External Network Modeling Power flow models are used in all areas of steady-state power system network analysis and optimization. Multi-area power flow models are frequently large.
  • 2000 Series Apparatus Bushings
    2000 Series Apparatus Bushings 2000 Series Apparatus Bushings are designed for use in both transformer and switchgear applications
  • Physical, Chemical, Electrical Testing 2 Physical, Chemical, Electrical Testing 2
  • NorthFlex™ Cold Grip™ Winter Lined Glove
    NorthFlex™ Cold Grip™ Winter Lined Glove The most comfortable winter work glove you will ever wear: NorthFlex-Cold Grip™ represents a new generation of cold-conditions gloves that provide a highly comfortable feel as well as superior insulation. It is ideally suited to tasks where workers need protection from the cold, but don’t want to give up comfort and dexterity.
    NETBAS VAR NETBAS VAR monitors voltage stability and highlights the most efficient regulation of MVAR resources
  • Ultraprobe 100
    Ultraprobe 100 The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by problems in operating equipment.
  • Model 1250 The INCON Model 1250 is an intelligent electronic device that decodes Selsyn-based signals
  • Health Insurance Guide HealthInsurance.com understands busy schedules. With that in mind, here is a no-frills, easy-access guide to health insurance.
  • Lugs & Connectors
    Lugs & Connectors Most major brands
  • Energy Managing Program
    Energy Managing Program Alarm Manager collects energy and facility alarm information, prioritizes these alarms based on user-defined
  • F-PRO Feeder Protection Relay
    F-PRO Feeder Protection Relay Provides comprehensive feeder protection, reclosing, metering, trend recording, fault recording and monitoring in one integrated platform
  • Beam Clamp
    Beam Clamp Beam Clamp
  • Compatibility Research Project
    Compatibility Research Project The EPRI PEAC System Compatibility Research Project offers the opportunity for electric utilities, manufacturers, equipment users, and standards organizations to jointly sponsor research projects to understand, solve, and eventually prevent power quality problems
  • Oil Smart Switch If you want to prevent oil from inadvertently being pumped into the environment than install an Oil Smart Switch.
  • Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15
    Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15 The rating ranges for this new package include 350 – 550 ekW (Standby) and 320 – 455 ekW (Prime) in a 60 Hz model, and 400 – 550 kVA (Standby) and 365 – 500 kVA (Prime) in a 50 Hz model, all powered by the new Cat C15 engine...
  • Large Scale Power Supply
    Large Scale Power Supply The mission-critical Uninterruptible Power Supply ranges from 65-1000 or more kVA and is designed to protect sensitive operations
  • HV Impulse Test Equipment
    HV Impulse Test Equipment Our wide range of high quality impulse test products serve the varied needs of both laboratory and production testers.
  • ProtectaLite
    ProtectaLite The ProtectaLite system may virtually eliminate lightning-related breaker operations.
  • TripSaver™ Dropout Recloser
    TripSaver™ Dropout Recloser Used in lieu of fuse cutouts, the TripSaver™ Dropout Recloser improves system reliability by eliminating the permanent outages caused when lateral fuses respond to temporary faults.
  • 700 series- Full body harness
    700 series- Full body harness Made of 45 mm (1 3/4 wide) nylon webbing with all drop forged hardware
  • e-DMS~Workflow Software e-DMS~Workflow is a powerful, "out-of-the-box" open document management system for enterprise networks, corporate Intranets, and the Internet
  • Power Monitors--RPM Power Recorder 4 voltage channels for all single phase, three phase wye and three phase delta systems
  • Cast Coil Transformers
    Cast Coil Transformers Olsun Electrics Cast Coil Transformers employ Glass Fiber Reinforced Vacuum Technology for both High Voltage and Low Voltage Coils
  • Building Envelope Performance Survey
    Building Envelope Performance Survey The infrared survey of the building envelope detects and records the thermal performance of the wall and window
  • Electrical System Commissioning Information Electrical System Commissioning Information offers verification of all alarm and control functions is essential to a safe and smooth system energization
  • 225-400 Amp Transfer Switches
    225-400 Amp Transfer Switches The ZTG and ZTS Series are 225-400 amp transfer switches designed for use in emergency and standby applications...
  • Adaptive Portfolio Optimization‘ (“APO”)
    Adaptive Portfolio Optimization‘ (“APO”) Designed to optimize decision-making in areas such as Fuels Procurement, Generation Plant Production, and Energy Trading, APO offers a new way to conduct business and quickly adapt to rapidly changing market and operational conditions.
  • PPA Prepackaged Assembly
    PPA Prepackaged Assembly The PPA assembly is a compact 12-pulse rectifier rated at 80A, with natural convection cooling. This assembly uses
  • NETBAS NETBAS features grid expansion planning and Var management
  • Rugged, Splinter Resistant Work Glove
    Rugged, Splinter Resistant Work Glove Rough Tuff by North Safety Products – seamless cotton blend knit glove. Natural rubber laminated palm for excellent abrasion resistance, good grip and extra life.
  • In-Vehicle Cradles
    In-Vehicle Cradles This new in-vehicle cradle is for the MICROFLEX PC9800 and
  • Cable Locator and Tracer
    Cable Locator and Tracer The model HEG-3000T secondary cable fault locator incorporates multi-functionality with ease of use, in a
  • RCS PlusSeries Thyri-Power - Battery Charger System
    RCS PlusSeries Thyri-Power - Battery Charger System The RCS Series Battery Chargers are thyristor-based systems designed for high-efficiency conversion of incoming commercial AC to DC power for charging large banks
  • 4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets
    4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets All sockets are designed to accept all standard 4mm (.160in) plugs either with fixed or retractable shrouds. The panel aperture needs to be 12mm (.472in) diameter. Panel thickness min. 2mm (.080in) max. 10mm (.394in).
  • Charge Control Device
    Charge Control Device With our Charge Control Device you can Regulate Current Supplied From Charging System
  • InCharge System 3500
    InCharge System 3500 The InCharge System 3500 is a NEMA-Enclosed remote-access digital video surveillance system
  • IEEE StandardsWire™ Online Subscribe to this free monthly email update designed to provide you with the latest information on IEEE standards, related products and services and newly approved projects
  • Control Software Schneider Electric control software is designed to get not only the most out of your control system
  • Portable Insulation Tester
    Portable Insulation Tester The HT2060 portable 5000 V insulation tester is designed for heavy duty industrial and field applications
  • DC Circuits Challenge DC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of fifteen activities to help you teach DC circuit analysis and troubleshooting
  • Technical Marketing Research Technical Marketing Research
  • Vertical Bypass/Isolation Switch
    Vertical Bypass/Isolation Switch Available in single or two source configurations, the RTB and RTBD combination automatic transfer-bypass/isolation switches can handle loads to 4000 amps
  • Leak Detection Technology
    Leak Detection Technology Tracer Tight is a patented leak detection technology that
  • Utility Applications ArcFM and Designer provide tools to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the electric, gas,
  • Bushings
    Bushings Haefely Trench has been designing and manufacturing high voltage bushings for more than 80 years
  • Rapid Prototyping Doran will build prototypes with fast turn-around at each step of the design process
  • ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01 Single Transformer Turn Ratio Tester Vanguard Instruments Co.’s Model ATRT-01 is a second generation microprocessor-based, single-phase, automatic, transformer-turns-ratio tester
  • TVS-500 EX
    TVS-500 EX Sofradir EC's TVS-500 EX introduces a new image fusion function that enables the camera operator to mix thermal and visible video into fused real-time video with control over each channel's strength.
  • Consoles
    Consoles Consoles
  • EPA Protocol Express Delivery Service For anyone who needs an EPA protocol gas delivery on very short notice, Air Products provides its Protocol Express Delivery Service