• IRM-5000: 5Kvdc Insulation Resistance Meter
    IRM-5000: 5Kvdc Insulation Resistance Meter Vanguard Instrument Company’s Model IRM-5000 Megohmmeter is a micro-processor based, high-voltage, insulation-test meter
  • Utility Data Application
    Utility Data Application ArcFM is the latest version of the manufacturer’s AM/FM/GIS application for modeling, editing, maintaining,
  • ECO Fluid ECO Fluid is a specialty insulating oil that is used in environmentally sensitive areas
  • CMC 256-Testset for Protection/Measurement Devices
    CMC 256-Testset for Protection/Measurement Devices The CMC 256 is a state of the art, accurate, and light-weight (only 35 lbs.) test system for testing protection and measurement devices.
  • A Complete Solution in Electric Work Order Automation
    A Complete Solution in Electric Work Order Automation The Utility Design System from Gentry Systems has completely changed the way you will look at electric design automation
  • M-0271Tapchanger Control
    M-0271Tapchanger Control Replaces Siemens (formerly Allis-Chalmers) MJ-3A, MJ-3, MJ-2A, MJ-1A and MJ-X (voltage control relay replacements
  • Model 1511-LTC
    Model 1511-LTC The INCON Model 1511-LTC is an intelligent electronic device that utilizes resistor-based sensors to provide accurate load tap changer position measurement
  • All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool
    All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool Finally the speed and precision of lasers in an affordable easy-to-use tool
  • Power Clampmeter
    Power Clampmeter The new Megger DCM2000P power clampmeter combines the functionality of a power meter, oscilloscope, harmonics
  • Multi-Page Report Software: ReportIR
    Multi-Page Report Software: ReportIR ReportIR creates multiple-page reports with detailed inspection summaries and incident specific temperature analysis with drag and drop simplicity. Automatically create 1 to 50+ page reports, complete with analysis, visible images, diagnoses, repair recommendations and follow up action, in minutes.
  • Omni Cel Batteries Count on our Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries in the most Demanding Situations
  • Outdoor Transformers
    Outdoor Transformers These units are produced for indoor or outdoor applications in either power stations, substations or switchgear
  • Vector Demodulator
    Vector Demodulator The I/Q Demodulator is a vector demodulator that features 14dB loss and 300MHz video bandwidth...
  • Heaters and Ballast Resistors
    Heaters and Ballast Resistors PGR's heaters provided on mounting brackets (open-style) or with protective screen covers
  • Circuit Breaker Monitor
    Circuit Breaker Monitor The OPTImizer+ is an in-service, on-line monitor for utilities, as well as other companies where power quality
  • SpyGlass Lens & Viewports
    SpyGlass Lens & Viewports Permits thermal inspection of electrical switch gear without opening the enclosure and disconnecting circuits
  • One-Day, Hands-On Electrical Skills and Safety Training In Your Area We are currently offering 28 courses in 13 major cities across the United States
  • Hipot Tester
    Hipot Tester The Hypot II Model 4500D is a 500 VA microprocessor
  • Electrician's Exam Prep Seminar
    Electrician's Exam Prep Seminar These classes assist you to prepare for a Journeyman or Master or Inspector's Exam
  • ATS Automatic Transfer Switches
    ATS Automatic Transfer Switches Caterpillar offers a broad range of automatic transfer switch products engineered to support virtually any type of emergency power system
  • Trade Association Membership
    Trade Association Membership The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) is a non-profit trade association designed to
  • New Patented & Proven Technology - The EASY Way for Variable Speed!
    New Patented & Proven Technology - The EASY Way for Variable Speed! If you specify or use variable speed drives and have been looking for a dependable alternative to Variable Frequency Drives
  • North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  • Safety Test Probes
    Safety Test Probes The safety test probes for electrical compliance testing are designed for use with dielectric withstand testers and ground bond testers...
  • Transverse & Vertical Pole Loading
    Transverse & Vertical Pole Loading Analyze transverse wood pole moments due to conductors, cables, and other equipment, including cantilever (eccentric) loading, and vertical loading
  • Utility Solution
    Utility Solution The Utility Accountant takes the paperwork out of energy management by automating utility bills, tracking and
  • Power System Engineering Services
    Power System Engineering Services Changes in technology and competition bring new challenges to the electric power industry
  • PROMOTION We provide personalized service and believe that our size allows us to provide our clients with the personal attention of a principal of the firm who is involved from proposal to occupancy
  • TELEREADER TL500 Family The Family 500 is a combination of the Family 200 & 300 TELEREADERs
  • Marketplace Optimization The revolutionary Adaptive Enterprise Optimization Server™ provides the value-added functionality and differentiation necessary to gain traction and liquidity in today’s competitive landscapeIt helps today’s online business-to-business exchanges optimize their trading activity.
  • Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets
    Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets Highline produces a variety of box pads to support the switchgear offered by all of the leading manufacturers
  • High Resistance Grounding Systems
    High Resistance Grounding Systems The High Resistance Grounding System offers protection to transformers, generators and drives from ground faults
  • Portable Protective Ground Mat
    Portable Protective Ground Mat The Kri-Tech ground mat is designed to protect workers who come in contact or have the potential for electrical contact, by creating a zone of equi-potential
  • 16/24 Port 10/100 Fiber Optic Switch
    16/24 Port 10/100 Fiber Optic Switch Expand your 10Base or 100Base networks with fiber optic links utilizing VERSITRON’S 16 or 24 port switches
  • NOx Control
    NOx Control Reburn is a NOx control process which reduces NOx by “staging” the fuel injection into the furnace to produce
  • Power Quality Test Facility
    Power Quality Test Facility EPRI PEAC’s Power Quality Test Facility is a modern power quality testing and research laboratory capable of testing industrial and business equipment, residential appliances, and new or prototype products against dozens of national and international standards.
  • Push Pull Plug Our push pull plug is for one-time use. The push pull plug has a molded rubber body with an inside cavity to allow for contraction when inserting or removing it from a tube.
  • Event Recorder Option of TDMARK-V The TDMARK-V meter is available with an event recorder system
  • Major1000 Pure-Sine
    Major1000 Pure-Sine The Major1000 Series is a highly compact DC/AC inverter which uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability
  • GenMap
    GenMap The most valuable assets for any utility are its plant and facilities and how they relate to their customers
  • Flowchart Programming Tool S7 Charts is a new tool for programming automation projects using simple flowcharts within the SIMATIC STEP 7
  • Bashlin Aluminum Climbers
    Bashlin Aluminum Climbers The BD14 is Bashlin's aluminum alloy offset climber with a replaceable, forged steel gaff
  • Parts Are Our Speciality
    Parts Are Our Speciality SPS can provide you anything from a circuit breaker handle to a complete unit substation... new, used or remanufactured
  • Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System
    Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System The fluid transfer and conditioning system (FTCS) is a stand alone side stream filtering unit
  • MUDTRAKS Engineered Fiberglass Temporary Roadway
    MUDTRAKS Engineered Fiberglass Temporary Roadway MUDTRAKS are made from a space-age fiberglass composite material with internal structure to evenly distribute the weight of a truck over the entire surface area of the mat.
  • Hot Sticks/ PHASING STICKS
    Hot Sticks/ PHASING STICKS Hot Sticks and Phasing Sticks are voltmeters designed so as to permit safe testing of bare high-volgage bus bars, up to 50 kV ac only.
  • Research Services The following factors combine to make society as a whole and business in particular tremendously vulnerable to weather
  • Dissolved Hydrogen and Water Monitor
    Dissolved Hydrogen and Water Monitor The AMS-500Plus is a device that continuously measures the concentration of dissolved hydrogen and water in transformer oil
  • Proven Performance in Underground Power Solutions
    Proven Performance in Underground Power Solutions CableCURE® treatment offers proven performance
    Independent testing has proved conclusively that CableCURE fluid improves the performance of all solid-dielectric cables by at least 0.5% per day, with peak performance improvements approaching 350% within two years of treatment
  • IRM-5000 Insulation Resistance Meter
    IRM-5000 Insulation Resistance Meter The IRM-5000 tests the insulation in electrical apparatus, wires, and cables.
  • Power Meter, Analyzer, and Controller
    Power Meter, Analyzer, and Controller The 7700 ION 3-phase power meter, analyzer, and controller is used for transmission and distribution, energy service company (ESCO), and power marketing applications...
  • Flame Detector
    Flame Detector These flame detector assemblies are constructed using solid state electro optics, which are compatible with a wide
  • Energy Converter
    Energy Converter This Energy Converter, a closed cycle vapor turbogenerator, is a fully integrated, tested and certified power system
  • Three Phase Voltage Monitors - Model 102A
    Three Phase Voltage Monitors - Model 102A Model 102A is an auto-ranging voltage monitor designed to protect 3-phase motors regardless of size
  • Power Vacs
    Power Vacs Features of the Power Vacs
  • Insulator 15kV Poly Pin Type - Tie Top
    Insulator 15kV Poly Pin Type - Tie Top Hendrix 15kV Tie-Top Insulator, Proprietary Molded Gray HDPE.
  • Box Pad HL-49
    Box Pad HL-49 Top load tested with simulated transformer frame up to 10,000 lbs. without failure
  • High Voltage Safety Accessories
    High Voltage Safety Accessories Ross Engineering Collapsible Hotsticks are designed to maintain proper safety clearances from hazardous High Voltage while hand-holding a test instrument.
  • Tube Fitting
    Tube Fitting These CPI three-piece tube fittings feature a single ferrule design for durable, leak-free seals in process,
  • J series Ball Waterproof Switches
    J series Ball Waterproof Switches Features of the J series Ball Waterproof Switches
  • Concrete Repair Services
    Concrete Repair Services Team Industrial service centers now offer complete concrete
  • DPL Energy Resources Transformer Maintenance Services If you lose a transformer, you lost all or part of your operations
  • Bullhorn Remote Monitoring
    Bullhorn Remote Monitoring The temperature of a crucial pipeline drops, and a rupture will soon follow.
  • DC Circuits Challenge DC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of fifteen activities to help you teach DC circuit analysis and troubleshooting
  • Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.
  • Project Management …From Concept to Completion Whether it is managing a specific project or several projects through a general contracting approach, DPL Energy is extremely flexible and efficient in this area
  • Dry Tape Transformers Contact us today for more information and pricing
  • DDP/540 Partial Discharge Detector
    DDP/540 Partial Discharge Detector Our partial discharge detector is designed to test joints and underground cables under medium voltage
  • Netbas Maintenance
    Netbas Maintenance Netbas Maintenance is developed to administrate maintenance at all types of power utilities
  • AX-S4 ICCP ICCP-TASE.2 Technology
    AX-S4 ICCP ICCP-TASE.2 Technology AX-S4 ICCP is the latest advancement in ICCP-TASE.2 technology
  • ACE 2000
    ACE 2000 The ACE 2000 is an advanced single- and three-phase power analyzer featuring energy, harmonic, transient, and flicker analysis capabilities
  • HotShot XL
    HotShot XL HotShot XL establishes a new class of infrared camera, the thermography data logger. HotShot combines a pen-based Windows CE computer with powerful software functionality including our new route based infrared survey feature to deliver a system with unique capabilities and industry leading ease of use.
  • Molytek 2702 Thirty-two Channel Chart Recorder
    Molytek 2702 Thirty-two Channel Chart Recorder Charts up to 32 channels simultaneously. The data recorded can also be downloaded to spreadsheets via an RS 232 port...
  • PCM Power Control Module
    PCM Power Control Module PCM assemblies provide a complete, convenient, cost-effective solution to OEM power supply, variable-speed
  • Distributed Generation Services
    Distributed Generation Services During the transition to a completely deregulated energy market
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Emergency Backup Power System The new Coleman Powermate 25-kilowatt PowerStation system will be unveiled at the Power-Gen International show in
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors Dynamic Braking Resistors are used with AC Variable Frequency Drives to produce a braking torque in the motor during overhauling load conditions
  • Field  Machining Capabilities
    Field Machining Capabilities Some of TMC'S field machining capabilities include turbines, pumps, compressors and related equipment
  • Enclosures
    Enclosures Ergo has been manufacturing custom Nema rated control enclosures since 1991
  • AIM Host Software
    AIM Host Software To manage communications between your AIMetering devices in the field, you need AIM Host Software. This system manages automated metering devices and alerts the system manager when any problems with the network occur.
  • S&C System VI Switchgear
    S&C System VI Switchgear S&C System VI Switchgear
  • Services
    Services Systems Acceptance, Maintenance & Repair
  • Power Platform PP1
    Power Platform PP1 One of the most versatile, configurable instruments in the Dranetz-BMI arsenal of power monitoring tools, the Power Platform PP1 represents a combination of advanced hardware
  • inFORM Battery Database Creation
    inFORM Battery Database Creation Convenient and simple system that stores, analyzes, and trends state-of-health, voltage, and all other relevant battery system information.
  • BlueBird CDMA 1x Modems (BB-1x)
    BlueBird CDMA 1x Modems (BB-1x) The BlueBird-CDMA is a fully integrated wireless modem, which means you can use it out-of-the-box to add CDMA & 1xRTT functionality to your application...
  • North Lightning™ Series Ergonomic Safety Eyewear
    North Lightning™ Series Ergonomic Safety Eyewear Innovative Lightning™ series protective eyewear, by North Safety Products, was engineered to provide a secure, flexible, ergonomic, comfortable fit – even on large faces. Prescription lens insert option and custom logo imprinting available. Click the link to learn more.
  • Phase Shifter
    Phase Shifter RAGNAR is suited for relay testing in situations where current, voltage and phase angle must be varied independently
  • Training Program
    Training Program PowerMaster Interactive is a comprehensive, customizable CD-ROM training program that focuses on safety-related work
  • FCOG-1200 Twelve Pulse Firing Board
    FCOG-1200 Twelve Pulse Firing Board The FCOG-1200 firing board supplies delayed, hard-firing gating pulses for parallel or series connected 12-pulse
  • Automated Unattended Transformer Oil Processing System BA-AUTOS Purification Systems
    Automated Unattended Transformer Oil Processing System BA-AUTOS Purification Systems Fully automated and designed for unattended operation
  • Copaco-125 Extensible Insulation
    Copaco-125 Extensible Insulation Copaco-125 Super Stretch insulating papers are manufactured under an extensible paper process that provides this
  • GM022 Glove/Sleeve Testing Accessory
    GM022 Glove/Sleeve Testing Accessory The one piece slave will simultaneously test one or two lineman's gloves
  • Interactive System
    Interactive System The epoint Asset interactive system helps users simplify inventory procedures and gain control over asset bases.
  • Fortress Rackmount
    Fortress Rackmount Advanced Power Integrity And Management
  • 735 series- Full body harness
    735 series- Full body harness Made of 1 3/4" wide (45 mm) nylon webbing in two contrasting colors
  • Alpha-1 Fluid Alpha-1 Fluid is a fire resistant insulating oil that is made for retrofill and top-off applications
  • Insulation Resistance Analyzer The model Hv5D megohmmeter is an automatic, portable, battery-powered insulation resistance analyzer specifically
  • CG-23 2" Condu-Grip Coupling
    CG-23 2" Condu-Grip Coupling Condu-Grip's unique patented sealing system provides a barrier to water and soil ingress even under external pressure extremes as high as 50 psi
  • Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard
    Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard The Arbiter Systems, Inc. Model 1083A GPS Satellite-Controlled Frequency Standard delivers performance comparable to atomic frequency standards
  • Supercomputing Systems
    Supercomputing Systems The Cray T90 Series of supercomputers provides nearly 60 billion calculations per second (gigaflops) of peak