NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Work Glove by North Safety Products

The NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove is the latest advanced palm-coated, general purpose work glove. A form fitting, seamless knit red nylon shell coated with a soft and flexible, black foamed PVC coating offers superior comfort, fit, dexterity, tactility, abrasion resistance, and a sure grip — even on wet surfaces!

NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11
Foamed PVC Palm-Coated Glove

Workers love this sleek, red and black glove

Until now, a great gripping glove could not provide rugged abrasion resistance without compromising the dexterity and tactility that a worker needs to handle wet or dry objects meticulously. The ultra-lightweight NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove by North Safety Products is the latest in advanced palm-coated glove technology for general purpose hand protection.

The NF11 Red Glove features a 15 gage, seamless knit, red nylon shell that is soft and form fitting to the user's hand for a comfortable, true fit. A black, foamed PVC coating is rugged to resist abrasion and provide a sure wet/dry grip. New foamed PVC coating technology allows the glove to remain sensitive enough to allow for a dexterous, tactile feel of what the user handles.

The NF11 Red is a versatile work glove that is ideal for workers who must perform multiple types of handwork throughout the day with moderate protection from mechanical hazards. The NorthFlex™ NF11 work glove brings you more of what you need in a general purpose work glove:

  • Fit: Elastic and form fitting to the user's hand, a snug knit-wrist provides minimal resistance to hand movement for exceptional wearer comfort
  • Comfort: Ultra-lightweight and soft to the touch, seamless knit shell eliminates skin irritation caused by knit seams, uncoated back for easy cooling of working hands
  • Performance: Superior abrasion resistance, wet/dry grip, tactility and dexterity
  • Grip: A sure, flexible grip – even in wet conditions, is achieved by a unique, open surface texture on the palm and fingers that clears liquids from surfaces and enables a firm wet-grip– reducing hand fatigue
  • Style: Workers love this sleek, red and black glove – the NF11 Red is the work glove they actually want to wear

Recommended Uses: Tool handling, material handling, small part handling, equipment handling, shipping & receiving, light assembly, general maintenance tasks, general construction, manufacturing/light assembly, landscaping, maintenance, etc.

Performance Guide for NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11
Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove
Product Abrasion Resistance Cut Resistance Tear Resistance Puncture Resistance Tactility Dexterity Grip
NF11 Best Fair Better Fair Best Best Best

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