North DeciGuardAB™ Disposable Earplugs with Antimicrobial Protection

The North DeciGuardAB™ Earplug is the only disposable earplug that provides you with antimicrobial protection while protecting you against noise hazards.

The North DeciGuardAB™ is the most hygienic earplug available.

This exceptional product is manufactured with a unique antimicrobial agent to protect you against potentially degrading microorganisms that can be transferred from the germs on your hand to your earplug and into your ear. That is why the North DeciGuardAB™ is the only earplug that provides you with antimicrobial protection while at the same time protecting you against noise hazards. The North DeciGuardAB brings you more of what you need in a disposable ear plug.

  • Hygiene: provides antimicrobial protection, unlike any other plug on the market
  • Comfort: one size comfortably fits all, the DeciGuardAB expands quickly to fill the ear canal
  • Safety: Noise Reduction Rating: 29 dB, meets EPA, ANSI and CE standards; highly visible color for easy user detection

Each pair is sealed in your choice of cellophane or degradable paper package, assuring you that every plug is clean and unused. The North DeciGuardAB earplugs are available to you in a combination wall mountable or tabletop dispenser box. See Additonal Images.

North DeciGuardAB Part Numbers

Uncorded: Packaged 200/carton

280205: 1 pair per cellophane pouch
280210: 1 pair per degradable paper pouch

Corded: Packaged 100/carton

280250: 1 pair per plastic pouch
280255: 1 pair per degradable paper pouch

North's hearing protection products are designed with the user in mind. They are comfortable to wear while they protect you against potentially hazardous noise in the workplace.

North tests all of its hearing protection products at an independent third party certified laboratory. We are committed to making your workplace the safest and most productive environment possible.

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