Infrasonic Steam System Survey
We have the largest inventory of low and medium voltage circuit breakers in the world

FLIR’s E50 Infrared Camera features a higher resolution than the E30 and E40 infrared camera models, offering a 43,200 pixel (240x180) infrared resolution. Additional features include a 3.1 megapixel visible light digital camera with an LED lamp to provide clean images, regardless of light conditions, a -4 to 1,202°F (-20 to 650°C) temperature range, and more. Like the E40 and E60 infrared cameras, the E50 features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect to Apple® and Android® smart phones and tablets. When used in conjunction with FLIR's mobile apps, a user can view and analyze images, bring out additional detail in images, add data, create reports, share files, and more. Additionally, the E50 infrared camera has a 4x continuous digital zoom, and thermal sensitivity of <0.05°C.

Data Defender is an external in-line device that converts non-data protected telephone hand sets to data-protected operation, and adds technical and data lock-out protection upgrade-capability to existing sets...