• Manutest CTR
    Manutest CTR Digital voltage and current generator, single or triple phase
  • ATRT-01D Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester
    ATRT-01D Transformer Turns-Ratio Tester The ATRT-01D is a single-phase, transformer turns-ratio tester.
  • ThermaCAM PM 595
    ThermaCAM PM 595 The World’s Most Popular Thermal Imaging and Measurement System Now Available for Rental
  • MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case
    MajorPFC1500 Series - 1500W Enclosed Case The MajorPFC1500 Series of AC/DC converters uses established design techniques to ensure high reliability. Generates 1500W of output power at high DC voltage with convection cooling...
  • Power Monitors--PQ 2400
    Power Monitors--PQ 2400 The PQ2400 is the most versatile and powerful AC power quality monitor and diagnostic tool for the price
  • Certified Rack for Batteries
    Certified Rack for Batteries This new Zone 4-certified rack is for Independence DDS VRLA batteries, which deliver high power density of up to 8,000
  • Underground Switches
    Underground Switches Dead-front units for underground distribution sectionalizing in a wide variety of circuit configurations.
  • Branch Circuit Monitor This monitor is designed as a solution in improving the reliability of power to critical computing,
  • Servo Strainer Isolation Block
    Servo Strainer Isolation Block Featuring both a primary and backup 90 mesh servo strainer connected to a selector valve, the servo strainer isolation block system is designed for continuous normal operation
  • 5-Port Fiber Switch
    5-Port Fiber Switch The Model S7055X 5-port switch provides fiber optic links for 10Base and 100Base networks simultaneously. The 4 UTP ports (RJ45)...
  • Roto-Jet Tube Cleaners
    Roto-Jet Tube Cleaners Elliott offers a wide range of cleaning tools to help you get the job done
  • DESIGN AND PLANNING We provide personalized service and believe that our size allows us to provide our clients with the personal attention of a principal of the firm who is involved from proposal to occupancy
  • "TF" Series High Voltage Test Fixture Line
    "TF" Series High Voltage Test Fixture Line The new "TF" product line is designed to support the need to make accurate measurements of high-voltage power supply (HVPS) & HV system performance.
  • Auto Alert
    Auto Alert Automatically notify team members for user-defined weather events
  • Kamlrok Heaters
    Kamlrok Heaters These unique heaters are constructed of a rust-resisting iron sheath with optional chrome steel sheaths available
  • GIS Commissioning Tests
    GIS Commissioning Tests The ATTanalyzer is a compact, portable device to aid in commissioning tests of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS)
  • Utility Management System
    Utility Management System This multi-tasking meter reading application package features state of the art, highly configurable software and
  • Cable Management Cabinets
    Cable Management Cabinets Available in two multi-featured versions, The Mighty Mo Wall Mount Cable Management Cabinet offers complete four-
  • e-DMS~Workflow Software e-DMS~Workflow is a powerful, "out-of-the-box" open document management system for enterprise networks, corporate Intranets, and the Internet
  • Standard Crossarms
    Standard Crossarms The standard crossarm measures 3.75-in-by-4.75-in-by-8-in, with a standard R.U.S. six pin hole pattern...
  • Basic Circuits Challenge BASIC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of a set of twelve activities to help you teach basic electrical concepts
  • ACE 2000
    ACE 2000 The ACE 2000 is an advanced single- and three-phase power analyzer featuring energy, harmonic, transient, and flicker analysis capabilities
  • Tool and Die Doran builds its stamping and assembly tooling in it’s own in-house Tool and Die shop
  • Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System
    Fluid Transfer and Conditioning System The fluid transfer and conditioning system (FTCS) is a stand alone side stream filtering unit
  • Hot Line Tools
    Hot Line Tools All types of tools, mounted on Epoxiglas insulated poles. Used to maintain energized high-voltage lines.
  • Distribution and Substation Products
    Distribution and Substation Products Transmission, distribution and substation products, including connectors, clamps, line and tower hardware, compression tools and accessories
  • 735 series- Full body harness
    735 series- Full body harness Made of 1 3/4" wide (45 mm) nylon webbing in two contrasting colors
  • SurProtex Electronic Overload Relay
    SurProtex Electronic Overload Relay Select the SurProtex electronic motor protection relay to meet your toughest, most critical applications
  • Energy Meter The POWERLOGIC energy meter is available in either a basic
  • Power Load
    Power Load Powered hoists and accessories for loading and handling applications.
  • Settlement One Silver
    Settlement One Silver Settlement One is a software package developed specifically to meet the retail settlement needs of the Ontario market
  • IEEE Std 493-2007 Gold Book The objective of this book is to present the fundamentals of reliability analysis applied to the planning and design of industrial and commercial electric power distribution systems
  • VMD2A Digital Multimeter
    VMD2A Digital Multimeter Ross Engineering Corporation’s Wideband DC-10MHz digital multimeter measures DC, true RMS, ±peak voltages and captures transients to 1000V.
  • Dog Point Studs
    Dog Point Studs New PEM Type HFED self-clinching dog point studs enable the high-strength attachment of steel or aluminum sheets as
  • SurProtex Digital Motor Protection Relay
    SurProtex Digital Motor Protection Relay SPD relays provide extended motor and systems monitoring
    and protection in a separate mountable package
  • Panel Meters
    Panel Meters We Are The Number One Resource Center For Panel Meters
  • TRACE (Available) Transfer Capability Evaluation TRACE is an acronym for Transfer Capability Evaluation. The package calculates the maximum MW transfer, starting from a given power system operating state, between two or more parts of the power system.
  • On-Site Services
    On-Site Services EPS dispatches crews all over the country to remove equipment from difficult locations and or to dismantle because of size considerations.
  • 8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators
    8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locators The 8856 Cable, Pipe and Fault Locator beats other locators on the market when it comes to price, durability and size
  • E-Commerce Services The e-Manager product is an e-commerce solution, used to
  • Load Break Switches We offer a complete line of fused and non-fused load break switches
  • 2007 National Electrical Safety Code & Handbook Set
    2007 National Electrical Safety Code & Handbook Set This standard covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of 1) conductors and equipment in electric supply stations, and 2) overhead and underground electric supply and communication lines
  • RediStart Micro II Solid-State Starter (Pittsburgh, PA)- Benshaw Inc.’s RediStart Micro II solid-state, reduced voltage starters rely on microprocessors to offer users 27 integrated motor control
  • Management Modules These modules are the newest addition to Enterprise Reliability Management System...
  • Electronic Sectionalizers
    Electronic Sectionalizers Three-count protective devices with built-in intelligence that discriminates between temporary (transient) and permanent faults. Designed for the protection of lateral lines and to improve system coordination. Virtually eliminates nuisance outages.
  • Ethernet Port Option
    Ethernet Port Option An internal Ethernet port option is available for the company’s 7330 ION three-phase power meter
  • Cable Fault Locating Equipment
    Cable Fault Locating Equipment With the widest range of fault locating and other HV field testing products on the market, we are in a position to serve your needs as they exist today, not as they existed yesterday.
  • Model 921A Combustible Gas Meter
    Model 921A Combustible Gas Meter The Arbiter Systems, Inc. Model 921A Combustible Gas Meter is a rugged, portable instrument which measures total combustible gases (TCG) in oil-filled transformer nitrogen gas blankets
  • Recycling
    Recycling Government regulations have ruled spent batteries as hazardous waste and disposal must comply with all Federal and State EPA and DOT regulations
  • Low Zero Sequence and Phase Shifting Autotransformers
    Low Zero Sequence and Phase Shifting Autotransformers Neutral Current Eliminator is a 3-phase, low zero sequence impedance autotransformer...
  • Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed <p>
    Measurement & Control Protection- Pipe Enclosed

    The LZC series provides surge protection for 2 or 3 wire 24 volt circuits, such as 2 or 3 wire 4-20 mA 24 V loops, or 24 V contact closures

  • Electric Power and Control Training Course
    Electric Power and Control Training Course Fundamentals of Power System Operations is a three module training course program that provides comprehensive training on the fundamentals for electric power and control...
  • 4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets
    4mm. Diameter Safety Sockets All sockets are designed to accept all standard 4mm (.160in) plugs either with fixed or retractable shrouds. The panel aperture needs to be 12mm (.472in) diameter. Panel thickness min. 2mm (.080in) max. 10mm (.394in).
  • Comprehensive Lighting Services DPL Energy designs, installs and finances lighting projects
  • Data Acquisition System
    Data Acquisition System The DAS 100 data acquisition system is suited for a variety of applications and offers a menu-driven setup user interface and Internet access
  • ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE
    ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE If you are interested in a major reduction of developement efforts required for SCADA/EMS vendors to build ICCP/TASE.2 functions into their own products, than the SISCO ICCP Toolkit is what you're looking for
  • Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows
    Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows A Program for Cable Pulling Tension Calculation and Conduit System Design
  • Utility Bill Analysis and Reporting (UBAR)
    Utility Bill Analysis and Reporting (UBAR) Collection of Historic Usage, Bill Verification, and Tariff Analysis
  • Distributed Energy Storage D-SMES, Distributed Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, is designed to improve system reliability and
  • Assembly Capabilities
    Assembly Capabilities Mid-West's high degree of standardization incoporated in our modular FAST components allow us to efficiently produce and inventory sub-assemblies off-line, reducing lead times and costs
  • Glenn Starflex Band Heater
    Glenn Starflex Band Heater The Glenn Starflex Band heater is an extruded aluminum segmented band employing rugged refractory insulated tubular heating elements
  • TMC 4001 Battery Testing System
    TMC 4001 Battery Testing System The TMC 4001 Battery Testing System comprises a multi-channel testing unit and a control/analysis program that runs under Windows on a PC
  • All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool
    All new Easy-Laser BTA Belt Transmission Alignment Tool Finally the speed and precision of lasers in an affordable easy-to-use tool
  • Additional Test Systems The Electric Device Corporation manufactures a wide variety of testing systems for the following applications
  • Parts Washing
    Parts Washing SmartWasher uses bioremediation and naturally occurring
  • Gas Cylinder Sling
    Gas Cylinder Sling BoaGrip, a gas cylinder sling, is an easy-to-use, adjustable tool for gripping, carrying, and suspending
  • Motorola Deployable Solutions
    Motorola Deployable Solutions Designed for rapid response in mission-critical public safety applications, Motorola's Vital Response deployable and interoperable response solutions can tie together disparate agency systems, provide extra support for special events, run specialized applications or provide back-up support to primary systems in the event of an emergency. Together, they comprise a vital part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of public safety and security solutions for mission-critical integrated communications, information management, regional coordination and incident command.
  • Line Traps & PLC Line Filters
    Line Traps & PLC Line Filters Haefely Trench also provides a full range of line traps and PLC line tuners
  • ACR Systems inc.
    ACR Systems inc. ACR Systems Inc. is acknowledged as being the first company to develop self-powered data loggers capable of running for 10 years on a single battery
  • Arc Welding Diodes
    Arc Welding Diodes These five new ultra-fast recovery diodes are specifically developed to increase power and improve reliability and
  • hp jornada 540 Series
    hp jornada 540 Series As a busy professional, you know every day can be a challenge.
  • Custom UPS Systems Power interruptions can be avoided through the use of a protection system that incorporates an Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Engineering Powerserve Technologies, Inc. offers a unique hands-on quality to our engineering services
  • Ethernet/FAST Ethernet Media Converters
    Ethernet/FAST Ethernet Media Converters VERSITRON’S M7200 series Ethernet/Fast Ethernet point-to-point fiber optic links
  • E-Z Laser BTA
    E-Z Laser BTA This system will allow ONE person to complete the alignment of a belt drive system better, faster, easier
  • SWS (Stoner Workstation Service)
    SWS (Stoner Workstation Service) SWS (Stoner Workstation Service) is used worldwide for pipeline simulation and optimization solutions
  • PureWave UPS™ System
    PureWave UPS™ System The PureWave UPS System is an immediate-response, high capacity, quick discharge uninterruptible power supply system that provides power protection to entire facilities served by a single source, and protects power sensitive equipment from the detrimental effects of power disturbances
  • Compact Flourescents
    Compact Flourescents Unique design offers light output closest to an incandescent lamp
  • Transit & Locomotive Resistors
    Transit & Locomotive Resistors Highly experienced in the design of roof-mounted and under-car braking and snubber resistors
  • Flush Mount Front Removal
    Flush Mount Front Removal This version of the Panel Adapter enables the user to easily remove the socket meter from the front as well as from the back
  • Real-Time Meter Reading
    Real-Time Meter Reading The IntelliNet system offers real-time meter reading on the
  • Motorola i325
    Motorola i325 For industrial pros who need to stay in close contact with their teams, the Motorola i325 offers a unique combination of radio communications and digital cellular phone functionality, to get your job done quickly and safely: Emergency Group Calling, MOTOtalk off-network digital walkie-talkie and integrated GPS. The i325 meets tough military specs for industrial strength and durability.
  • Fiberglass Crossarms
    Fiberglass Crossarms Highline fiberglass reinforced composite crossarms exceed all ASTM requirements of wood.
  • Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center
    Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center Whether retrofitting existing towers (microwave, cell) and relay stations or building new ones, the new UniTran Manual
  • Utility Applications ArcFM and Designer provide tools to increase productivity and efficiency throughout the electric, gas,
  • Brush Holders
    Brush Holders We strive to draw the maximum performance potential out of every piece of equipment by offering solutions that often exceed your expectations
  • Bashlin Deluxe
    Bashlin Deluxe The Bashlin Deluxe is a field-tested, proven design
  • Modular Synthesizer
    Modular Synthesizer The STEL-9941 high-performance single channel S-band synthesizer combines Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) with
  • Generator Products A number of products are currently available for generators
  • Digital and Device Challenge The Digital and Device Challenge programs are sets of computer based activities for use in teaching digital concepts and introductory transistor analysis
  • Module
    Module The Powerlon module communicates through the home’s electrical system to a local area network controller at the
  • SPEED LD-1100 Field Recorder
    SPEED LD-1100 Field Recorder The LD-1100 Field Recorder collects data at the electric revenue meter location
  • CROPICO DO7 Digital MicroOhmmeter
    CROPICO DO7 Digital MicroOhmmeter This portable digital ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities
  • BlueTree GPRS Modems
    BlueTree GPRS Modems Our rugged GPRS modems support GSM & GPRS wireless networks...
  • NCSS NCSS offers Regression/Forecasing, analysis of variance, statistical analysis, and advanced data analysis
  • Pocket Logger Software
    Pocket Logger Software Available for free download (or mailed out by request), Pocket Logger Software is an easy-to-use Windows program for all PACE portable dataloggers
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program
    Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Evaporative Cooling System Developed to increase output levels and improve thermal efficiency, the TURBIdek cooling system is a low
  • Microhmmeter MOM 690
    Microhmmeter MOM 690 Measuring resistance is an important part of maintaining high-voltage breakers and isolators (disconnecting switches).
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