Industry News

  1. North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation Chooses OATI DERMS Solution

    OATI is pleased to announce N.C. Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC), the power supplier for North Carolina’s network of electric cooperatives, has chosen the OATI webSmartEnergy® DERMS solution to help manage and advance its Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) programs

  2. AutoGrid Wins ISGF Innovation Award For Best Smart Grid Project In India

    AutoGrid has won the 2019 Innovation Award for the Best Industry Smart Grid Project in India from the India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF)

  3. Energy Monitor Can Find Electrical Failures Before They Happen

    A new system devised by researchers at MIT can monitor the behavior of all electric devices within a building, ship, or factory, determining which ones are in use at any given time and whether any are showing signs of an imminent failure. When tested on a Coast Guard cutter, the system pinpointed a motor with burnt-out wiring that could have led to a serious onboard fire.

  4. NEC Announces Completion Of Switzerland’s Largest Energy Storage System

    NEC Energy Solutions (NEC ES), has completed the installation of the largest battery energy storage system in Switzerland

  5. ES Tech Group And DDS Launch ‘Evolutionx - Electrical, Powered By DDS Content’ Ecommerce Solution

    ES Tech Group and DDS have launched a turnkey but highly configurable eCommerce solution built specifically for electrical distributors: EvolutionX – Electrical, Powered by DDS Content

  6. AMS Virtual Power Plant Delivers 2 GWh Of Grid Services

    AMS announced today that its virtual power plant (VPP) project in Southern California delivered over 2 GWh of grid services to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) in its first year of operation

  7. Avista Selects Clearway Energy Group’s Rattlesnake Flat Wind Project For Power Purchase Agreement

    Avista, through a request for proposal issued in June 2018, has selected to purchase power generated by the proposed Rattlesnake Flat Wind project in Adams County, Washington

  8. Primoris Services Corporation Announces Electric T&D Award Valued At $25M

    Primoris Services Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: PRIM) (“Primoris” or “Company”) today announced a new Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) valued at approximately $25 million

  9. Sorgenia Turns To GE To Digitize Its Gas Power Plant Fleet In Italy

    As Italy repowers its energy sector and increases renewable energy production, gas power plants throughout the country are focused on increasing flexibility, reliability and efficiency to improve their competitiveness

  10. Georgia Power Announces New Microgrid Project With Georgia Tech

    Georgia Power today announced, in collaboration with Georgia Tech, it will build a new 1.4 MW microgrid in Tech Square at Spring and 5th streets in Metro Atlanta. Microgrids are self-contained power systems co-located with the facilities they serve that include generation resources, storage systems and energy management systems