Product Showcase

  1. SmartBank™ Pole Mount Capacitor Bank Kits
    Maysteel also provides a Pole-Mount Capacitor Bank Kit for overhead system applications. Our Pole-Mount Kits feature our industry proven Trinetics brand Vacuum and Oil Capacitor Switches
  2. ProCap™ Electronic Capacitor Controls
    Maysteel Electronic Capacitor Controls are designed to automatically switch pole-mount and pad-mount capacitor banks
  3. Pad Mount Sectionalizing Enclosures
    Maysteel's CW300/CW200 Series Sectionalizing Enclosures provide a low-cost, safe and aesthetically pleasing means of providing a sectionalizing and tap point for underground distribution systems.
  4. Multi-Purpose Apparatus Enclosures
    Maysteel's EL100 Series Apparatus Enclosures are designed and manufactured to provide an aesthetically pleasing and safe means of housing all types of equipment at ground level. The modular design provide versatility and flexibility with a wide range of sizes that are easily ganged together. Optional equipment add-ons are also available.
  5. Multi-Connection Secondary Enclosures
    Maysteel's multi-connection secondary enclosures provide a safe, convenient and aesthetically pleasing connection point for multiple secondary services remote from the three-phase transformer
  6. Pad Mount Fused Sectionalizing Enclosure
    Maysteel's low-profile fused sectionalizing enclosure is designed for those critical 200 ampere circuits where the system must be protected and sectionalized. The single- and three-phase versions are designed for safety, ease of operation, versatility and aesthetics. Versions available for radial or loop circuits through 25kV to suit your system requirements
  7. Pad Mount Primary Metering Enclosures
    Maysteel's primary metering enclosures are designed to provide a safe, convenient method for metering primary voltages 15-35kV
  8. Trinetics® RCOC® Street Lighting Control Relays
    Maysteel offers a complete line of multiple relay lighting controls that are virtually indestructible. Proven to stand the test of time, this product line represents some of the most durable and reliable products in the industry
  9. Scada-Mate CX Switches
    Automation needs change and grow with increased load, capacity, and demands for more reliable service. S&C’s Scada-Mate CX Switches can meet these changing needs...economically. They’re three-pole, group-operated interrupter switches specifically designed for automating overhead distribution systems
  10. The Hottest New Welding Helmets
    Craftsmen welders across the country were asked to help create the next generation welding helmet. The result: new Fibre-Metal FMX™ - premium quality welding helmets, with the Xtra features welders want.