Electrical Skills and Safety Video-Based Training

Technical Diagnostic Services, Inc. has over 70 video-based training programs and series available
<%=company1%> has over 70 video-based training programs and series available. Of these 70 training programs, five are based upon electrical safety and skills. Each series consists of either six, 10, or 12 tapes that last approximately 20 minutes. These tapes are designed as stand-alone training programs, to be used as a complete series in your monthly safety programs, or to be used wit hthe facilitator's guide as a supplement to your training.

Each video meets OSHA requirements and provide an easy and inexpensive way to update people on electrical testing and maintenance methods, increase awareness of OSHA regulations, and reemphasize safety.

These five series are as follow:

  • Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians
  • Electrical Power Equipment Safety
  • Electrical Maintenance and Inspection
  • Industrial Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Safety Related Work Practices

Free previews of the above series are available.