• DM Series Test System Current Sources
    DM Series Test System Current Sources The DM Series is a do-it-all supply for testing and calibrating low voltage power circuit breakers. A highly capable supply such as the DM series is required to simplify the testing of today's digital trip units.
  • Benshaw Marine Duty Starter Packages
    Benshaw Marine Duty Starter Packages BENSHAW, INC., The world recognized leader in solid state AC motor control offers marine duty rated, microprocessor based, soft starts & variable frequency drives
  • BlueVue Software
    BlueVue Software BlueVue Software is a Windows based application that allows you to easily manage your wireless data connections...
  • Mechanical Services
    Mechanical Services Technicians will inspect, repair, remanufacture and balance mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Discharge Monitoring Report System
    Discharge Monitoring Report System The discharge monitoring report (DMR) system is a software application that automates the process of collecting data and preparing EPA Form 3320-1
  • EVR - Electronic Voltage Regulator
    EVR - Electronic Voltage Regulator The EVR is an electronic, industrial voltage regulator unique in its abilities; combining the strengths of traditional SCR tap changer-based regulators
  • Power Monitors--RPM Power Recorder 4 voltage channels for all single phase, three phase wye and three phase delta systems
  • Custom Protection Systems If your company relies on sophisticated equipment to maintain a competitive edge, performance is only as reliable as your energy
  • 3 Axis ("X", "Y", "Z") Milling Machines
    3 Axis ("X", "Y", "Z") Milling Machines Capabilities include milling of turbine, generator, and pump casing horizontal joints, sole plates, machinery foundations, and motor bases
  • Industrial Cable Hoist
    Industrial Cable Hoist Industrial Cable Hoist
  • Underground Distribution Switchgear
    Underground Distribution Switchgear New Source Transfer Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear is now available in ratings through 38 kV.
  • 1500 & 1600 Series Retrofit Components
    1500 & 1600 Series Retrofit Components Engineered Power Components Ltd. specializes in custom product design and manufacturing
  • Aggregate Base RoadMix Base is an aggregate base material blended from an angular aggregate and stabilized with a self-cementing
  • Utility Tool
    Utility Tool Metrix Utility is a tool for monitoring energy usage and verifying operating cost savings from utility performance
  • Substation automation services As technology and business have evolved to meet the needs of a sophisticated market place
  • Energy Converter
    Energy Converter This Energy Converter, a closed cycle vapor turbogenerator, is a fully integrated, tested and certified power system
  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
    Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators This new oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) product series is designed for high volume production and is 100%
  • Accu-Ohm: 100-amp Micro Ohm Meter
    Accu-Ohm: 100-amp Micro Ohm Meter The Accu-Ohm is an unfiltered DC micro-ohmmeter.
  • Programmable AC Power Source
    Programmable AC Power Source The ContinuousWave programmable AC power source, also known as the CW Series, is available in three power ratings of
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
    Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Visionary Electronics has just announced the release of RTU-PLC 1.0, a programmable logic control software package for use with the Visionary Model 1 and Model 2 remote terminal units
  • XR440 Pocket Data Logger
    XR440 Pocket Data Logger The XR440 Pocket Logger is a portable datalogger / recorder designed for easy setup and trouble free operati
  • Ground-Fault Locator
    Ground-Fault Locator The Multi-AMP Model BGL battery ground-fault locator is designed to detect, track and locate ground faults on battery systems—without resorting to sectionalizing
  • Settlement One Platinum
    Settlement One Platinum Settlement One is a software package developed specifically to meet the retail settlement needs of the Ontario market
  • XTS® 5000 Digital Portable Radio
    XTS® 5000 Digital Portable Radio Motorola’s IP-enabled portable two-way performer offers a full array of sophisticated features and progressive technology. Designed specifically for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical, military and federal agencies, the XTS 5000 digital portable radio is the preferred tool of life-saving professionals.
  • RCAM-A (Remote Control Actuator Module For Airbreak Switches)
    RCAM-A (Remote Control Actuator Module For Airbreak Switches) RCAM-A is an integrated controller capable of being retrofitted to a wide range of existing pole-top switchgear and integrated with existing and new Distribution and Feeder Automation SCADA systems.
  • High Voltage Dividers & Probes
    High Voltage Dividers & Probes Ross Engineering Corporation’s lightweight, base-mounted high voltage dividers or hand-held probes are designed for use from 1 KV to 1000KV with accuracies of 0.01 % to 3% DC, 0.2% to 10% AC with band widths to over 20MHz, or pulse to 10 nanosecond rise times.
  • Open and Short Locator
    Open and Short Locator The WB20CB is an instrument designed to detect OPENS in individual conductors and SHORTS between neighboring conductors of various type cable
  • Area Check Gauge
    Area Check Gauge Area Check Gauge
  • Software Program e-PowerForms is a commercially available software program for test forms. The software integrates forms used in electrical testing and maintenance...
  • Industrial-UPS Series
    Industrial-UPS Series The Acumentrics Industrial-UPS Series of rugged uninterruptible power supplies and inverters are designed
  • PureSine 1000 Series
    PureSine 1000 Series 1000 Watts (1500 Peak) 110 AC Volts
  • Program Logic Program Logic automatically determines the default clearances, core, and conductor sizes
  • PCI Frame Grabber
    PCI Frame Grabber A high performance, acquisition-specific PCI frame grabber for acquiring and displaying images in color, the MVS-8100C is a member of the company’s MVS-8100 series of host-based vision systems
  • Trolley
    Trolley Trolley
  • MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case
    MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case The MajorPFC1500 Series of AC/DC converters uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability. Generates 1500W of output power at high DC voltage with convection cooling...
  • Short Form Catalog and CD-ROM
    Short Form Catalog and CD-ROM The 2000 Short Form Catalog (SFC) contains condensed specifications for all of the manufacturer’s current
  • Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom
    Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom During a power outage, crucial telecommunication equipment must be operating by batteries
  • Climbing Devices
    Climbing Devices Winola Industrial Inc. specializes in building the climbing devices and accessories that have been specified and used on thousands of utility structures around the world for decades
  • Alarm Point Monitoring: APM4 The APM4 products require only dry contacts or open collector sensors be wired to the inputs to form a complete, low-cost remote monitoring solution
  • Split Phase Indoor Transformers
    Split Phase Indoor Transformers Allows you to have a constant diagnostic on every single coil in the stator of your generator
  • APEX Express Industrial Gas Services Air Products provides express deliveries of industrial nitrogen and hydrogen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support scheduled or emergency shutdowns, start-ups, and turnarounds
  • Discharge Detector and Cable PD Locator
    Discharge Detector and Cable PD Locator The ICMcompact is a compact instrument for quality assurance and quality control tests of medium and high
  • Infrared Desktop Software Toolkit: RouteIR
    Infrared Desktop Software Toolkit: RouteIR RouteIR is a PC-based suite of software productivity tools for infrared inspection. These tools facilitate the management of infrared inspection data, the preparation of detailed inspection reports and permits integration with asset databases.
  • Versatile Component Gripper
    Versatile Component Gripper This new component gripper is an option for SIPLACE F5
  • Protective Relays We stock thousands of protective relays and repair parts
  • Gas Turbines The cornerstone of Vericor Power Systems' cogeneration systems is its line of compact, lightweight and fuel efficient aeroderivative gas turbines
  • Synchronous Motors
    Synchronous Motors The Hurst permanent magnet synchronous motors are reversible permanent-split capacitor motors identical in construction to the Hurst stepping motors
  • Online Trading System Streamline for Power makes it possible for traders to buy and sell wholesale electric power online at all the major trading locations throughout North America
  • IC Transformers
    IC Transformers UniCap IC is a new line of industrial control transformers. UniCap IC transformers’ universal mounting plate provides maximum flexibility by matching...
  • Sales & Leases
    Sales & Leases REACT offers its unique laser alignment products and accessories for purchase or lease.
  • Plug-in Temperature Sensor (PTS)
    Plug-in Temperature Sensor (PTS) Plug-in Temperature Sensor is a device used to measure the premises' inside temperature, and communicate the value to the Field Recorder for storage
  • Power Sentinel
    Power Sentinel The Model 1133A Power Sentinel consists of several blocks.
  • PCB Services
    PCB Services EPS recognizes that waste generators want to work with only one disposal vendor to handle all of their non-PCB and PCB waste.
  • 700 series- Full body harness
    700 series- Full body harness Made of 45 mm (1 3/4 wide) nylon webbing with all drop forged hardware
  • Type P Interlock
    Type P Interlock The type P is a special, heavy-duty padlock
  • AC Drive
    AC Drive The Altivar 28 AC drive allows retrofitting to existing ALTIVAR 18 AC drives without re-drilling boltholes or new
  • Major Frequency Converter - 500 Watts
    Major Frequency Converter - 500 Watts The MajorFC500 Series is a highly compact AC/AC frequency converter which uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability
  • Engineering and Project Management Staffed with electrical, mechanical and manufacturing engineers
  • SWINGSTRAP™: Reversible Ratchet Headband
    SWINGSTRAP™: Reversible Ratchet Headband Reversible Ratchet Headband: Choose the patented SWINGSTRAP SUPEREIGHT® cap by Fibre-Metal when mounting face or welding protection onto your hard hat. SWINGSTRAP eliminates wasteful downtime from having to remove, reverse and reinstall your hard hat suspension to maintain ANSI standard head protection compliance.
  • FieldSmart Collect MapFrame Corporation announced today that it has added a powerful new solution to its FieldSmart family of software applications. Designed specifically for mobile settings, it combines map viewing, inspection, and data collection capabilities in one easy-to-use package...
  • ECO Fluid ECO Fluid is a specialty insulating oil that is used in environmentally sensitive areas
  • MikroScan 7515
    MikroScan 7515 The MikroScan 7515 is an extremely light-weight, high-performance handheld IR camera offering capabilities normally found in models costing much more
  • Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15
    Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15 The rating ranges for this new package include 350 – 550 ekW (Standby) and 320 – 455 ekW (Prime) in a 60 Hz model, and 400 – 550 kVA (Standby) and 365 – 500 kVA (Prime) in a 50 Hz model, all powered by the new Cat C15 engine...
  • Power Training Courses offered in the "Power" area include: Introduction to the Power Industry (PI) - web-based training
  • Wiring Accessories
    Wiring Accessories CANUSA-EMI offers products for a variety of specialized requirements. Heat Shrinkable End Caps provide a simple and effective method for sealing cable
  • Electronic Packages
    Electronic Packages Electronic packages are designed to maximize current voltage and power handling capabilities for power hybrid circuit applications...
  • SmartBank™ Pad Mount Capacitor Banks
    SmartBank™ Pad Mount Capacitor Banks A pad mount capacitor station provides an aesthetically pleasing and secure solution for your system. The construction and design of the station keeps intruders out while increasing safety for operating personnel
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Digital Servo Amplifiers The AD-9120 digital servo-amplifiers are designed for remote mount to control appropriate Jordan Controls
  • IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard
    IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard This guide provides techniques for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment.
  • Remanufacturing
    Remanufacturing Remanufacturing for all low & medium voltage equipment
  • Motor Rotation Indicator
    Motor Rotation Indicator Memory Recall
  • Run Test System
    Run Test System The new RUNCHEK Model 905D, Run Test System is designed for automated functional tests of products in a production
  • Fused test leads - 600V CAT III
    Fused test leads - 600V CAT III Safety fused lead kit with fixed tip fused probe, screw on flanged crocodile clip and replaceable right angle 4mm safety plug
  • Cable Fault Finder
    Cable Fault Finder This TDR is great for contractors, electricians, cable installers and alarm installers who need to test for opens
  • An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package
    An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake
  • Client Assistance Program The Client Assurance and Retention Excellence (CARE) program is designed to maximize investment in clients...
  • Power Supply Challenge This program provides realistic troubleshooting activities of almost unlimited variety on DC Power Supplies
  • Sag Fighter - SRT
    Sag Fighter - SRT The Sag Fighter represents a unique technology in the power quality marketplace
  • Ultraprobe 100
    Ultraprobe 100 The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by problems in operating equipment.
  • Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger
    Traceable Temperature and Humidity Fax Logger The FX420 fax logger is a temperature and humidity data logger that records and sends data to users via fax or e-
  • TVS-500 EX
    TVS-500 EX Sofradir EC's TVS-500 EX introduces a new image fusion function that enables the camera operator to mix thermal and visible video into fused real-time video with control over each channel's strength.
  • Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction This Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction unit heralds a new product line...
  • PureWave AVC™ Adaptive VAR Compensator
    PureWave AVC™ Adaptive VAR Compensator The PureWave Adaptive VAR Compensator provides real-time voltage support for voltage sags and dips caused by rapidly-changing dynamic loads, as well as flicker mitigation and power-factor correction
  • HotShot HD-B
    HotShot HD-B Introducing HotShot HD-B the building inspection professional’s choice in high performance infrared cameras. HotShot HD integrates state of the art infrared imaging technology, our new dual laser target highlighter and software functionality created to address the demands of heavy duty infrared camera users.
  • Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5
    Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5

    In the i-Series family of infrared cameras, the i5 model offers a mix of upgraded capabilities from the i3, but still features accessible pricing.

  • Simplified Design Tool
    Simplified Design Tool DesignWorks Lite is designed for technical professionals who need to quickly and easily create single-page
  • Power Services
    Power Services You can call on Sigma's Power Services Group to deliver current technology solutions for your expansion and renovation projects
  • Brake Winch
    Brake Winch Brake Winch
  • Research Services The following factors combine to make society as a whole and business in particular tremendously vulnerable to weather
  • Wireless Submeter
    Wireless Submeter The Resi-Mon wireless, radio frequency-based, single-phase electric kWh meter is well suited for apartments and
  • Contractor’s Fall Protection Solution: Durabilt Fall Protection Kits
    Contractor’s Fall Protection Solution: Durabilt Fall Protection Kits These economical Durabilt Fall Protection Kits by North Safety Products put basic fall protection equipment into one easy to source, easy to distribute kit that comes in a handy Durabilt carry bag. Each Durabilt Kit contains the basic gear you need to work safe at heights.
  • IEEE Standard 45™ Handbook This Handbook provides necessary technical details in a simplified form to enhance understanding of the requirements for technical and non-technical people in the maritime industry.
  • M-2667 Autodaptive® Tapchanger Control
    M-2667 Autodaptive® Tapchanger Control Regulates voltage by controlling the tapchanger of an LTC transformer
  • Fiber Optic Transmission
    Fiber Optic Transmission The FOsystem is a complete set of instruments for convenient fiber optic transmission of different types of
  • You’re Guide to Understanding Health Plans You’re Guide to Understanding Health Plans
  • Flat Cover Wireway These new painted flat fittings for cable protection are for commercial applications where exposure to dust, dirt,
  • Manutest CTR
    Manutest CTR Digital voltage and current generator, single or triple phase
  • A Guide For Small Business Owners A Guide For Small Business Owners
  • CARE CARE: a program designed to maximize your investment in your clients