News | October 22, 2008

Zephyr Of Japan To Exhibit Airdolphin At CanWEA 2008 - A Small Wind Power Generator

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zephyr Corporation, the Japan's leading small wind generator manufacture, will exhibit its original 1kW generator called "Airdolphin" for the first time in Canada at CanWEA 2008. Airdolphin has a rated capacity of 1kilo watt, and with average wind speeds of 5–6 m/s. The generator's output equates to around one-third of the typical power usage of a family of four.

Ryosuke Ito, President of Zephyr said, "I am very excited to be able to participate in this event and to offer new experiences to the audience at this time. I am sure that everybody visiting our booth will find out a great and exciting world of renewable energy for the future of this planet Earth."

The key differenciators of Airdolphin are;

  • Extremely low mass of 17.5Kg,
  • Wide range of operating wind-speed of 2.5 - 50m/s
  • Patented ridged silent disruptor blades assure quiet spinning of the rotor/blades.
  • Original grid-connect inverter/capacitor combination assures efficient and stable power transfer to the grid. (No battery required)
  • Copyright registered beautiful blade/body design
  • Original remote monitoring system enables taking in both real time/accumulated output power with wind data and shows the amount of reduced CO2s. remotely through internet of the system.

Airdolphin is already on global market and is effective for a usage like the followings;

  • From average residences to wide area of industrial applications
  • Off-grid use such as remote homes, mountain lodges, mobile use, both land and marine, for basic electricity or for water pumping, plug-in for electric vehicles, or for replacing fossil fuel generators
  • Off-grid closed and independent micro grid systems for electrification of remote villages, and off-shore applications such as oil and gas rigs or electrification of rural villages
  • On-grid applications both for residences to industrial use with inverter/capacitor combinations

About Zephyr
Established in June of 1997, Zephyr Corporation has been active in the development of small wind generators designed to fight global warming, and they have been used to produce power in venues, from building rooftops to the open sea and remote islands and atop high-rise mountains, demonstrating the unparalleled energy production, which captured 40%-plus market share in Japan as a result.

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