Utility Bill Analysis and Reporting (UBAR)

Collection of Historic Usage, Bill Verification, and Tariff Analysis
Historic utility data creates the foundation for understanding how your facilities operate, and then working with eNERGYSolve can improve their efficiency and operation. These historical records provide the basis for creating energy budgets and benchmarks against other facilities. The information extracted from these records by eNERGYSolve's analysis and reporting system provides the guideposts for finding energy savings. eNERGYSolve gathers the most recent year's worth of utility bills and evaluates them for accuracy and tariff improvements through a proprietary software application. All verified billing information for all levels of the organization is captured in user friendly reports that are accessible through a secure website connection.

On-going Bill Verification, Presentment, and Payment

eNERGYSolve also provides bill verification and processing on a monthly basis. eNERGYSolve collects utility bills across all utilities. The bills are checked for accuracy. They are consolidated, where possible. They are either paid directly through electronic transfer or sent to the customer's accounts payable department for payment in electronic format compatible with the customer's bill paying system so that no further handling is required.

Information Tracking and Reporting

The online information and reporting system captures data from a Customer Relationship Management Database in six (6) standard reports with the option for additional customized reports depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

Utility Report - The Utility Report provides a detailed snap shot of a customer's utilities throughout all levels of the organization (e.g. corporate, division, region, facility).

Meter Report - The Meter Report provides detailed information about a customer's utility consumption at the meter/account level as provided on the customer's utility bills .

Billing Report - The Billing Report provides detailed information about a customer's current and historical utility bills.

Facility Report - The Facility Report provides detailed information about a customer's facility(s) including, but not limited to, contact information for its personnel and all of its utility providers.

Project Report - The Project Report allows customers to track and maintain detailed information about energy saving- or capital improvement projects at the facility level and is accessible throughout the organization for those with authorization to access the information.

Manager's Report - The Manager Report is an interactive manager's tool for maintaining, tracking, and reporting on a company's utility bill analysis and reporting system.

Interval Meter Report - As an added feature, the Interval Meter Report provides interval meter data at the meter/account level. The customer is able to select the account and time period in which to report in order to display usage and demand data by any selected time interval, including 15 minute, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly intervals either in text format or graphically., 27 Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873. Tel: 732-748-9600; Fax: 732-748-9640.