• Flat Cover Wireway These new painted flat fittings for cable protection are for commercial applications where exposure to dust, dirt,
  • RCAM-E (Remote Control Actuator Module For Electrical Switches)
    RCAM-E (Remote Control Actuator Module For Electrical Switches) The RCAM-E is an integrated controller capable of being retrofitted to a wide range of existing motorized pole-top switchgear and integrated with existing and new Distribution and Feeder Automation SCADA systems.
  • High Voltage Safety Accessories
    High Voltage Safety Accessories Ross Engineering Collapsible Hotsticks are designed to maintain proper safety clearances from hazardous High Voltage while hand-holding a test instrument.
  • HTS-7700PPA
    HTS-7700PPA Professional-Grade Portable Power Analyzer, Data Logger
    and Power Profiler
  • Three Phase Vacuum Fault Interrupter
    Three Phase Vacuum Fault Interrupter These Vacuum Interrupter Switches are designed to combine the total cost and operational benefits of fuseless,
  • SUPEREIGHT® High-Visibility® Protective Caps: For workers who must be seen to be safe
    SUPEREIGHT® High-Visibility® Protective Caps: For workers who must be seen to be safe Workers can enjoy the protection and comfort of Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT® head protection with the added protection of super high visibility. SUPEREIGHT® E-2 series hats and caps are available in unique, specially formulated fade-proof Strong Orange and Strong Yellow/Green models that will not fade throughout their service life. Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class E (dielectric), G or C
  • Hydraulic Drill Units, Magnetic Base Capabilities include driving a wide variety of rotary tool bits in any orientation
  • Procurement and Sourcing Optimization The revolutionary Adaptive Enterprise Optimization Server ™ can be very effectively used by Global 2000 companies that buy large quantities of commodities, substitutable or blendable items, and/or raw materials. It enables companies to aggregate demand while including preferences, constraints, and schedules in order to optimally allocate purchasing and sourcing decisions across multiple suppliers.
  • Single Phase Fiberglass Transformer Box Pads
    Single Phase Fiberglass Transformer Box Pads A complete line of box pads in various heights are available to accommodate 15KVA - 167KVA single phase transformers
  • Model 1250 The INCON Model 1250 is an intelligent electronic device that decodes Selsyn-based signals
  • Microsol Services
    Microsol Services Microsol employs highly skilled engineers and deploys these resources for the benefit of its customers / partners...
  • Netbas Plan
    Netbas Plan With simple recording wizards for complex network components, such as distribution substations, this constitutes a powerful tool for effective and economical planning and documentation of the network in Netbas
  • Custom UPS Systems Power interruptions can be avoided through the use of a protection system that incorporates an Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Run Test System
    Run Test System The new RUNCHEK Model 905D, Run Test System is designed for automated functional tests of products in a production
  • 1999-2000 Training Catalog
    1999-2000 Training Catalog Training is available on-site at your facility or at training locations which include the Institute’s headquarters in Dallas
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Low Voltage
    Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Low Voltage

    Low-voltage power circuit breakers are one of the most poorly maintained protection devices in many power systems.  Their exposure to moisture and contaminants makes this type of breaker more susceptible to failure without proper maintenance.  Failure can lead to nuisance trips as well as more serious and life threatening situations like arc flash hazards. 

  • The F.A.S.T. Inline
    The F.A.S.T. Inline The F.A.S.T. Inline is an open-loop conveyance product capable of 90 cycles per minute (CPM) rate performance for assembly automation, but its real benefit is providing manufacturers with a standard base platform to build upon for their assembly automation needs
  • 1394
    1394 400Mbps. Simultaneous
  • Three-Phase KWH Meter
    Three-Phase KWH Meter The D-MON three-phase KWH meter features an LCD display that allows for ease of reading...
  • Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) Condition Assessment
    Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) Condition Assessment The Weidmann-ACTI OCB Diagnostic Program was developed to minimize the number of internal inspections required
  • X and W Series Rod and Tube Thermal Switches
    X and W Series Rod and Tube Thermal Switches CPI thermal switches offer dependable protection for your products with a wide calibration range and a momentary overshoot
  • Brake Winch
    Brake Winch Brake Winch
  • IEEE Std 493-2007 Gold Book The objective of this book is to present the fundamentals of reliability analysis applied to the planning and design of industrial and commercial electric power distribution systems
  • Phone Distribution Device
    Phone Distribution Device The DD1 is a phone distribution device for small office/home office (SOHO) or residential applications that accommodates up to four incoming lines or pairs...
  • Power Conditioner
    Power Conditioner Powervar is a standard power conditioners for use with any microprocessor-based electronic equipment...
  • Transmission Insulators
    Transmission Insulators These suspension, station and line post designs are durable, light and vandal resistant.
  • Power Generation Products
    Power Generation Products The power generation products offer a wide variety of applications in power generation...
  • M-3425 Generator Protection System
    M-3425 Generator Protection System Protects a generator from abnormal voltage and frequency, internal winding faults
  • Cathodic Protection
    Cathodic Protection Bottom Logic is an under-tank cathodic protection system that combines cathodic protection, external leak detection,
  • ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator
    ER2000CBRN Emergency Escape Respirator North’s ER2000CBRN emergency escape respirator is NIOSH approved to provide 30 minutes of respiratory protection from non-IDLH atmospheres containing Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory hazards as well as Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).
  • Fuses
    Fuses All sizes and types thru 15KV
  • Hydrogen Sensor
    Hydrogen Sensor The Robust Hydrogen Sensor provides detection over a broad magnitude of concentrations, from 45 ppm to 100%, with
  • 1000V Insulated Tools
    1000V Insulated Tools All insulated tools in Catu's catalog comply fully with ASTM F1505-94 and IEC 900 standards
  • SmartBank™ Pole Mount Capacitor Bank Kits
    SmartBank™ Pole Mount Capacitor Bank Kits Maysteel also provides a Pole-Mount Capacitor Bank Kit for overhead system applications. Our Pole-Mount Kits feature our industry proven Trinetics brand Vacuum and Oil Capacitor Switches
  • Additional Test Systems The Electric Device Corporation manufactures a wide variety of testing systems for the following applications
  • Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair
    Reverse Logistics & Depot Repair

    Returns represent one of the most logistically challenging processes in your service chain - for you, your suppliers, your distributors, and your customers. For organizations in industries like consumer electronics, high technology or medical device manufacturers with large volumes and complex, global service networks, the challenge is even more daunting.

  • High Speed Propulsion The TF Series systems are based on the rugged TF aeroderivative gas turbines, adapted from Honeywell's proven aero-engine designs and specifically configured for marine use
  • Oil Smart Switch If you want to prevent oil from inadvertently being pumped into the environment than install an Oil Smart Switch.
  • Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter
    Active Harmonic Cancellation Filter This product serves as a solution to the myriad problems
  • Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows
    Pull-Planner 2000 for Windows A Program for Cable Pulling Tension Calculation and Conduit System Design
  • EHC Flushing Services The company offers an EHC system flush to provide long term reliable operation
  • Modular I/O System
    Modular I/O System The Beckhoff Bus Terminal is a modular I/O system designed
  • 10/100 Ethernet Analyzer System
    10/100 Ethernet Analyzer System Portable or rack mount system
  • Single Line Diagrams Single Line diagrams provide a basic roadmap to the interconnections of the electrical syste
  • Cable Fault Locating Equipment
    Cable Fault Locating Equipment With the widest range of fault locating and other HV field testing products on the market, we are in a position to serve your needs as they exist today, not as they existed yesterday.
  • Power Platform 4300
    Power Platform 4300 The award-winning Power Platform 4300 is recognized as the world’s leading power quality instrument and the instrument of choice for the electrical contractor
  • Repairs & Custom Service We repair fuel nozzles, flame scanners, servo valves
  • Ground Sleeves
    Ground Sleeves Advantages of Ground Sleeves are...
  • Environmental Sampling and Analysis Technologies
    Environmental Sampling and Analysis Technologies Strict environmental regulations aimed at identifying and reducing soil and groundwater pollution from volatile
  • High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade
    High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade The high pressure fluid system vertical pump upgrade is designed to replace existing horizontally mounted pumps
  • Rugged, Splinter Resistant Work Glove
    Rugged, Splinter Resistant Work Glove Rough Tuff by North Safety Products – seamless cotton blend knit glove. Natural rubber laminated palm for excellent abrasion resistance, good grip and extra life.
  • International Stability Programs
    International Stability Programs Make sure you take part in CBI's 2nd Annual International Stability Programs June 22 - 23, 2000 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Technical Marketing Research Technical Marketing Research
  • High Frequency Noise & Isolation Transformers What is "High Frequency Noise" and where does it originate? Why should there be concern about having it in an electrical distribution system and what should you do about it?
  • Voltage Monitor The End of Line Voltage Monitor (EOLVM) is a transmitter
  • Voltage Regulators
    Voltage Regulators T & R Electric handles both new and rebuilt voltage regulators
  • Mitts
    Mitts Mitts
  • Study on Electronic Energy Trading Platforms
    Study on Electronic Energy Trading Platforms The second edition of “Electronic Energy Trading” is a study on electronic energy trading platforms that assesses
  • The Reliable Power Recorder
    The Reliable Power Recorder Reliable Power Meters has created a compact, easy-to-use instrument that accurately records and analyzes many power measurements all at the same time
  • Ethernet Radio Modems SRM6200E and SRM6300E Ethernet radio modems have passed industrial shock/vibration testing at an accredited lab for applications in the harshest industrial environments...
  • Digital Paralleling Load Transfer Equipment
    Digital Paralleling Load Transfer Equipment Specifically designed for use in the front end of electrical power distribution systems, this digital
  • Battest MDB - Battery Discharger With Controlled Current
    Battest MDB - Battery Discharger With Controlled Current Battery Discharger With Controlled Current
  • Current Transfomers
    Current Transfomers Current Transfomers
  • IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard
    IEEE 1584™ Arc Flash Standard This guide provides techniques for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc flash hazard distance and the incident energy to which employees could be exposed during their work on or near electrical equipment.
  • Tachometer
    Tachometer Memory Recall
  • NCSS NCSS offers Regression/Forecasing, analysis of variance, statistical analysis, and advanced data analysis
  • The Harmony Wireless Communication System
    The Harmony Wireless Communication System The Harmony Wireless Communication System is a digital wireless solution. It provides a complete private communications package for customers who own and want control of their 800 and 900 MHz frequencies.
  • Tinned Copper Solid Used for overhead electrical distribution lines, grounding electrical substations, electrical test equipment and any other electrical system
  • Mini Millhog
    Mini Millhog Cuts heavy wall pipe or tube! Fast, chatter-free and easy to use
  • SONDES Non-Metallic Pipe Locator
    SONDES Non-Metallic Pipe Locator Self-contained signal transmitters (Sondes) are used to trace the path of non-metallic pipes, locate line blockage, clay tile, cast iron, asbestos
  • CIS Service
    CIS Service NEXTEND service extends the life of an energy company’s existing legacy Customer Information System (CIS) by
  • Benchtop pH/mV/Termperature Meter Sleek and slim design with tactile feedback keys
  • IP Link Real-Time Internet Metering
    IP Link Real-Time Internet Metering Real-time Internet metering just became very economical with IP Link, a new wireless to Internet gateway offered by AES-IntelliNet.
  • Oil Industry Overview Training
    Oil Industry Overview Training Courses offered in the "Oil Industry" area include:
  • APEX Express Industrial Gas Services Air Products provides express deliveries of industrial nitrogen and hydrogen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support scheduled or emergency shutdowns, start-ups, and turnarounds
  • Electrical Testing & Maintenance Services Electrical Testing & Maintenance Services
  • Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 760 SVERKER 760 incorporates the same features and functions as the SVERKER 750, one of the world's most widely used relay testing units
  • Power Sentinel
    Power Sentinel The Model 1133A Power Sentinel consists of several blocks.
  • AIM Module
    AIM Module The AIM Module is a low-cost, reliable, automated single-channel load profiling device that fits inside all US residential electricity meters.
  • NorthFlex™ Cold Grip™ Winter Lined Glove
    NorthFlex™ Cold Grip™ Winter Lined Glove The most comfortable winter work glove you will ever wear: NorthFlex-Cold Grip™ represents a new generation of cold-conditions gloves that provide a highly comfortable feel as well as superior insulation. It is ideally suited to tasks where workers need protection from the cold, but don’t want to give up comfort and dexterity.
  • Type URD Cable Directly buried or installed in ducts for 660 volt secondary distribution
  • Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit
    Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit North Biohazard PPE Kit: Provides personal protection when responding to natural disasters and clean-up of sites exposed to influenza virus. Professional clean-up activities involving the Norovirus typically found in healthcare institutions, cruise ships, schools, hotels and restaurants. For use by medical professionals, law enforcement, correctional facilities and emergency personnel in infectious control. Meets World Health Organization (WHO) protocol recommendations for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Resins
    Resins Dow Corning’s range of electrical impregnating varnishes and silicone resin provides high thermal stability combined with excellent electrical resistance for use in motor stator coils, transformer windings, wire wound resistors, solenoids, generator coils
  • Tool and Die Doran builds its stamping and assembly tooling in it’s own in-house Tool and Die shop
  • L70 lantern series
    L70 lantern series Attention to detail and authenticity: whenever a site requires lighting that respects its origins
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Integrated Blade Design
    POWER-GEN 2000: Integrated Blade Design The CFX-BladeGen is a specialized, easy-to-use, three-dimensional software tool for the rapid design of rotating
  • monarch EMS Platform
    monarch EMS Platform monarch is the culmination of Open Systems International’s vision and passion for developing a truly open EMS platform
  • Silicone Full Facepiece Air-Purifying Respirator
    Silicone Full Facepiece Air-Purifying Respirator The 7600 Series Full Facepiece respirators are designed to provide eye, face and respiratory protection while ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The hard-coated polycarbonate lens provides 200° field of vision and protects the wearer’s eyes and face against irritating gases, vapors and flying particles. Silicone facepiece material conforms to facial features and doesn’t harden with age. Silicone is easy to clean, extremely durable and resists distortion, ensuring a better fit time after time. The 7600 Series Full Facepiece sets the standard for full facepiece protection.
  • Load sensors - Model LSRU
    Load sensors - Model LSRU Model LSRU Load Sensor uses current levels to determine feed rates, tool wear, loss of prime on pumps, mixer viscosity
  • Comprehensive Lighting Services DPL Energy Resources designs, installs and finances lighting projects
  • Ultraprobe 100
    Ultraprobe 100 The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by problems in operating equipment.
  • ls-12a
    ls-12a Model LS-12A is a high speed and heavy duty bandsaw. It's large 12" capacity, 1"
  • PureWave DSTATCOM® Distributed Static Compensator
    PureWave DSTATCOM® Distributed Static Compensator The PureWave DSTATCOM protects the utility transmission or distribution system from voltage sags and/or flicker caused by rapidly varying reactive current demand.
  • High Frequency Induction Brazing
    High Frequency Induction Brazing Produced by expensive equipment and requiring significant engineering knowledge, ARC's induction brazed joints have extremely low resistance resulting in the surfaces operating cooler, thus actually extending contact life.
  • Basic Circuits Challenge BASIC CIRCUITS CHALLENGE consists of a set of twelve activities to help you teach basic electrical concepts
  • Barcoding Barcoding
  • New Patented & Proven Technology - The EASY Way for Variable Speed!
    New Patented & Proven Technology - The EASY Way for Variable Speed! If you specify or use variable speed drives and have been looking for a dependable alternative to Variable Frequency Drives
  • Duralite III Self-Retracting Lifeline
    Duralite III Self-Retracting Lifeline One of the lightest, serviceable, self-retracting lifelines on the market for fall protection is North's Duralite III
  • Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS Mobile Station
    Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS Mobile Station The Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA/PCS mobile station test set provides CDMA mobile phone manufacturers with increased measurement speed, improved accuracy, and flexibility to increase test throughput and product quality
  • Waste Management Program
    Waste Management Program This total waste management program encompasses Rineco’s complete range of services and includes fuel blending, non-