Ultra-Miser & Ultra-Miser II

Source: SLi Lighting
Ultra-Miser & Ultra-Miser II
SLI LIGHTING's Ultra-Miser ballasts provide the ultimate in energy savings and system performance. A true electronic ballast, Ultra-Misers are one, two, three or four lamp ballasts. The Ultra-Miser operates cooler than standard ballasts reducing both maintenance and air conditioning costs. Far exceeding state and federal efficiency requirements, the Ultra-Miser's qualify for rebate programs. Coupled with the efficiencies gained by high frequency lamp operation, Ultra-Misers provide up to 40% reduction in energy over old standard magnetic ballasts.

Key Benefits

  • Lowest Watts for Maximum Energy Savings
  • Power Factor Greater than 98%
  • Exceeds the Demanding Requirements of Utility Rebate Programs

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