Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5

In the i-Series family of infrared cameras, the i5 model offers a mix of upgraded capabilities from the i3, but still features accessible pricing.

Like all i-Series infrared cameras, the i5 can be used for building diagnostics and predictive maintenance applications. These can include, but are not limited to applications involving electrical diagnostics, mechanical diagnostics, building/energy audits, facilities maintenance, water and disaster restoration, and HVACR maintenance and care.

The i5 infrared camera features a 100 x 100 (10,000 pixels) resolution and a 21° x 21° field-of-view (FOV). Like the rest of the i-Series Infrared Cameras, the i3 is focus free, has a 9Hz frame rate, a 2.8" color LED screen, an uncooled microbolometer, an iron, rainbow, and gray thermal palette, and more.

Additional information on potential applications, specifications, and the rest of the i-Series Infrared Cameras can be found on the available datasheet.

You can also visit this page to get an overview of the FLIR i-Series of infared cameras.

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Affordable Infrared Camera for Building Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance