Transmeter 12 - Two Phase Residential Meter

Source: Quadlogic Controls Corp.
Transmeter 12 - Two Phase Residential Meter
Transmeter-12 electronics exceed the requirements of ANSI C-12
  • Transmeter-12 electronics exceed the requirements of ANSI C-12
  • Easy to install NEMA style case 8"x4.5"x2.5" with plug-in electronics
  • Split or solid core Current Transformers from 25 Amps to 400 Amps loads
  • Single Phase, Two Wire 120 VAC
  • Single Phase, Three Wire 120/240 VAC (Split Phase)
  • Two Phase, Three Wire 120/208 VAC "wye" (Network)
  • Independent accumulation for each of the phases for kWH
  • Wireless Spread Spectrum Power Line Carrier (PLC) Communications
  • Dedicated Data Link for Serial communication via modified two wire RS-485
  • 3 watts nominal low power consumption
  • Easy to read LCD digital display
  • Tamper detection and Surge protection
  • UL listing for safety
  • Non-volatile memory retains all data during power failure
  • Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The Transmeter-12 was specifically designed as a low cost space efficient meter for residential applications. The circuitry is based on proprietary, patented technology developed by the company. The Transmeter-12 is a kWH Consumption electricity meter, that is usually integrated into a system (network) which allows remote meter reading and billing services. The Transmeter-12 can be used as a stand-alone meter, it can be remotely read by computers and has a front panel LCD information display. The Transmeter-12 installs easily in any environment. Modular construction and current transformers simplify installation.
The Transmeter-12 utilizes precision current transformers. The low current secondary windings (100ma) provides extreme accuracy, the ability to be installed further from the metering point and provide better protection to the secondary windings of an open, un-shunted current transformer.

The Transmeter-12 is UL & C-UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed for safety, approved by the Advisory Board for code compliance, by the State of California, Division of Measurement Standards, for tolerances and specifications for watthour revenue metering and meets FCC for Sub part J of part 15 class B requirements.

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