Datasheet | February 9, 2009

Datasheet: wi4 Fixed 5 GHz Canopy® 400 Series

Source: Motorola

The Canopy 400 Series AP and SM products operate in the 5.4 GHz spectrum. In many parts of the world, this newly available spectrum gives operators 255 MHz of usable frequency band—that's almost double the amount available in the 5.7 GHz band. The Canopy 400 Series offers a fast, cost-conscious way to enter this exciting and advantageous spectrum.

GPS synchronization and co-location capabilities allow operators to deploy the Canopy 400 Series as a new network, a network extension or a network overlay.

GPS Synchronization. The 400 Series is equipped with powerful GPS synchronization that significantly reduces self-interference, allowing for co-location applications with existing Canopy networks. Co-location capability enables the system to be deployed as a 5.4 GHZ frequency band overlay network.