Visionary Model 2 Mini-RTU

Source: Visionary Electronics, Inc.
The Model 2 mini-RTU is designed for use in medium to large substations
  • The Model 2 mini-RTU is designed for use in medium to large substations. The physical dimensions of this larger unit are 16.25" x 19.00" x 4".
  • The 16 pairs of Form C control points provided can handle 10 Amps at 240VAC or 150VDC. They can be used in Direct Operate or Select-Before-Operate modes.
  • Thirty-two digital inputs can be independently configured for Active-HI or Active-LO operation. A separate set of contacts on the input relays can be used for local alarms (lamps or other annunciators) near the RTU.
  • Twelve-bit resolution is featured on the 48 single-ended analog inputs, pre-scaled to ± 1 VDC with 0.1% accuracy.
  • Inputs are optically isolated to 2000 Volts.
  • The addition of DRAM and custom programming allows data storage and control-loop functions to be implemented within the RTU.
  • Model 2 mini-RTUs may be daisy-chained for additional points on a single communication line.

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