1. New Roles, New Rules: Are Your Smart Phones Tough Enough For Work?

    Once enterprises could base their mobility selections mainly on coverage maps, rate plans and the look and feel of the phones themselves, but now they must carefully consider durability, device lifecycles, available enterprise software, support for bar code scanning and much more. By Intermec, Inc.

  2. Southern California Edison Use ClickSoftware To Help Deliver A $9 Billion Capital Restructuring Program

    A number of high-profile utility supply failures in North America at the beginning of the millennium prompted SCE to proactively review its own operations and to take action to ensure it had a robust infrastructure capable of providing a reliable supply of electricity to its customers. In addition all utilities in California were being closely monitored by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) which, as the regulator for privately owned utilities, was keen to avoid potential failures. 

  3. White Paper: The A To Z Of Mobile Workforce Scheduling Optimization
    For organizations that are considering a mobile workforce scheduling solution, there are a host of things to consider; cost versus benefit, change management concerns, personnel needed to implement the project and so on. By ClickSoftware
  4. Report: The 21st Century Electric Utility: Positioning For A Low-Carbon Future
    The successful 21st century electric utility company will be very different from the utility of the 20th century. To remain competitive, today’s utility must respond to various risks and opportunities. Responding to these challenges will require new core competencies and revised business models for U.S. utilities. By Ceres
  5. White Paper: Oracle Solutions For Utilities: Turning Information Into Power
    Around the world, utilities are under pressure. Citizens demand energy and water that don’t undermine environmental quality. Financial stakeholders look for operational efficiency at a time when aging workforces and infrastructures need replacement. By Oracle Utilities
  6. Power Solutions Financing
    Caterpillar® has been providing power to the world for more than 80 years with reliable, efficient and economical engine and turbine products.
  7. One Partner For Complete Electric Power Equipment Management Solutions
    Running your operation as efficiently as possible gives your business a competitive advantage.
  8. One Giant Leap For Electric Power: The 2-4MW Family Of Diesel Generator Sets Powered By The C175
    Caterpillar listened to the concerns of our electric power customers around the world, examined your challenges, frustrations, needs, and desires when it comes to your generator sets — and then we got to work. Our solution: The C175 family of diesel generator sets.
  9. Olympian Generator Sets: Powerful Innovation
    Olympian generating sets are designed, engineered, and manufactured for optimal performance at an ISO 9001 Caterpillar facility. Prime power or standby service, diesel fuel, propane or natural gas, Olympian generating sets deliver dependable, clean, economical power — even in the most demanding conditions.
  10. Olympian Generator Sets Ratings Guide
    Caterpillar presents ratings for its Olympian series of diesel and gas generator sets, as well as ratings definitions for each.