XR440 Pocket Data Logger

Source: Pace Scientific, Inc.
XR440 Pocket Data Logger
The XR440 Pocket Logger is a portable datalogger / recorder designed for easy setup and trouble free operati
The XR440 Pocket Logger is a portable datalogger / recorder designed for easy setup and trouble free operation. Direct-connect sensors include Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, AC current, AC Voltage, Light and Process Signals. The Pocket Logger's four input channels accept any combination of the above sensors, plus resistive, 0-5 vdc signals, and contact closures.
Stands alone: The Pocket Logger does not require a computer while it is logging. You connect it to a computer using a serial RS232 cable (Part No. IC209, listed below) for setup, data transfer or to display readings in real time. You can also communicate with the Pocket Logger using cellular or land-line modems, or a wireless link.
Long life: Battery life with any combination of sensors is over two years (continuous operation). All sensors are powered from the logger's battery. The battery is user-replaceable (standard 9 volt size).
Connect sensors: Lead wires from PACE Probes and Sensors are connected to the Pocket Logger's detachable terminal block using a screw driver.
Easy to use: To start logging, the user selects the Pocket Logger's Setup screen using Pocket Logger Software (available for free download). 'Point and click' choices include start and run mode, channel scaling, and sample rate (2 seconds to 12 hours - fast sampling from 1Hz to 200Hz is also available, but with reduced functionality, see specifications for details). Text fields describing the logging session can be edited. A single 'Click' sends the Setup to the Pocket Logger.
Transfer data: Data may be transferred using a serial cable, a wireless link, or using modems (cellular or land line). Data transfers do not interfere with any on-going logging session.
Network: Multiple Pocket Loggers can be networked using the PACE M31 Multiplexer.
Graph data: A presentation-quality graph displays on your PC immediately after transferring data. Data can be easily exported to spreadsheet or statistical programs.

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