Worknit CD Insulated Nitrile Work Glove by North Safety Products

Worknit CD Action Shot
The Worknit® CD by North Safety Products is a nitrile supported, general purpose work glove that is insulated to protect hard working hands in cold work environments. Better than most run-of-the-mill leather palm work gloves - North's Worknit series provide better comfort, abrasion resistance, and grip.

The Worknit® CD Supported Nitrile General Purpose Work Glove by North Safety Products provides excellent protection for hard working hands in cold work environments.

The nitrile material withstands abrasion and provides a more flexible grip than most run-of-the-mill leather palm work gloves. The Worknit's gunn cut, wing thumb style lasts longer by keeping the glove's knit seams out of the wear area to provide greater durability and better user comfort than most other work glove styles.

A heavyweight, insulated liner gives the worker superior cushioning for tough jobs. The cotton lining absorbs perspiration and provides warmth for greater, all-day comfort.

Before you buy another leather glove, first see what an insulated nitrile work glove has to offer:

  • Warmth: comfortable, insulated protection from the cold
  • Grip: stretchy nitrile coating provides a flexible, non-slip dry grip
  • Durability: super tough nitrile outwears fabric and outlasts traditional leather work gloves with superior abrasion resistance
  • Option 1: Worknit CD with knit wrist (North part number 85/27295) (see additional images)
  • Option 2: Worknit CD with slip on wrist (North part number 85/5729) (see additional images)
  • Sizing: M, L, XL

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