News | January 27, 2005

Versatile Surge Suppression System Is Compact And Easy To Service

New PowerVantage™ surge suppression products from LEA International are designed to meet today's needs for low clamp and over-voltage capabilities – all in a compact and easy to work with package.

The PowerVantage™ unit features low clamp modules (LCMs) that use a patented MOV design, delivering both low clamp and over-voltage capabilities. The LCMs meet industry standards for sensitive load applications. Enhanced diagnostics are provided and the system has been designed to be easy to service, featuring field-upgradeable LCMs.

Housed in a 24 x 16 x 8.8 inch enclosure, the PowerVantage™ uses colour-coded, field-replaceable modules, allowing surge capacity to be upgraded from 200kA to 600kA. The LCMs are colour-coded, compact modules with two simple attaching screws and are therefore simple to bolt-on for a quick service.

A standard, user-friendly digital readout on the PowerVantage™ system features a touch pad interface which provides enhanced diagnostics including a surge counter and audible alarm. The surge counter has a reset button and battery back-up feature while the audible alarm is equipped with a disable and enable switch and a red failure light. The system also includes a green-to-red failure light, for monitoring the suppression elements; phase monitor lights, to ensure the correct power per phase; and redundant status monitoring lights (positioned outside the door).
Three models are available, the PV200, PV400 and PV600 – with surge capacities of 200kA, 400kA and 600kA per phase, respectively. The system is also available in a number of voltage configurations. The electrical specifications include a nominal operating voltage of 120 to 600VAC, frequency range of 47 to 63Hz and response time of 1ns.

The PowerVantage™ system is available in Nema 4 and Nema 12-rated enclosures. It conforms to a number of industry standards including UL 1449 and UL 1283. LEA's commitment to quality and safety is backed by a 10-year unconditional warranty on purchases of the PowerVantage™ product.

PowerVantage™ surge suppressors are affordably priced from $2600, depending on the configuration.

About LEA International

Founded in 1971 and now a proud member of Smiths Group, LEA International was built on a foundation of quality. LEA International has a specialised reputation in surge suppression for new facilities in the broadcast, industrial and medical markets. Unique MOV (metal oxide varistor) and silicon devices are available in a wide range of products. From LEA's original patented Wagon Wheel technology to continuing education on training and surge suppression issues, LEA has always stood behind engineering, quality and safety.

About Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect, a division of Smiths Group, is a global provider of electronic application specific components and sub-systems for the electronics interconnect, telecommunications, medical, industrial, aerospace as well as military and satellite markets worldwide.

Smiths Interconnect businesses comprise of; EMC Technology, Florida RF Labs, Hypertac Interconnect, LEA International, PolyPhaser, Radio Waves, Sabritec, Summitek Instruments, TECOM Industries, Times Microwave Systems, TRAK Microwave, Transtector Systems, Smiths Interconnect Shanghai and Smiths Interconnect Japan. Each business is a leader in its field and trades under their own strong brand name.