ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator

North's ER2000CBRN emergency escape respirator is NIOSH approved to provide 30 minutes of respiratory protection from non-IDLH atmospheres containing Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory hazards as well as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).

During an emergency evacuation you need an escape respirator you can depend on. One that is quick and easy to put on, has a good fit, and provides you with the right protection. North delivers with the ER2000CBRN escape hood.

North's ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator is NIOSH approved to provide a minimum of 30 minutes of respiratory protection from non-IDLH atmospheres containing Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory hazards as well as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).

Because it is easy to don and universally sized, it is ideal for use by the general population. A fit is achieved quickly using the two straps located on the outside of the hood. The clear polyurethane hood is non-claustrophobic and allows emergency personnel to quickly and easily identify the wearer.

Features Benefits
NIOSH/CBRN approval #TC-14G-0281 Meets CAP 2, 30 minute rating Meets specifications for bids using state and federal funds No batteries or mechanical parts that could fail or limit emergency use
Universal size Comfortably fits majority of the adult population
Meets CBRN Laboratory Respiratory Protection Level (Fit Test) requirements
No need to inventory multiple sizes
Removes the concern that you may not have the right sizes available during an emergency evacuation
Dual cartridge design Cartridges out of the way of vision
Balanced for greater comfort
Head strap harness located on the outside of the hood Easy to adjust without fumbling under hood material
Provides a comfortable and secure fit during strenuous activities
Translucent polyurethane hood Non-claustrophobic
Emergency personnel can clearly see the wearer for quick identification
Reflective stripe on head strap Rescue workers can easily locate wearers when in darkened locations by use of a flashlight or other light source
Large polyurethane lens Wide field of vision and excellent visibility
Contoured neck dam with beveled edge Easy to pull over one's head
Secure, comfortable fit without constricting wearer
Oral/nasal cup Reduces fogging. Less dead-air space so there is less exhaled air to re-breathe
Inner sealed bag, pre-notched & scored Protects the escape hood from contamination
Opens quickly & easily every time
Carry bag included with respirator
- Double lined
- Two sets of belt loops
Increased strength to lessen the chance of punctures or tears
Can be worn on a belt vertically or horizontally for ready access
Training conversion kit Easy to convert the ER2000CBRN into a "train only" unit

Product Description

CBRN Hood:
The ER2000CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) Escape Respirator is fully assembled escape only, air-purifying respirator featuring a hood with a neck seal, an oral/nasal cup and two air-purifying chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear cartridges. It is intended for use by the general adult population.

CBRN Cartridges:
The permanently attached dual cartridges protect against chemical and biological warfare agents, riot control agents and toxic industrial chemicals. The filter is classified as a P100 particulate filter that will protect against all known biological agents.


NIOSH Approval: TC-14G-0281. CBRN Cap-21
Permeation and service life tests are listed in this document.
Meets NIOSH criteria including high and low temperature, humidity, vibration, rough handling and live agent leak testing to ensure that the ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator will provide adequate protection after being subjected to normal transportation, storage and handling by the user.

1Cap-2: Capacity 2, NIOSH testing of a minimum 30 minute duration.

Protection Type

The ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator is designed for use by the general adult population for escape from non-IDLH atmospheres containing chemical agents, biological agents and radioactive dust. Typical end users include Federal, State and Municipal employees working in buildings that could be the target of a terrorist threat, fire personnel, law enforcement personnel, hospital staff and emergency medical service personnel. This respirator is for single use only. It is not approved for escape from fire.

To learn more about the North ER2000CBRN please contact us a 888-422-3798 or, or visit us on the web at North Safety Website.