First Aid Kits for Utilities by North Safety Products

North Safety Products offers a full line of First Aid Products designed for the needs of utility companies. Kits include: Unitized First Aid Kits, Emergency Burn Care Kits, Portable First Aid Kits, Bite & Sting Treatment Kits, etc.

Unitized, Metal First Aid Kits: Ideal for Utilities

Unitized First Aid Kits by North Safety Products are weatherproof, built tough, and equipped with carrying handles and hinged, mounting brackets. North Unitized Kits contain the necessary supplies for treating common workplace injuries. Easy to find cartons hold individually sealed unit dose applications: color coding makes inspections and replenishment easier. North's Unitized First Aid Kits are available in 10 person, 16 person, 24 person, and 36 person kits in metal or plastic boxes. ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant.

  • Utility companies prefer to have Metal, Unitized First Aid Kits in their trucks and plants
  • The best Metal, Unitized First Aid Kits are made by North Safety Products and distributed throughout the world by North's vast network of fine distributors
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Emergency Burn Kit for Utility Workers

Be prepared for utility jobsite burns! The Utility Emergency Burn Kit by North Safety Products puts necessary burn care treatment supplies where workers can access them fast. This sturdy, weatherproof, metal kit is built tough and is equipped with carrying handles and hinged, mounting brackets. North's Utility Emergency Burn Kit includes:

  • Water-Jel® burn dressings and face mask – to help draw heat out of the burn and protect against contamination
  • Standard burn care supplies: Synthetic medical gloves, self adherent wrap, and angled, red handle scissors

If your utility workers are at risk for burns, make sure that they have Utility Emergency Burn Kits on hand made just for them by North Safety Products.

Water-Jel® is a registered trademark of Water-Jel Technologies.

First Aid Kits Made to Grab and Go!

You need First Aid Kits that are attention-grabbing and ready for your First Aid team carry to the scene of an emergency. These portable, general industry kits are packaged in soft-sided, durable, red nylon bags. North's Redi-Care™ First Aid Kits are eye catching and made to just grab and go!

Bite & Sting First Aid Kit

Outdoor workers throughout the United States know what a bite or a sting can do to their health, comfort, safety and productivity. Wherever you are, the Bite & Sting First Aid Kit by North Safety Products is ideal for treating bites from snakes, spiders and mosquitoes, as well as stings from wasps and bees. The North Bite & Sting First Aid Kit contains the following refillable items:

  • Adhesive bandages, 1" x 3"
  • Alcohol pads
  • Disposable shaver
  • Sting and bite pump w/ nozzles
  • Sting relief wipes

The North Bite & Sting First Aid Kit was made to fit anywhere – even in your pocket, just grab and go!

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