One-Day, Hands-On Electrical Skills and Safety Training In Your Area

We are currently offering 28 courses in 13 major cities across the United States
<%=company1%> offers one-day, hand-on electrical skills and safety training in your area. We are currently offering 28 courses in 13 major cities across the United States. These courses take place 5 days a week per city. For a matrix of this new program detailing courses, locations, and dates, an overview outline of each course, and/or a detailed outline of each course, please contact TDS and request a free brochure. These courses are as follows:
  • Testing of Molded-Case Circuit Breakers and Motor Overloads
  • AC Testing of Transformers
  • DC Testing
  • Insulating Oil Testing
  • Low-Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Testing of Current and Voltage Protective Relays
  • Testing of Transformer Differencial, Reverse Power and Directional Overcurrent Protective Relays
  • Power Quality and Harmonics
  • Power Cable Termination and Splicing
  • Power Cable Testing and Fault Location
  • Battery Maintenance and Testing
  • Ground Testing
  • Motor Maintenance
  • Motor Testing
  • 1996 NEC Changes
  • NESC
  • OSHA .331-.331 and .147
  • Power Factor Testing
  • Testing of Medium Votlage Circuit Breakers
  • Testing of Sulfur Hexafluoride Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Infrared Scanning Overview
  • Substation Safety
  • Test Equipment
  • Electricity for Non-Electricians
  • Electrical Print Reading
  • Electrical Safety Related Work Practices
  • DC Testing of Power Cables