News | January 16, 2014

Yerevan Grid Operated Near Critical Point Due To Cold Spell


Due to low temperatures in Yerevan the municipal power distribution network is operated at ultimate load – over 580 megawatt, which is 50 megawatt higher than in the same period of the last year, says the website of Electric Network of Armenia company.

Total load throughout the country is 1,250 megawatt, as compared to 1,200 megawatt in the same period of the year before.

Part of the population uses electric devices for heating. As maximum load levels were exceeded in December 2013, energy experts expect the load in Yerevan to remain on the same level in January 2014, when peak load period is over, according to the report.

General Director of Electric Networks of Armenia cjsc Yevgeny Bibin said the company has a clear system of cooperation with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, heads of communities and contractors when unusual situations occur.

The aim is to ensure uninterrupted power supply under conditions of worn-out equipment, unfavorable weather conditions and additional problems, like breakdowns in networks beyond the company’s competence, overloaded grids leading to failures in gas heated systems, Bibin said.

The company considers it a must to meet the rated capacity requirements as operation in substantial excess of this capacity leads to breakdowns in the network, according to the report.

SOURCE: Electric Network of Armenia company