Benchtop Thermal Cameras: FLIR A35sc and FLIR A65sc

The FLIR A35sc and A65sc Benchtop Test Kits are the perfect choice for engineering and science labs where size constraints are critical. Heat patterns and extract temperature values are easily detected from live or recorded imagery, and a variety of pixel resolutions are available as well as time vs. temperature plotting.

Different infrared benchtop camera kits are available in either A35sc or A65sc thermal cameras. Each camera is equipped with an uncooled VOX microbolometer, has a spectral range of 7.5μm to 13.0μm, a 12 ms (typical) time constraint, a 60 Hz frame rate, and a 14-bit dynamic range. The A325sc supports 14-bit, 320 × 240 data-streaming over Ethernet at rates as high as 60 Hz. The A65sc offers non-contact measurements across 327,680 (640 x 512) thermal pixels helps eliminate the guesswork of finding hot spots. All cameras include ResearchIR software.

Additional information can be found on the FLIR A35sc and FLIR A65sc pages.