New Series of Power Meters

New Series of Power Meters
The ACCESS 9200 level power meters are a new series of
The ACCESS 9200 level power meters are a new series of meters for economical power monitoring. Equipped with sub-billing features and a highly visible display screen, the meters help electricians and facility managers of medium-sized commercial and industrial buildings to better manage their utility bills. The sub-billing feature identifies peaks and shows users where power is used most, targeting areas of potential cost savings.

Two meters make up the new 9200 level meters: the 9230 and the 9240. The 9230 is the basic model that provides accurate power bill information at a low cost. The 9240 has additional features, including an alarming capability and access to more metering information, such as voltage, current and power factor. Compatible with the ACCESS power monitoring system, the 9230 uses the SEAbus protocol, while the 9240 is compatible with SEAbus, Modbus, and DNP3.0. Both meters meet ANSI C-12.16 utility-metering accuracy standards and UL, CE and CSA standards.

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