RESNET Certified Infrared Camera: FLIR i7

The i7 infrared camera features the highest resolution and field of view in FLIR's i-Series of infrared cameras, but still maintains accessibility with a remarkable sub $2,000 cost.

RESNET standards have been in place since 1995 and are recognized by the federal government and the U.S. mortgage industry for verification of building energy performance. The FLIR i7 infrared camera meets and exceeds the resolution standards set forth by RESNET for building and energy auditing, and for home and building inspections.

The i7 infrared camera features the highest resolution in the i-Series line at 140 x 140 (19,600 pixels) and the widest FOV at 29° x 29°. This camera was designed to meet and exceed RESNET infrared inspection standards. Like the rest of the i-Series Infrared Cameras, the i7 is focus free, has a 9Hz frame rate, a 2.8" color LED screen, an uncooled microbolometer, an iron, rainbow, and gray thermal palette, and more.

Additional information on potential applications, specifications, and the rest of the i-Series Infrared Cameras can be found on the available datasheet.

You can also visit this page to get an overview of the FLIR i-Series of infared cameras.

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