• Technical Marketing Research Technical Marketing Research
  • Power Monitors--Multipoint Power Recorder
    Power Monitors--Multipoint Power Recorder The new "Multipoint" Power Recorder from Reliable Power Meters is the perfect solution for permanent monitoring applications
  • NCSS NCSS offers Regression/Forecasing, analysis of variance, statistical analysis, and advanced data analysis
  • Cross Fire Tubes and Clip
    Cross Fire Tubes and Clip These Cross Fire Tubes for Gas Turbine Engines meet or
  • Drum Recycling Service
    Drum Recycling Service Drum recycling service offers drum mangagement solution through destruction of chemical residues and the recycling of the decontaminated container...
  • Automotive Diodes-Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Diodes
    Automotive Diodes-Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Diodes Characteristics of the Transient Voltage Suppressors (Tvs)
    TIGHT STRUCTURE DESIGN OPTICAL GROUND WIRE (OPT-GW) AFL's high quality standards for design, testing and manufacturing utilize the highest-grade materials available to ensure maximum reliability and performance
  • CARE CARE: a program designed to maximize your investment in your clients
  • Stone Pipeline Simulator
    Stone Pipeline Simulator The Stoner Pipeline Simulator (SPS) product family is the recognized worldwide standard for transient flow simulation of gas or liquid transmission pipelines
  • Extra High Voltage (EHV) hardware
    Extra High Voltage (EHV) hardware Innovative products have been a tradition at Lindsey since the company’s founding in 1947
  • PPA Prepackaged Assembly
    PPA Prepackaged Assembly The PPA assembly is a compact 12-pulse rectifier rated at 80A, with natural convection cooling. This assembly uses
  • Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 750
    Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 750 SVERKER 750, the test engineer's toolbox
  • 8831 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8831 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators Made in the USA, the 8831 is accurate, rugged, portable and dependable
  • Ultimate Energy Management PUR combines the unique expertise of Utility Bill Auditing, Energy Management Engineering, Energy Cost Reduction Products, Executive Management Benefits and the complete reporting system to reduce a facilitys utility expense
  • IEEE Standards Online: All Power & Energy Standards + Drafts Subscription This subscription includes all of the current IEEE Standards in topics such as Electric Machinery, Insulated Conductors, Power Distribution and Regulating Transformers, Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Protective Relaying, Substation Standards, Surge Protective Devices, and Switchgear
  • 8 LaMarche Inverters Genassis, Inc.'s transmission & distribution equipment includes air circuit breakers/cubicles, disconnect and safety switches, insulators, fuses, protective relays, inverters, motor control centers, uninterruptable power supplies, wire, cable and generators
  • Comprehensive Lighting Services DPL Energy Resources designs, installs and finances lighting projects
  • Mailable Voltage Recorder The new Electrocorder comes complete with mailing case and
  • Omni Cel Batteries Count on our Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries in the most Demanding Situations
  • RSi-S Series Uni-Torque Drive : 3 to 30 HP
    RSi-S Series Uni-Torque Drive : 3 to 30 HP 230 volt, three phase, 3 to 30 hp, constant torque ratings
  • Metal Expansion Joints
    Metal Expansion Joints Connex metal expansion joints are installed in pipe and duct systems to prevent damage caused by variations in
  • Fiberglass Switchgear Pad - Vaults
    Fiberglass Switchgear Pad - Vaults These pad - vaults are manufactured from durable, non-corrosive, thermoset polyester reinforced with fiberglass and are designed to accommodate switchgear of leading manufacturers
  • 4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets
    4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets All sockets are designed to accept all standard 4mm (.160in) plugs either with fixed or retractable shrouds. The panel aperture needs to be 12mm (.472in) diameter. Panel thickness min. 2mm (.080in) max. 10mm (.394in).
  • AX-S4 ICCP ICCP-TASE.2 Technology
    AX-S4 ICCP ICCP-TASE.2 Technology AX-S4 ICCP is the latest advancement in ICCP-TASE.2 technology
  • MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems
    MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems The MC Series is used on contactor production lines to maximize throughput and to achieve the highest product quality. It is based on a modular platform that is easily expandable upon demand.
  • ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit
    ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit ACE3600 is an all-in-one package that includes the RTU, radio and software for quick installation. The ACE3600 features a graphical user interface (GUI) that minimizes training time by allowing system configurations and network operations to be managed through simple, user-friendly applications. The GUI includes program and system self-maintenance software tools.
  • Power Vacs
    Power Vacs Features of the Power Vacs
  • Cable Fault Locating Equipment
    Cable Fault Locating Equipment With the widest range of fault locating and other HV field testing products on the market, we are in a position to serve your needs as they exist today, not as they existed yesterday.
  • Transformer Fault Gas Analyzer Model TFGA-P200
    Transformer Fault Gas Analyzer Model TFGA-P200 The TFGA-P200 is a new portable gas-in-oil analyzer which can measure, on-site, in less than two minutes, the seven fault gases
  • Power Distribution Stringer
    Power Distribution Stringer The reusable NEMA Power Distribution Stringer feature solid Hypalon rubber molded construction with no voids or air-
  • DM-15 & DM-15SA - Bell 202T Modems
    DM-15 & DM-15SA - Bell 202T Modems The DM-15 & DM-15SA modems are Bell 202T Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) modems designed for asynchronous byte or bit oriented data operations at 1200 Baud...
  • Fuel Quality Training Courses offered in the "Fuel Quality" area include:
  • Hydrogen/Electricity Co-production System This hydrogen electrical generating system and hydrogen and hydrogen-enriched natural gas fueling station is the result
  • Distributed Generation Services
    Distributed Generation Services During the transition to a completely deregulated energy market
  • Hot Line Tools
    Hot Line Tools All types of tools, mounted on Epoxiglas insulated poles. Used to maintain energized high-voltage lines.
  • Industrial-UPS Series
    Industrial-UPS Series The Acumentrics Industrial-UPS Series of rugged uninterruptible power supplies and inverters are designed
  • CG-16 1¼" Condu-Grip Coupling
    CG-16 1¼" Condu-Grip Coupling Condu-Grip's reliable one-piece design means field assembly is quick and simple, requiring only basic hand tools such as a pipe wrench, strap wrench or locking pliers normally carried by most installation crews
  • Light Task Plus 5™ Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove
    Light Task Plus 5™ Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove The Light Task Plus 5™ is a high performance cut resistant glove that gives up nothing in wearer comfort, making it ideal for applications requiring a high level of protection from cut hazards combined with a high degree of dexterity and feel. A highly advanced seamless liner contains Dyneema® yarn that is cool, stretchy and amazingly light. It also contains glass fiber for enhanced cut resistance up to ANSI cut level 3 and EN388 cut level 5.
  • Generator Products A number of products are currently available for generators
  • Power Quality Assessment and Monitoring If your company is like most, it relies on increasingly sophisticated equipment to maintain a competitive edge
  • Underground Distribution Switchgear
    Underground Distribution Switchgear New Source Transfer Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear is now available in ratings through 38 kV.
  • NEW BIDDLE Three-Phase Automatic TTR The BIDDLE Three-Phase Automatic TTR is an instrument designed to measure the turns ratio of power, instrument and distribution transformers
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems A series of stainless steel tubing arrays distribute demineralized water under high (2000 to 3500 psi) pressure
  • I.T. Protector
    I.T. Protector Since 1980, the I.T. Protector ® has been on the job, safeguarding mission-critical commercial, industrial and defense systems worldwide
  • Stainless Steel Airflow Traverse Probes
    Stainless Steel Airflow Traverse Probes The VOLU-probe/SS stainless steel Pitot airflow traverse probe is ideally suited for new installations or retrofit
  • INCON model 1250 Rotary Position Indicator
  • Dental Mounted Points Dental mounted points are used predominantly by dental practitioners, dental laboratory technicians and jewelers for light grinding and polishing of alloys, porcelain, tooth enamel, precious and semi-precious metals
  • Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5
    Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5

    In the i-Series family of infrared cameras, the i5 model offers a mix of upgraded capabilities from the i3, but still features accessible pricing.

  • Automatic Meter Reading Unit
    Automatic Meter Reading Unit The Acyuta AMR is a low cost, real time, multi-channel, multi-tasking, compact, high quality
  • New Series of Power Meters
    New Series of Power Meters The ACCESS 9200 level power meters are a new series of
  • Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple
    Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple The Lindsey TVI-Fishhook Staple is designed to securely hold grounding and bonding wires while insulating the wire from the staple
  • ELITEpro Portable polyphase power meter
    ELITEpro Portable polyphase power meter The ELITEpro is a portable power meter used in a number of metering applications
  • Waste Management Program
    Waste Management Program This total waste management program encompasses Rineco’s complete range of services and includes fuel blending, non-
  • Telephone-Based AIMetering System American Innovations is the leading supplier of telephone-based metering for residential and small commercial electricity customers
  • Digital Ohmmeter
    Digital Ohmmeter Model DO7 is a new digital micro-ohmmeter (DLRO). This portable digital ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop...
  • Shaft Seal
    Shaft Seal The WKA 1000 Shaft Seal is for sealing off highly compressed gaseous media in steam turbines,
  • Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug
    Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug The special feature of a Conklin Sherman Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug is its ability to be reused again and again. A special brass screw mechanism allows you to distend or stretch the plug.
  • Oil Smart Switch If you want to prevent oil from inadvertently being pumped into the environment than install an Oil Smart Switch.
  • Risk Management
    Risk Management “Power Market Risk Management: A Survival Guide” is a new report designed to show companies the processes needed to
  • Manutest CTR
    Manutest CTR Digital voltage and current generator, single or triple phase
  • 8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators The 8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator beats other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size
  • Utility Management System
    Utility Management System This multi-tasking meter reading application package features state of the art, highly configurable software and
  • Ethernet Port Option
    Ethernet Port Option An internal Ethernet port option is available for the company’s 7330 ION three-phase power meter
  • MUDTRAKS Engineered Fiberglass Temporary Roadway
    MUDTRAKS Engineered Fiberglass Temporary Roadway MUDTRAKS are made from a space-age fiberglass composite material with internal structure to evenly distribute the weight of a truck over the entire surface area of the mat.
  • Electronic Services
    Electronic Services Technicians provide diagnostics, analysis, repair and calibration of solid-state electronic equipment
  • TRACE (Available) Transfer Capability Evaluation TRACE is an acronym for Transfer Capability Evaluation. The package calculates the maximum MW transfer, starting from a given power system operating state, between two or more parts of the power system.
  • RF and Video Coaxial Protection
    RF and Video Coaxial Protection DEHN Inc. DGA G N and DGA AG N are designed to provide critical surge and lightning protection for RF transceivers
  • Compatibility Research Project
    Compatibility Research Project The EPRI PEAC System Compatibility Research Project offers the opportunity for electric utilities, manufacturers, equipment users, and standards organizations to jointly sponsor research projects to understand, solve, and eventually prevent power quality problems
  • M-3425 Generator Protection System
    M-3425 Generator Protection System Protects a generator from abnormal voltage and frequency, internal winding faults
  • <b>Quick<i>Seal</i></b> Brochure
    QuickSeal Brochure QuickSeal Brochure
  • PLC Fundamentals and Troubleshooting Courses
    PLC Fundamentals and Troubleshooting Courses PLC Fundamentals and Troubleshooting teaches participants how to understand and repair equipment controlled by programmable logic controllers...
  • Circuit Breaker Monitor
    Circuit Breaker Monitor The OPTImizer+ is an in-service, on-line monitor for utilities, as well as other companies where power quality
  • Matching Lineups Do you need to add a few breakers to your existing lineup, and you find that they are no longer manufactured
  • Soil Conditioner
    Soil Conditioner DeltaBlack is a coal combustion product that has applications as a soil modifying or amending material.
  • Kraft Electrical Grade Insulation  -
    Kraft Electrical Grade Insulation - Copaco Kraft electrical insulating paper is manufactured from fine electrical grade unbleached virgin wood pulp.
  • L70 lantern series
    L70 lantern series Attention to detail and authenticity: whenever a site requires lighting that respects its origins
  • PCP Power Control Panel
    PCP Power Control Panel PCP style assemblies are used where maximum heat dissipation is required. The three dual thyristor modules
  • Technician Certification Programs Establish technical qualifications; Meet safety regulations; Enhance your professionalism
  • Fiber Optic Transmission
    Fiber Optic Transmission The FOsystem is a complete set of instruments for convenient fiber optic transmission of different types of
  • BlueTree GPRS Modems
    BlueTree GPRS Modems Our rugged GPRS modems support GSM & GPRS wireless networks...
    FUTURA+ The Futura+ multifunction digital power-monitoring system offers the most extensive monitoring and analysis
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 150kVA From Caterpillar
    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 150kVA From Caterpillar Caterpillar provides a 150 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System with flywheel-based technology. The integrated system eliminates the need for backup batteries, reduces floor space requirements and minimizes system maintenance demands...
  • Bashlin 78 Series Pole Straps
    Bashlin 78 Series Pole Straps Bashlin's pliable latigo leather straps feature a nylon insert
  • F-PRO Feeder Protection Relay
    F-PRO Feeder Protection Relay Provides comprehensive feeder protection, reclosing, metering, trend recording, fault recording and monitoring in one integrated platform
  • High Vacuum Oil Purifier & Transformer Dryout System Model BA-HV-Series
    High Vacuum Oil Purifier & Transformer Dryout System Model BA-HV-Series The following description is a brief "walk-through" of a Baron system
  • Configurable Software System
    Configurable Software System Centricity is an integrated and configurable software system that helps utilities reduce restoration time,
  • TheSeparator Jr.:  Model 4250
    TheSeparator Jr.: Model 4250 The Separator Jr. is a bench mounted unit for separating most types of ribbon cable
  • Current Limiting Fuses
    Current Limiting Fuses Partial-range fuses to provide equipment and personnel protection in overhead or underground high fault-current situations.
  • UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper
    UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper Dead end for ACSR, ASC and Alloy conductors
  • Aggregate Base RoadMix Base is an aggregate base material blended from an angular aggregate and stabilized with a self-cementing
  • Push Pull Plug
    Push Pull Plug Our push pull plug is for one-time use
  • Stakeless Pedestal
    Stakeless Pedestal The precision and strength of match metal molding
  • TDM System 3
    TDM System 3 The largest single capital investment in distribution substations is
  • RN-PDC (Radial Network Protective Device Coordination)
    RN-PDC (Radial Network Protective Device Coordination) Radial Network Protective Device Coordination (RN-PDC) is a protection coordination tool for radial distribution systems
  • IC Transformers
    IC Transformers UniCap IC is a new line of industrial control transformers. UniCap IC transformers’ universal mounting plate provides maximum flexibility by matching...
  • Transit & Locomotive Resistors
    Transit & Locomotive Resistors Highly experienced in the design of roof-mounted and under-car braking and snubber resistors
  • Project Management …From Concept to Completion Whether it is managing a specific project or several projects through a general contracting approach, DPL Energy is extremely flexible and efficient in this area
  • G-9645 Digital Transfer-Trip System
    G-9645 Digital Transfer-Trip System The G-9645 Transfer-Trip System employs redundant coding of the trip inputs to dependably and securely move up to 4 trips in both directions
  • Engineering Services
    Engineering Services E/PRO provides an experience base and a perspective that sets it apart from other power engineering and environmental consultants