• 1000V Fused Probe Kit
    1000V Fused Probe Kit This kit has been designed to be used in areas greater than that covered by our range of 660V fused leads.
  • Cabinet Cooler
    Cabinet Cooler The CC200 small drop-in cabinet cooler provides 1100
  • Security Theft of Power and Facility Security
  • Trolley
    Trolley Trolley
  • Ballasts & Lamps
    Ballasts & Lamps BALLASTS & LAMPS
  • Motor Rotation Indicator
    Motor Rotation Indicator Memory Recall
  • Report Writer Software
    Report Writer Software When it comes time to write reports, nothing is as easy and effective as Reliable's exclusive Report Writer
  • Switchgear/Circuit Breaker Parts
    Switchgear/Circuit Breaker Parts Utilities possess the vast majority of high voltage switchgear, which is used in conjunction with large transformers
  • Flame Sensor System
    Flame Sensor System TP20 flame scanners provide performance and reliability
  • Copaco-125 Extensible Insulation
    Copaco-125 Extensible Insulation Copaco-125 Super Stretch insulating papers are manufactured under an extensible paper process that provides this
  • Power Generation — Gas Generator Set — Cat G3516C
    Power Generation — Gas Generator Set — Cat G3516C

    Caterpillar introduces its G3516C gaseous-fueled continuous duty package generator sets, featuring a Gas Engine Control Module that enables engine control from one source

  • Spring Lamp
    Spring Lamp Add a little style and flair to your desktop lighting. Each lamp includes a bright, energy-saving, cost-cutting
  • Infrared Camera: EZTherm 880
    Infrared Camera: EZTherm 880 The EZTherm 880 series of infrared cameras are our lowest cost cameras yet. They feature outstanding image quality, accurate temperature measurement (+/-2°C or 2% accuracy), quality construction and a wide range of accessories.
  • Modular I/O System
    Modular I/O System The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is a modular I/O system designed
  • Fluid Dispensing Brochure This new brochure assists customer’s with their dispensing
  • Power Distribution Stringers
    Power Distribution Stringers The NEMA Power Distribution Stringer is a reusable, durable stringer that offers many safety features and rugged construction, and is suitable for arenas, stadiums, and other locations...
  • The Reliable Power Recorder
    The Reliable Power Recorder Reliable Power Meters has created a compact, easy-to-use instrument that accurately records and analyzes many power measurements all at the same time
  • LightMeter InfraRed light frequency meter Are your remote controllers failing to operate for unknown reasons
    FRAMIT FRAMIT (Frequency Response Analysis Measurement and Investigation Tool) is a complete, self contained instrument
  • Asset Valuation Services
    Asset Valuation Services Acumen energy experts divest, purchase, and build generating capacity. The team uses a proprietary system
  • Utility Integration Bus Toolkit
    Utility Integration Bus Toolkit The SISCO Utility Integration Bus Toolkit (UIB) product family is predicated upon the premise that information exchange, between applications, needs to be facilitated regardless of the application environment in which the application is developed
  • TRACE (Available) Transfer Capability Evaluation TRACE is an acronym for Transfer Capability Evaluation. The package calculates the maximum MW transfer, starting from a given power system operating state, between two or more parts of the power system.
  • UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper
    UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper Dead end for ACSR, ASC and Alloy conductors
  • Wiring Devices
    Wiring Devices Most major brands
  • IEEE Guide For The Preparation Of Excitation System Specifications IEEE 421.4, a revision to IEEE 421.4-1990, provides vital information to those who are preparing a specification for the purchase of an excitation system. The standard includes descriptions of functions typical of excitation systems, along with the various types of excitation systems and information for sizing the excitation system
  • Residential Surge Protection
    Residential Surge Protection Panamax residential surge protection products are aimed at residential contractors and builders, and MRO (maintenance,
  • Two Way Power Divider
    Two Way Power Divider The model HJ-9100 is a high power, two way power divider
  • Box Pad HL-24
    Box Pad HL-24 Advantages of the Box Pad HL-24 are:
  • SurProtex RTD Monitor - Graphical User Interface
    SurProtex RTD Monitor - Graphical User Interface The SPG graphical interface is an intuitive RTD status display and controller that provides
  • SkyGuard Service WeatherData's customized storm warnings, part of our SkyGuard service, are created by our meteorologists to meet the specific requirements
  • Motorola TCO Mobility Toolkit: Looking Beyond Acquisition Consumer-class devices simply can't compete with rugged, enterprise grade mobile devices — especially for enterprise, field-based applications. With budget cuts and capital investment challenges, you need to make every dollar count today, and tomorrow. Motorola has answers. Our TCO Mobility Toolkit, including four downloadable resources, will provide the answers you need to justify — and protect — your investments.
  • Generators
    Generators We can provide generators worldwide from many suppliers in various countries
  • North RITE-ON™ Comfort Harness
    North RITE-ON™ Comfort Harness Ergonomic, lightweight, and tangle free; the RITE-ON™ Harness is so comfortable and easy to use that your workers can wear it for 8 hours without the need to remove it – increasing safety and productivity on your jobsite.
  • Display Catalog The website features the company’s off-the-shelf line of Intelligent Interactive Experience capabilities
  • Connector Kit RocketSplice, a ClearSplice connector kit comes complete with a splicer-reducer connector, transparent, flexible
  • High Volume Call Answering 2 - Redesigned for Rural Cooperatives & Public Power Systems In its full configuration, HVCA is an excellent choice for the large utility, but it may be overly complex or cost
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
    POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators The GoldLine series of electro-hydraulic actuators are designed to offer speed, accuracy and durability in a
  • NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Work Glove by North Safety Products
    NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Work Glove by North Safety Products The NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove is the latest advanced palm-coated, general purpose work glove. A form fitting, seamless knit red nylon shell coated with a soft and flexible, black foamed PVC coating offers superior comfort, fit, dexterity, tactility, abrasion resistance, and a sure grip — even on wet surfaces!
  • Digital Paralleling Load Transfer Equipment
    Digital Paralleling Load Transfer Equipment Specifically designed for use in the front end of electrical power distribution systems, this digital
    PFILUX PFILUX features high optical fiber count, providing extra communication capabilities, depending on the type and number of optical fibers needed to meet specific customer requirements
  • The <b>Quick<i>Seal XLP</b></i>
    The QuickSeal XLP The QuickSeal XLP is one of the most versatile security seals on the market
  • RCAM-A (Remote Control Actuator Module For Airbreak Switches)
    RCAM-A (Remote Control Actuator Module For Airbreak Switches) RCAM-A is an integrated controller capable of being retrofitted to a wide range of existing pole-top switchgear and integrated with existing and new Distribution and Feeder Automation SCADA systems.
  • Energy Management System/AMR
    Energy Management System/AMR The Turtle Energy Management System provides communications between the substation and the user’s office via standard
  • Protective Relay Maintenance - Advanced
    Protective Relay Maintenance - Advanced

    Proper testing and maintenance of electromechanical protective relays in industrial distribution systems is paramount to preventing damage to equipment, interruptions to power and accidents resulting in harm to employees.  Deterioration over time can cause failure of components.  Having professionally trained personnel who can properly test and recognize failing equipment is essential to maintaining the integrity of your protection scheme.

  • MSDS Management & EPA Reporting Software
    MSDS Management & EPA Reporting Software TERMS 1.70 (The Environmental Regulation Management System)
  • Expanded Product Line
    Expanded Product Line The expanded SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC product offering now includes eight CPU options, 25 digital and analog expansion
  • PROJECT ANALYSIS We provide personalized service and believe that our size allows us to provide our clients with the personal attention of a principal of the firm who is involved from proposal to occupancy
  • 700 Series Wall Bushings
    700 Series Wall Bushings 700 Series Wall Bushings are generally designed for use as bus entrance and cell transition insulation in switchgear applications
  • Transmission Line Engineering
    Transmission Line Engineering E/PRO is highly experienced in the design and construction of both overhead and underground electrical and telecommunication lines
  • Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove
    Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove The NorthFlex™ series Light Task Plus 3™ cut level 3 glove offers twice the cut resistance of a cut level 2 glove. Workers accustomed to wearing a lighter cut level 2 glove will appreciate the dexterity, tactility, and lightweight feel retained by this new generation cut-resistant glove.
  • Partial Discharge Monitor
    Partial Discharge Monitor This new partial discharge monitor can detect faults developing inside high voltage transformers before they
  • Dri Lightning
    Dri Lightning New utility industry testing procedure/product, Dri Lightning can save an estimated 240,000,000 “plus” gallons of fresh water annually when put into practice in the United States
  • Bashlin 50 Series Pole Straps
    Bashlin 50 Series Pole Straps The 50 Series is a 6 ply, 1 3/4 inch neoprene coated nylon material with a tongue and buckle adjustment
  • Electrical Skills and Safety Hands-On Training These courses vary in length and can pe performed at your location or ours
  • New!  Megger KF2000 Portable Karl Fischer Test Set
    New! Megger KF2000 Portable Karl Fischer Test Set The MEGGER KF2000 Karl Fischer test set utilizes industry standard techniques to analyze materials for moisture content
  • Electric Hand Trucks
    Electric Hand Trucks These safety moving systems feature a power lift wheel
  • Testing/Quality Control
    Testing/Quality Control Features of Testing/Quality Control
  • All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool
    All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool Finally the speed and precision of lasers in an affordable easy-to-use tool
  • ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions
    ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions The ICCP-TASE.2 Extensions for MMS-EASE Lite brings the internationally accepted ICCP-TASE.2 standard for real-time data exchange to the realm of intelligent electronic devices (IED) and other embedded systems
  • Manutest CTR
    Manutest CTR Digital voltage and current generator, single or triple phase
  • Custom Units Custom Units
  • NETBAS NETBAS features grid expansion planning and Var management
  • Power Transducer
    Power Transducer Phaser power transducer is a new class of multi-function
  • Auto Alert
    Auto Alert Automatically notify team members for user-defined weather events
  • Flush Mount Front Removal
    Flush Mount Front Removal This version of the Panel Adapter enables the user to easily remove the socket meter from the front as well as from the back
  • Basic Circuits Challenge BASIC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of a set of twelve activities to help you teach basic electrical concepts
  • Turbine Blading-All Models
    Turbine Blading-All Models Engineered to your requirements from a supplied drawing, spare or a damaged component
  • MajorPS500 Series - 500W Enclosed Case
    MajorPS500 Series - 500W Enclosed Case The MajorPS500 Series of AC/DC converters uses an advanced high frequency conversion technology to generate 500W of output power at high DC voltage with convection cooling. Output voltages from 24V to 120VDC are available...
  • 1500 & 1600 Series Retrofit Components
    1500 & 1600 Series Retrofit Components Engineered Power Components Ltd. specializes in custom product design and manufacturing
  • Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machines Capabilities include drilling and boring to Turbine and Generator Rotors
  • Thermo Electron Model 42H & 10S NOx Analyzers
    Thermo Electron Model 42H & 10S NOx Analyzers This easy-to-use self-contained unit is the industry standard for source testing and emission studies...
  • Padmounted Transformers
    Padmounted Transformers The protective enclosure eliminates unwanted poles and lines from high traffic or public access areas.
  • FC 4000 GPS-Satellite Phasing System
    FC 4000 GPS-Satellite Phasing System The FC4000 is an instrument which enables to accomplish remote identification of A-B-C electrical phases from all the 50 and 60 Hz (THT to BT) networks
  • Arc Welding Diodes
    Arc Welding Diodes These five new ultra-fast recovery diodes are specifically developed to increase power and improve reliability and
  • Accounting and Job Costing ACCOUNTING AND JOB COSTING
  • Greystone Energy Systems inc. Greystone Energy Systems Inc. has conscientiously established a worldwide reputation as a leader in the HVAC Sensor and Transducer industry
  • Universal Isolation Relays
    Universal Isolation Relays The Universal Isolation Relays support 120, 240, and 277 VAC power inputs without hardware configuration changes...
  • Process Fluid Chiller
    Process Fluid Chiller The Liebert Process Fluid Chiller is designed to cool sensitive medical and industrial process equipment
  • Substation Maintenance II
    Substation Maintenance II

    Substation maintenance is a key component of any successful plant maintenance program.  Failures in key components can lead to unplanned outages, the need to replace equipment, and in some cases, the injury or death of personnel.  Having skilled substation maintenance technicians is essential to maintaining equipment reliability and potentially avoids these situations.

  • Retro-Reflective Coating NightCoat retro-reflective coating is an exterior durable coating that’s highly visible at night from behind a light
  • CT-3000 Time/Cycle Counter
    CT-3000 Time/Cycle Counter The CT-3000 Turbo is a stand-alone, microprocessor-driven breaker timer
  • ATRT-03A  3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-03A 3-Phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The ATRT-03A is an AC/DC-powered 3-phase, transformer turns-ratio tester
  • Shared-Memory Server
    Shared-Memory Server Starting at 64 processors, this SGI 2800 server provides scalability to 512 processors for HPC applications
  • Fly Ash
    Fly Ash Fly ash is a pozzolanic admixture for concrete, consisting of the “finely divided residue that results from the
  • External In-Line Device
    External In-Line Device Data Defender is an external in-line device that converts non-data protected telephone hand sets to data-protected operation, and adds technical and data lock-out protection upgrade-capability to existing sets...
  • Cabinet Bases / Foundations
    Cabinet Bases / Foundations These bases/foundations are used for mounting sectionalizing cabinets, fusing cabinets or similar applications
  • Trade Association Membership
    Trade Association Membership The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL) is a non-profit trade association designed to
    POWER/BLOC The POWER/BLOC lock-out system by Safety Design is made to adapt to any and all molded circuit breaker panels - foreign, domestic and custom designed.
  • Line Leakage Testers
    Line Leakage Testers LINECHEK automated line leakage testers are available in
  • BT Series Current Sources
    BT Series Current Sources The BT Series set the standards for durablility and flexibility in general purpose current sources. It is used for lab and production testing of circuit breakers, fuses, contactor overloads, connectors and ground connection integrity.
  • Split Phase Indoor Transformers
    Split Phase Indoor Transformers Allows you to have a constant diagnostic on every single coil in the stator of your generator
  • Utility Billing Management System
    Utility Billing Management System This utility billing management system (UBMS) is a utility billing system for small to moderately sized water, gas,
  • MikroSpec Thermal Imaging Software
    MikroSpec Thermal Imaging Software The MikroSpec™ thermal imaging software package offers a combination of functionality, ease of use, and value that is unrivaled in the industry
  • Cable Fault Finder
    Cable Fault Finder This TDR is great for contractors, electricians, cable installers and alarm installers who need to test for opens
  • Canopy 5.2 GHz Extended Range Backhaul Module 5210BHRF (DES) Or 5211BHRF (AES)
    Canopy 5.2 GHz Extended Range Backhaul Module 5210BHRF (DES) Or 5211BHRF (AES) Today’s data-driven world demands reliable solutions to connect people and things to the Internet. With the Motorola Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Platform you can connect things faster and more affordably than most other wireless broadband offerings.
  • Cathodic Protection
    Cathodic Protection Bottom Logic is an under-tank cathodic protection system that combines cathodic protection, external leak detection,
  • PreDictive Diagnostic Cable Testing Service Ultra Power Technologies, Inc. and IMCORP offer patented, partial discharge, diagnostic, underground cable testing using state-of-the-art equipment on the cutting edge of the testing industry
  • An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package
    An Automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface Software Package Gentry Systems has developed an automated Staking Sheet/Work Order Interface software package called GenStake