Box Pad HL-24

Box Pad HL-24
Advantages of the Box Pad HL-24 are:
  • High Strength and Consistent Quality
    Produced using the match metal compression molding process.
    The industry's only 24" box pad with a glass preform.
  • Lightweight
    Easily handled by two installers.
  • Readily Available from Inventory
  • UV Radiation Protected
  • Optimizes Storage Space
    Box pads nest.
  • Exceeds Northeast Underground Test Guidelines
    Test results available on request.
  • RUS Accepted
      Optional Features:
      • Choice of non skid fiberglass covers with penta head or fargo lock mechanisms.
      • Top opening sizes, 32"x 26", 30¾"x 26", and 24¾"x 22¾"
        [Aperture dimensions (inches) are measured at the intersection of projected adjacent planes.]

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