Visionary Micro-RTU

Source: Visionary Electronics, Inc.
Visionary Micro-RTU
Visionary Electronics is proud to introduce our new Micro-RTU
Visionary Electronics is proud to introduce our new Micro-RTU. Consisting of two cards, the main card provides the interface to the communication system as well as the digital outputs and status inputs while the smaller plug-in card provides the analog inputs and up to 16 megabytes of data storage.


  • The Micro-RTU has been designed primarily for use on pole-tops. Its compact physical dimensions (the main card is 5"x8") are well suited for pole-top mounting.
  • The output relays can handle 10 Amps at 250VAC or 30VDC and can be used in Select-Before-Operate or Direct Operate modes.
  • Six status inputs can be independently configured for Active-HI or Active-LO operation.
  • Twelve-bit resolution is featured on the 6 single-ended analog inputs (± 1v, 0-5v, or 4-20ma) with 0.1% accuracy.
  • Inputs are optically isolated to 2000 Volts.
  • Use of our RTU-PLC 1.0 ladder logic software package allows stand-alone control-loop functions to be implemented within the RTU.
  • Available with CDC Type-1, PG&E, and DNP 3.0 protocols.

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