• CTX 2000
    CTX 2000 The Current Transformer Test Set has been designed to test current transformers for Excitation, Saturation, Ratio and Polarity by comparing Voltage
  • Energy Converter
    Energy Converter This Energy Converter, a closed cycle vapor turbogenerator, is a fully integrated, tested and certified power system
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems Fog cooling systems are a series of stainless steel tubing arrays precisely distributing demineralized water under high pressure to specialized nozzles...
  • Mecury Vapor Lamps Star Lighting's High Intensity Discharge lamps are designed to be rugged, heavy-duty light sources that provide brilliant light and consume less electric energy than the incandescent lamps they replace
  • Ethernet Components
    Ethernet Components These new Industrial Ethernet components allow users to build a complete, high-bandwidth network with Internet
  • RTD Monitor - Remote RTD Module
    RTD Monitor - Remote RTD Module The SPR remote RTD module is a 24 VDC powered, microprocessor-based controller
  • Skidding Tongs
    Skidding Tongs Skidding Tongs are made of round high-carbon steel and have heavy up-set, hammer-forged points or hooks
  • Omni Cel Batteries Count on our Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries in the most Demanding Situations
  • GenMap
    GenMap The most valuable assets for any utility are its plant and facilities and how they relate to their customers
  • Cross Fire Tubes and Clip
    Cross Fire Tubes and Clip These Cross Fire Tubes for Gas Turbine Engines meet or
  • Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug
    Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug The special feature of a Conklin Sherman Adjustable Condenser Tube Plug is its ability to be reused again and again. A special brass screw mechanism allows you to distend or stretch the plug.
  • Insulated Deep Wall Socket Set
    Insulated Deep Wall Socket Set This 11 piece insulated deep wall socket set offers
  • TELEREADER TL200 Family The Family 200 is a Time-Of-Use (T.O.U.) residential AMR device
  • RTP Real Time Playback waveform generator
    RTP Real Time Playback waveform generator Real Time Playback (RTP) is a computer environment for testing protection, control and monitoring systems
  • M-3310 Transformer Protection System
    M-3310 Transformer Protection System Multiple Setpoint Groups
  • Power Training Courses offered in the "Power" area include: Introduction to the Power Industry (PI) - web-based training
  • Field Machining Services
    Field Machining Services Industrial customers recieve around the clock on-site, machine-shop-precision in severing, boring, tapping, facing, turning, beveling, milling, repairing valves, welding and bolting services...
  • Fluid Dispensing Brochure This new brochure assists customer’s with their dispensing
  • Plant Design Software The new upgraded PowerWORKS APD (Automated Plant Design) software Version 9.0 is used in underground electric design
  • North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments
    North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments North Polar® Glove is Warm & Waterproof: Protect your hands with the North Polar® glove. This insulated, hard wearing leather palm work glove is made to keep your hands and wrists safe from ordinary work hazards while working in the biting cold. If you need a warm, waterproof general purpose work glove for cold work environments, then the North Polar Glove has you covered.
  • Panel Meters
    Panel Meters We Are The Number One Resource Center For Panel Meters
  • Contacts
    Contacts National can perform a number of different operations with electrical contacts, including refurbishment, re-tip contacts with
  • Load Ctrl Installs Utility Data Resources assists utilities in implementing industrial load control (interruptible) tariffs by installing MV-90's load control products
  • Ethernet Option for Energy Meter
    Ethernet Option for Energy Meter An internal Ethernet port option is available for the 7330 ION three-phase power meter
  • Flush Mount Front Removal
    Flush Mount Front Removal This version of the Panel Adapter enables the user to easily remove the socket meter from the front as well as from the back
  • E-Z Laser BTA
    E-Z Laser BTA This system will allow ONE person to complete the alignment of a belt drive system better, faster, easier
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator The model 2414B arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) has 12-bit resolution and operates at 20 MS/s for applications
  • BT Series Current Sources
    BT Series Current Sources The BT Series set the standards for durablility and flexibility in general purpose current sources. It is used for lab and production testing of circuit breakers, fuses, contactor overloads, connectors and ground connection integrity.
  • Split Phase Indoor Transformers
    Split Phase Indoor Transformers Allows you to have a constant diagnostic on every single coil in the stator of your generator
  • Construction Safety Kits: Make Issuing Safety Products Easier
    Construction Safety Kits: Make Issuing Safety Products Easier North Safety Products makes the contractor’s job easier by offering Construction Safety Kits with the products contractors need to maintain basic levels of safety and compliance for a transient workforce on their jobsites.
  • Narrow-Profile Bracket Arms
    Narrow-Profile Bracket Arms The narrow-profile bracket arms are designed for use where easement space is restricted...
  • Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 750
    Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 750 SVERKER 750, the test engineer's toolbox
  • High Volume Call Answering 2 - Redesigned for Rural Cooperatives & Public Power Systems In its full configuration, HVCA is an excellent choice for the large utility, but it may be overly complex or cost
  • PowerBar
    PowerBar Designed to replace standard compression lugs, CYTOLOK Power Bars drastically reduce the time required for
  • CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Analyzer
    CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Analyzer The CT-6500 is available with 3, 6, or 12 contact inputs
  • monarch EMS Platform
    monarch EMS Platform monarch is the culmination of Open Systems International’s vision and passion for developing a truly open EMS platform
  • Supercomputing Systems
    Supercomputing Systems The Cray T90 Series of supercomputers provides nearly 60 billion calculations per second (gigaflops) of peak
  • Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machines Capabilities include drilling and boring to Turbine and Generator Rotors
  • Predictive Maintenance Report Software: Fault Tree
    Predictive Maintenance Report Software: Fault Tree Easily create your own database of the equipment you routinely inspect and upload the data into your HotShot camera turning it into a custom data logger. Within each equipment record you can add multiple diagnostics and their related repair recommendations.
  • Electronic Services
    Electronic Services Technicians provide diagnostics, analysis, repair and calibration of solid-state electronic equipment
  • Machinery Balancing Textbook
    Machinery Balancing Textbook The Machinery Balancing Textbook has been prepared by individuals with a combined total of over 90 years experience in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis
  • Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise
    Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise Motorola’s wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy® solutions help organizations and institutions of all sizes realize all the benefits of high-speed wireless connectivity. Canopy systems can be deployed faster, easier and more cost-effectively, helping enterprises meet and exceed their business objectives by streamlining and enhancing communications.
  • Analytical Services
    Analytical Services Philip Analytical provides solutions to an extensive range
  • Type F Interlock
    Type F Interlock The type F interlock is Kirk Key's most popular interlock
  • Short Form Catalog and CD-ROM
    Short Form Catalog and CD-ROM The 2000 Short Form Catalog (SFC) contains condensed specifications for all of the manufacturer’s current
  • HVAC Services Pro Services provides complete design, installation, service, and maintenance for the Invensys control system
  • Station Service Voltage Transformer
    Station Service Voltage Transformer Station service voltage transformers (SSVTs) are intended to provide low voltage control power for substations
  • Economical Gripping Glove
    Economical Gripping Glove The NorthFlex™ NF14 Duro Task – Supported Natural Rubber* Glove by North Safety Products is a best value for its superior comfort, fit, and sure grip. Choose the NF14 Duro Task as an economical alternative to most palm coated general purpose work gloves for construction, manufacturing, assembly, material handling, shipping and receiving, general maintenance work, janitorial work and gardening.
  • Progeco tech inc.
    Progeco tech inc. The PL series is specially designed to suit your instrumentation needs
  • Overhead Distribution Switches
    Overhead Distribution Switches Equipment used to control and route the flow of power through electrical lines.
  • Parts Are Our Speciality
    Parts Are Our Speciality SPS can provide you anything from a circuit breaker handle to a complete unit substation... new, used or remanufactured
  • Display Wall System
    Display Wall System The GraphXMASTER C50 one-chip DLP solution projects vivid video imagery and finely detailed data with 600 ANSI lumens
  • CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software
    CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software By connecting a TM1600/MA61 Breaker Analyzer System or an EGIL Breaker Analyzer to a PC that is running the CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software you can test circuit breakers even faster and more reliably
  • BlueBird AMPS Modems
    BlueBird AMPS Modems The BlueBird-AMPS (Analog) modem connects to a Motorola 3-watt transceiver to provide maximum wireless coverage where 800Mhz cellular analog networks operate...
  • miniCLOSET 4 - Unique, Cost-efficient, Two-module Metering Unit
    miniCLOSET 4 - Unique, Cost-efficient, Two-module Metering Unit Quadlogic's miniCLOSET is everything the Transmeter is, and much more
  • Open and Short Locator
    Open and Short Locator The WB20CB is an instrument designed to detect OPENS in individual conductors and SHORTS between neighboring conductors of various type cable
  • Asset Master - Field Device Management And Optimization Solution
    Asset Master - Field Device Management And Optimization Solution

    The key to business growth for industrial companies is improving asset performance, duration of operation, and uptime. ABB's Asset Master is a new software solution that helps its customers meet these objectives, as well as providing traditional set-up tools for instrumentation configuration and calibration

  • Power System Engineering Services
    Power System Engineering Services Changes in technology and competition bring new challenges to the electric power industry
  • Kits
    Kits CANUSA-EMI has developed a range of specially configured kits designed to reduce field installation time and improve installation effectiveness
  • RCAM-E (Remote Control Actuator Module For Electrical Switches)
    RCAM-E (Remote Control Actuator Module For Electrical Switches) The RCAM-E is an integrated controller capable of being retrofitted to a wide range of existing motorized pole-top switchgear and integrated with existing and new Distribution and Feeder Automation SCADA systems.
  • 735 series- Full body harness
    735 series- Full body harness Made of 1 3/4" wide (45 mm) nylon webbing in two contrasting colors
  • International Stability Programs
    International Stability Programs Make sure you take part in CBI's 2nd Annual International Stability Programs June 22 - 23, 2000 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Three Phase Vacuum Fault Interrupter
    Three Phase Vacuum Fault Interrupter These Vacuum Interrupter Switches are designed to combine the total cost and operational benefits of fuseless,
  • Coordinate and Supply Substation Electrical Equipment and Erection Drawings Coordinate and supply substation electrical equipment and erection drawings-This includes switches, fuses, bus supports
  • RFID Anywhere
    RFID Anywhere Simplify the development and deployment of RFID solutions with RFID Anywhere.
  • Replacement Battery
    Replacement Battery The heart of any UPS system are the batteries
  • OWM
    OWM Barrington Consultants, Inc. is introducing a new solid state transformer temperature monitor
  • Marketing Manager Marketing Manager
  • Power Quality Test Facility
    Power Quality Test Facility EPRI PEAC’s Power Quality Test Facility is a modern power quality testing and research laboratory capable of testing industrial and business equipment, residential appliances, and new or prototype products against dozens of national and international standards.
  • Parts We have in stock an extensive inventory of parts for virtually every circuit breaker from 600 to 15,000 volts manufactured since World War II
  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
    Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators This new oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) product series is designed for high volume production and is 100%
  • Fault Interrupter
    Fault Interrupter These Three Phase Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switches combine the cost and operational benefits of fuseless,
  • Measurement and Test Equipment Rental TDS offers this test equipment and instruments for power system applications
  • Cable Locator and Tracer
    Cable Locator and Tracer The model HEG-3000T secondary cable fault locator incorporates multi-functionality with ease of use, in a
  • Thermography Studio Software Suite
    Thermography Studio Software Suite Thermography Studio is a feature rich, real-time image capture and thermal analysis software for the TVS200/500 line of infrared cameras. Thermography Studio features a highly intuitive user interface and a library of powerful tools that enable the sophisticated analysis of thermal behavior for a wide range of objects and materials.
  • Cut Level 3, Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove
    Cut Level 3, Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove The Light Task Plus II Black™ by North Safety Products is a tough and practical Dyneema® glove in dirt-hiding gray and black. It provides a medium to high level of protection from mechanical hazards with EN388 cut and puncture resistance of level 3 and abrasion and tear resistance of level 4. The seamless Dyneema® liner is cool, comfortable and reassuringly substantial and is palm coated with a bi-polymer blend that combines the best properties of nitrile and polyurethane.
  • Modular I/O System
    Modular I/O System The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is a modular I/O system designed
  • 5kV Insulation Resistance-Test Meter
    5kV Insulation Resistance-Test Meter Model IRM-5000 Megohmmeter is a micro-processor based, high voltage insulation-test meter
  • UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper
    UNITERMS: clevis type with jumper Dead end for ACSR, ASC and Alloy conductors
  • Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair
    Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair

    Returns represent one of the most logistically challenging processes in your service chain - for you, your suppliers, your distributors, and your customers. For organizations in industries like consumer electronics, high technology or medical device manufacturers with large volumes and complex, global service networks, the challenge is even more daunting.

  • Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets
    Pads for Switchgear & Sectionalizing Cabinets Highline produces a variety of box pads to support the switchgear offered by all of the leading manufacturers
  • Job Costing Job Costing
  • Western Research 721 ATM SO2 Analyzer
    Western Research 721 ATM SO2 Analyzer The industry standard in the emission testing field. Strong points include ease of use and sensitivity at low ranges...
  • Biddle Delta 2000
    Biddle Delta 2000 The DELTA 2000 is an automated unit
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
    Manufacturing Capabilities A series of CNC and multi-pallet machining centers allow for multiple tooling of low and high volume parts
  • Adaptive Enterprise Optimization ( AdaptiveTrade has successfully combined the advanced capabilities of constraint programming, database optimization, and operations research to create an optimization solution that provides powerful modeling tools, automatic and extensible enterprise modeling capabilities, and database indexing techniques to deliver true Adaptive Enterprise Optimization.
  • Flame Sensor System
    Flame Sensor System The Model TP20 Flame Scanners use advanced solid state
  • BCD300 Series
    BCD300 Series 2 Stage Charger, 1 or 2 Banks
  • Settlement One Silver
    Settlement One Silver Settlement One is a software package developed specifically to meet the retail settlement needs of the Ontario market
  • Power Module Baseplates These power module baseplates are designed to provide superior reliability and durability...
  • Work Order Management & Advanced Scheduling
    Work Order Management & Advanced Scheduling

    Lost carbon copies, illegible handwriting and unclear expectations of the service to be performed can cause huge headaches for you and your customers. Ensure that you dispatch technicians effectively, fulfill Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments and keep your customers loyal and delighted.

  • Workforce Optimization
    Workforce Optimization

    Talented and informed dispatchers work wonders with the daily schedule – mentally balancing technician locations, skill sets, expertise, priority customers, and emergency situations with ease. But what happens when there are hundreds of techs to manage, or thousands? As complexity rises, humans need a bit of assistance.

  • Multi-Page Report Software: ReportIR
    Multi-Page Report Software: ReportIR ReportIR creates multiple-page reports with detailed inspection summaries and incident specific temperature analysis with drag and drop simplicity. Automatically create 1 to 50+ page reports, complete with analysis, visible images, diagnoses, repair recommendations and follow up action, in minutes.
  • Battery Testing System
    Battery Testing System The TMC 4001 Battery Testing System comprises a multi-channel testing unit and a control/analysis program that runs under Windows on a PC
  • North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear
    North 180 Slimline™ T1300 Series Protective Eyewear This economical safety spectacle offers popular low-profile styling.
  • Failure Prevention in Steam Systems This continuing education course covers the prevention of equipment corrosion, fatigue, creep, and other failures.
  • MSDS Tool
    MSDS Tool Automatically determine MSDS content with Expert
  • Generators
    Generators We can provide generators worldwide from many suppliers in various countries
  • Breaker Analyzer EGIL
    Breaker Analyzer EGIL Best Manufacturing is a leading provider of hand protection for industrial and medical industries
  • Single Rack Redundant Controller (SRRC) EBTS
    Single Rack Redundant Controller (SRRC) EBTS The SRRC Enhanced Base Transceiver System (EBTS) is a base station configuration that combines RF distribution up to four Base Radios (BR) and a redundant site controller in a single rack. The SRRC configuration reduces the minimum rack space required for an EBTS by 50% (from two racks to one). The SRRC is pre-wired to accomodate four Base Radios.
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