1. 160 x 120 Resolution Infrared Camera For Electrical And Mechanical Applications: E30: Datasheet

    This download contains information on features, specifications, and optional accessories for the FLIR E30 infrared camera. The benefits of thermal imaging are also briefly outlined. The E30 infrared camera is ideal for applications involving predictive maintenance in electrical and mechanical capacities. This can involve using an infrared camera to detect overheated equipment, an overloaded electrical circuit, or energy waste.

  2. 160 x 120 Resolution Infrared Camera For Electrical And Mechanical Applications: E30

    The FLIR E30 Infrared Camera for electrical and mechanical predictive maintenance applications features a 19,200 pixel (160x120) infrared resolution, a 2 megapixel visible light digital camera with an LED lamp to provide clean images, regardless of light conditions, a -4 to 662°F (-20 to 350°C) temperature range, and more. Like all FLIR E-Series Infrared Cameras, the E30 has a manual focus, a 3.5” color LCD touch screen, a 60 Hz frame rate, and an accuracy of +/-2% or 2°C. It has the lowest price point of the E-Series of infrared cameras by FLIR.

  3. Infrared Cameras for Electrical and Mechanical Applications: FLIR E-Series

    FLIR’s E-Series of infrared cameras feature superior infrared resolution and thermal sensitivity at an affordable price. Features include a 3.5” touchscreen, which allows for superior image results and easy access to on-screen analysis, a built in digital camera with an LED light source for diagnostics in poorly lit areas, and more. In the E40, E50, and E60 models, Wi-Fi connectivity is available, allowing you to connect to Apple® and Android® smart phones and tablets. When used in conjunction with FLIR’s mobile apps, a user can view and analyze images, bring out additional detail in images, add data, create reports, share files, and more. These infrared cameras are ideal for detecting energy waste, overheated equipment, and locating overloaded circuits in electrical and mechanical infrared diagnostics applications.

  4. Infrared Cameras for Electrical and Mechanical Applications: FLIR E-Series Brochure

    Five infrared cameras with varying features are available in the FLIR E-Series of infrared cameras. These cameras can be used in electrical and mechanical applications, specifically in the detection of overheated equipment, overloaded circuits, and energy waste. This brochure contains information on individual features for the different infrared camera models, a comparison chart, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more.

  5. RESNET Certified Infrared Camera: FLIR i7

    The i7 infrared camera features the highest resolution and field of view in FLIR's i-Series of infrared cameras, but still maintains accessibility with a remarkable sub $2,000 cost.

  6. Mid-Grade Infrared Camera For Building Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i5

    In the i-Series family of infrared cameras, the i5 model offers a mix of upgraded capabilities from the i3, but still features accessible pricing.

  7. Affordable Infrared Camera for Building Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i3

    The i3 infrared camera is an affordable infrared camera that can be used in several applications that relate to building diagnostics, predictive/preventive maintenance, and more. It has been priced to allow companies to buy several infrared cameras for individual technicians’ use, and designed to be a significant, yet cost-effective, upgrade to an infrared thermometer.

  8. Affordable Infrared Camera for Building Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

    The FLIR i-Series of infrared cameras can be used to conduct building diagnostics and for predictive maintenance applications. These infrared cameras can find hot spots on electrical panels, detect overloaded circuits, identify hotspots on motors, locate duct leaks, monitor airflow distribution, detect water damage and determine the extent of the damage, conduct building and energy audits, and so much more.

  9. Infrared Cameras For Building Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance: FLIR i-Series

    FLIR’s i-Series offers three different infrared camera models for building diagnostics and predictive maintenance applications, all dependent upon the level of detail you’d need in a thermal imaging solution. Restoration and electrical contractors, energy auditors, insulation experts, building inspectors, HVAC professionals, predictive maintenance specialists, and more can use this line of infrared cameras to find moisture damage, identify mechanical wear, detect energy loss, find leaks in heating and cooling systems, and so much more.

  10. Service In 2012: The Continued Search For Revenue
    For the previous 24 months, service revenue has topped the agenda of Chief Service Officers (CSOs) polled by Aberdeen. The 2010 State of Service Management research survey, and polls conducted at the 2010 CSO Summit, both found that service revenue was the top goal for CSOs to attain in 2011.