• Carbon Brushes
    Carbon Brushes Our objective is to develop the best design to maximize brush life and performance for a given application
  • Field Services
    Field Services SPS personnel will travel to your facility to test, maintain, service and repair your power system
  • Ratchet Lever Hoist
    Ratchet Lever Hoist Ratchet Lever Hoist
  • Personal Antimicrobial Wipe SAFETEC p.a.w.s. are well suited for hand sanitizing when soap and water are not available, helping companies comply
  • Compsee Proof Of Delivery
    Compsee Proof Of Delivery Leading pickup and delivery organizations know they must optimize their delivery schedules and automate the paper processes in the field. The goRoam.Delivery solution provides an easy to install, easy to operate answer to these needs.
  • Metallic Locator
    Metallic Locator The Dual Frequency Metallic Locator features two active frequencies and is designed for local field conditions to achieve performance and speed locating of metallic conductor, buried or in-wall...
  • HotShot HD - XT
    HotShot HD - XT Introducing HotShot HD, the professional grade infrared camera without the sticker shock. HotShot HD offers more than just a great price, it features design innovations that make infrared inspections faster, and diagnoses more accurate while ensuring increased operator safety.
  • Arresters
    Arresters Equipment to protect against overvoltages such as lightning or switching.
  • Progeco tech inc.
    Progeco tech inc. The PL series is specially designed to suit your instrumentation needs
  • DTR-3K Dielectric Constant Tan Delta & Resitivity Test
    DTR-3K Dielectric Constant Tan Delta & Resitivity Test This test set has been specially designed to determine the Tan Delta, Dielectric Constant and Resitivity of
  • IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard
    IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard This guide provides techniques for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment.
  • Overload Relays - Model 777
    Overload Relays - Model 777 Model 777 is a fully programmable electronic overload relay designed to monitor three phase systems
  • Netbas Maintenance
    Netbas Maintenance Netbas Maintenance is developed to administrate maintenance at all types of power utilities
  • ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls
    ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls Maysteel Electronic Capacitor Controls are designed to automatically switch pole-mount and pad-mount capacitor banks
  • Model 1511-LTC
    Model 1511-LTC The INCON Model 1511-LTC is an intelligent electronic device that utilizes resistor-based sensors to provide accurate load tap changer position measurement
  • Generator Set Start Module 24 Volt form Caterpillar
    Generator Set Start Module 24 Volt form Caterpillar The Caterpillar Generator Set Start Module provides up to 1,725 cold cranking amps at 24 VDC to assist and backup a generator set’s starting batteries
  • 8 LaMarche Inverters Genassis, Inc.'s transmission & distribution equipment includes air circuit breakers/cubicles, disconnect and safety switches, insulators, fuses, protective relays, inverters, motor control centers, uninterruptable power supplies, wire, cable and generators
  • Risk Anticipation Forecasting In order to manage risk on any given day, your business must be aware of it
  • DC Signal Conditioners
    DC Signal Conditioners These DC Signal Conditioners are available in two configurations, Panel or DIN Rail Mount and 19 in. Rack
  • 561®Transformer Fluid
    561®Transformer Fluid 561® Transformer Fluid is a dimethyl silicone insulating material for power transformers
  • 69kV Transmission Spacer Cable Systems
    69kV Transmission Spacer Cable Systems Ideal For Utility & Industrial Projects, Spacer Cable Systems Are The Intelligent, Lowest Total Cost, Highest Reliability Solution
  • One-Day, Hands-On Electrical Skills and Safety Training In Your Area We are currently offering 28 courses in 13 major cities across the United States
  • DM-15 & DM-15SA - Bell 202T Modems
    DM-15 & DM-15SA - Bell 202T Modems The DM-15 & DM-15SA modems are Bell 202T Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) modems designed for asynchronous byte or bit oriented data operations at 1200 Baud...
  • Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter
    Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter This product serves as a solution to the myriad problems
  • Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows
    Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows A Program for Cable Pulling Tension Calculation and Conduit System Design
  • Retro-Reflective Coating NightCoat retro-reflective coating is an exterior durable coating that’s highly visible at night from behind a light
  • PoleEnforcer
    PoleEnforcer PoleEnforcer can be installed with no interruption of power
  • Energy Management Service
    Energy Management Service eDM CARE integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with back-office applications enabling
  • Type AFK Surface-Mount Aluminum Capacitor
    Type AFK Surface-Mount Aluminum Capacitor Best SMT aluminum capacitor type for low impedance and small size. With 40% to 60% lower impedance and 30 to 50% smaller size and more than twice the life compared to other low-impedance aluminum SMD capacitors, the AFK also excels at cold temperature performance down to –55°C. 3.3 to 6800 µF ± 20%. 6.3 to 100 Vdc. –55 to 105°C. Up to 2 amps at 100 kHz, 105°C.
  • Laptop Lamps
    Laptop Lamps One of the most common applications for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL's) is LCD backlighting in laptop computers
  • Bashlin Steel Climbers
    Bashlin Steel Climbers This rugged, steel alloy adjustable climber features a replaceable gaff
  • Bullhorn Remote Monitoring
    Bullhorn Remote Monitoring The temperature of a crucial pipeline drops, and a rupture will soon follow.
  • PC1000 Proxagard®
    PC1000 Proxagard® A capacitive, presence sensing device designed for machine guarding and personnel
  • RSi-H Series Uni-Torque Drive: 40-600 HP
    RSi-H Series Uni-Torque Drive: 40-600 HP 230 volt, three phase, 40 to 100 hp, constant torque ratings
  • Flame Sensor
    Flame Sensor A new non-invasive flame sensor, the 8TP10 LMXI, is designed to be reliable, easy to install, and provide long
  • Full Graphic, Spirit of America Hard Hats By Fibre-Metal Products
    Full Graphic, Spirit of America Hard Hats By Fibre-Metal Products Fibre-Metal offers the American workforce the spectacular SUPEREIGHT® E-2 series ‘Spirit of America’ full graphic hard hat. Protect your team with head protection they actually want to wear. Today, the look most workers want to have is a full graphic on their hard hat to show their patriotism and support for their country. The cap they most like to have it on is a Fibre-Metal E-2 series model.
  • BTECH Battery Validation System UW-1
    BTECH Battery Validation System UW-1

    The BTECH UW-1 Battery Validation System (BVS) is an installed base monitor for switchgear applications in Utility and Industrial applications

  • Substation Controller RTU+
    Substation Controller RTU+ In recent years, the emphasis on access to utility substation data has shifted from traditional SCADA interfaces to include enterprise connectivity and increased levels of automation
  • Dedicated Load
    Dedicated Load The Protector® HS-P-SP, HS and HT Models feature Active Tracking Network (ATN®) technology
  • Box Pad HL-49
    Box Pad HL-49 Top load tested with simulated transformer frame up to 10,000 lbs. without failure
  • MajorPS500 Series - 500W Enclosed Case
    MajorPS500 Series - 500W Enclosed Case The MajorPS500 Series of AC/DC converters uses an advanced high frequency conversion technology to generate 500W of output power at high DC voltage with convection cooling. Output voltages from 24V to 120VDC are available...
  • Kits
    Kits CANUSA-EMI has developed a range of specially configured kits designed to reduce field installation time and improve installation effectiveness
  • Repair and Retrofit Services With our extensive knowledge in circuit breaker construction and our in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities we can repair or retrofit most every breaker built since 1945
  • RediStart Micro II Solid-State Starter (Pittsburgh, PA)- Benshaw Inc.’s RediStart Micro II solid-state, reduced voltage starters rely on microprocessors to offer users 27 integrated motor control
  • Box Pad HL-48
    Box Pad HL-48 Advantages for the Box Pad HL-48 are:
  • 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators The 8852 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator surpasses other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size
  • Thermography Studio Software Suite
    Thermography Studio Software Suite Thermography Studio is a feature rich, real-time image capture and thermal analysis software for the TVS200/500 line of infrared cameras. Thermography Studio features a highly intuitive user interface and a library of powerful tools that enable the sophisticated analysis of thermal behavior for a wide range of objects and materials.
  • EMC Documentum xCP
    EMC Documentum xCP

    Accelerate development of intelligent case management applications and automate business processes to improve efficiency and compliance.

  • Vertical Bypass/Isolation Switch
    Vertical Bypass/Isolation Switch Available in single or two source configurations, the RTB and RTBD combination automatic transfer-bypass/isolation switches can handle loads to 4000 amps
  • ATS Automatic Transfer Switches
    ATS Automatic Transfer Switches Caterpillar offers a broad range of automatic transfer switch products engineered to support virtually any type of emergency power system
  • Energy Storage System
    Energy Storage System In a Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) system, energy is stored within a magnet that is capable of
  • Power Monitors--Multipoint Power Recorder
    Power Monitors--Multipoint Power Recorder The new "Multipoint" Power Recorder from Reliable Power Meters is the perfect solution for permanent monitoring applications
  • Marketing Manager Marketing Manager
  • Electric Power and Control Training Course
    Electric Power and Control Training Course Fundamentals of Power System Operations is a three module training course program that provides comprehensive training on the fundamentals for electric power and control...
  • Model BA-OHM,VPM and OHVM SERIES Portable Oil Heating-Pumping & Vacuum Systems
    Model BA-OHM,VPM and OHVM SERIES Portable Oil Heating-Pumping & Vacuum Systems These economical Baron units are compact, light and portable systems for the assisted heat up of transformers
  • Barcoding Barcoding
  • Protective Relay Maintenance - Basic
    Protective Relay Maintenance - Basic

    Proper testing and maintenance of electromechanical protective relays in industrial distribution systems is paramount to preventing damage to equipment, interruptions to power and accidents resulting in harm to employees. Deterioration over time can cause failure of components. Having professionally trained personnel who can properly test and recognize failing equipment is essential to maintaining the integrity of your protection scheme.

  • Access Control Solution
    Access Control Solution WIN-PAK 2.0 is comprehensive access control software.
  • MikroSpec Thermal Imaging Software
    MikroSpec Thermal Imaging Software The MikroSpec™ thermal imaging software package offers a combination of functionality, ease of use, and value that is unrivaled in the industry
  • Trinetics® UltraVac™ Solid Dielectric Oil-less
    Trinetics® UltraVac™ Solid Dielectric Oil-less The durable and reliable UltraVac solid dielectric vacuum switch from Maysteel is now available with a choice of either a low current motor operator or a new positive-latching dual solenoid operator – adding to the switch’s already impressive array of features
  • Residential Surge Protection
    Residential Surge Protection Panamax residential surge protection products are aimed at residential contractors and builders, and MRO (maintenance,
  • flat panel line displays
    flat panel line displays If your primary concern is how to look good and save space, you will love HP's lineup of flat panel displays.
  • Universal Stringing Block
    Universal Stringing Block The Universal Stringing Block (shown right) demonstrates what can happen to rollers and cables during angled stringing
  • Power Monitors--PQ 1200
    Power Monitors--PQ 1200 The PQ1200 is the most versatile and powerful AC power quality monitor and diagnostic tool
  • Lubricants
    Lubricants Dow Corning® BR2-Plus Multi-Purpose E.P. Grease – Black, lithium soap thickened, premium mineral oil grease fortified with MoS2 for general purpose lubricants for metal-to-metal applications
  • Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engine
    Hydrogen-Fueled Internal Combustion Engine In this engine, hydrogen is used as an alternative fuel, theoretically producing water as the only by-product of
  • Cost Analyst EEM Suite
    Cost Analyst EEM Suite Cost Analyst program provides a comprehensive setup for calculating, analyzing and presenting the framework for managing energy costs...
  • Electric Oil Free All compressors are centrifugal in design, and water cooled unless noted
  • Motor Control Centers Need a motor starter or lineup fast
  • Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets
    Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets Highline produces a variety of box pads to support the switchgear offered by all of the leading manufacturers
  • MikroScan 7515
    MikroScan 7515 The MikroScan 7515 is an extremely light-weight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering capabilities normally found in models costing much more
  • S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System
    S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System S&C Low-Voltage PureWave UPS System
  • CTX 2000
    CTX 2000 The Current Transformer Test Set has been designed to test current transformers for Excitation, Saturation, Ratio and Polarity by comparing Voltage
  • XIH XDH Instrument Housings
    XIH XDH Instrument Housings Adalet's Instrument Housings are designed to isolate incoming power connections from instrumentation
  • Comprehensive Lighting Services DPL Energy designs, installs and finances lighting projects
  • New Cut Level 5 Glove: NorthFlex™ NFF13C Nitri Task C5™ Glove
    New Cut Level 5 Glove: NorthFlex™ NFF13C Nitri Task C5™ Glove The Nitri Task C5™ is a cut level 5 glove developed by North Safety Products to offer the highest levels of cut, tear and abrasion resistance. The seamless shell is a blend of aramid and steel fibers. Foamed nitrile coating extends past the knuckles for added protection.
  • High Volume Call Answering 2 - Redesigned for Rural Cooperatives & Public Power Systems In its full configuration, HVCA is an excellent choice for the large utility, but it may be overly complex or cost
  • Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise
    Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise Motorola’s wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy® solutions help organizations and institutions of all sizes realize all the benefits of high-speed wireless connectivity. Canopy systems can be deployed faster, easier and more cost-effectively, helping enterprises meet and exceed their business objectives by streamlining and enhancing communications.
  • Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple
    Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple The Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple is designed to securely hold grounding and bonding wires while insulating the wire from the staple
  • Linemen Gloves
    Linemen Gloves Linemen Gloves
  • Portable Protective Ground Mat
    Portable Protective Ground Mat The Kri-Tech ground mat is designed to protect workers who come in contact or have the potential for electrical contact, by creating a zone of equi-potential
  • UTP's 18
    UTP's 18 UTP's 18" ESD Carpet Tile will dramatically improve the appearance of your work areas, increase employee comfort, lower noise levels, and lower maintenance costs while providing unsurpassed ESD protection
  • Products Available We can provide a wide range of low and medium voltage equipment
  • TDKRU - Time Delay Key Release Unit
    TDKRU - Time Delay Key Release Unit The TDKRU comprises two interlocks
  • Specialty Papers and Board Our papers are used for many other non-electrical commercial and industrial applications
  • BEMMS Applications BEMMS represents a new generation of recording equipment with built-in capacity to record electrical power parameters
  • Wiring Accessories
    Wiring Accessories CANUSA-EMI offers products for a variety of specialized requirements. Heat Shrinkable End Caps provide a simple and effective method for sealing cable
  • Ritz Type OCCF Breaker Capacitors
    Ritz Type OCCF Breaker Capacitors Ritz manufacturers a full line of breaker capacitors, based on the same technology of the capacitor sections of capacitor voltage transformers
  • Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers
    Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers The QL series of direct thermal mobile printers have been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
  • Settlement One Platinum
    Settlement One Platinum Settlement One is a software package developed specifically to meet the retail settlement needs of the Ontario market
  • PCP Power Control Panel
    PCP Power Control Panel PCP style assemblies are used where maximum heat dissipation is required. The three dual thyristor modules
  • ACE 2000
    ACE 2000 The ACE 2000 is an advanced single- and three-phase power analyzer featuring energy, harmonic, transient, and flicker analysis capabilities
  • Power Monitors--PQ 2400
    Power Monitors--PQ 2400 The PQ2400 is the most versatile and powerful AC power quality monitor and diagnostic tool for the price
  • Electrical Testing, Maintenance, and Engineering Services Please contact TDS for a quote or a brochure of our electrical services
  • Proven Performance in Underground Power Solutions
    Proven Performance in Underground Power Solutions CableCURE® treatment offers proven performance
    Independent testing has proved conclusively that CableCURE fluid improves the performance of all solid-dielectric cables by at least 0.5% per day, with peak performance improvements approaching 350% within two years of treatment
  • Electronic Services
    Electronic Services Technicians provide diagnostics, analysis, repair and calibration of solid-state electronic equipment
  • BlueTree CDMA Modems
    BlueTree CDMA Modems The rugged CDMA modems support CDMA2000 1xRTT wireless networks...
  • CAD Services
    CAD Services Drawings by Sigma Technologies conform to all national and international standards
  • Traffic Sign Lamps
    Traffic Sign Lamps STAR LIGHTING PRODUCTS SIGNAL LAMPS comply with the Traffic Signal Lamp Standard as set forth by ITE Technical Council Committee
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Remanufactured Bearings
    POWER-GEN 2000: Remanufactured Bearings Aeroderivative and industrial plants are under considerable pressure to run nonstop and troublefree, with less time for