The Transmeter 4 - Digital, State-of-the-art Electricity Meter

Source: Quadlogic Controls Corp.
The Transmeter is a digital, state-of-the-art electricity meter, with modular plug-in electronics
The Transmeter is a digital, state-of-the-art electricity meter, with modular plug-in electronics, encased in a 13.5"H x 8.5"W x4.5"D NEMA-type enclosure. The meter provides a wide range of energy metering information, from simple consumption of kilowatt hours to peak kW, kVAR, and kVA demand, kWH, kVARH and kVAH consumption, Volts, Amps, Power Factor, Phase Angle, Frequency, 15-minute Data Logging, Phase and Event Diagnostics.

The Transmeters are adaptable to Time-Of-Use (TOU) profiles for local utility as well as custom requirements. The meters have a large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for on-site viewing of information or can be read by a remote reading center. They serve as stand alone units or can be networked via Data Linking or Power Line Carrier. The meters store historical consumption patterns to assure correctness and security of data, time- and date-stamp all tampering events, and protect the integrity of all data during power surges or failures. A self-diagnostic feature allows for instantaneous installation and performance verification.

The Transmeter is designed to utilize precision Current Transformers. The low current secondary windings (100ma) allow for extreme accuracy and increase permissible distance from the metering point. The meter's fuse block provides terminals for voltage lines and the wiring of the Current Transformers. Once wiring is completed, the steel-encased electronic module is simply plugged into the fuse block.

All Transmeters are laboratory calibrated and tested, and meet the stringent performance standards set by Quadlogic and the American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering. There are no moving parts, so the factory calibration is guaranteed for the life of the meter. Quadlogic meters meet or exceed the ANSI C-13 standard for revenue meters, are UL and C-UL (Canada) listed for safety, approved for use by Con Edison and the NYC Advisory Board for code compliance, by Industry of Canada, by the California Division of Measurement Standards for watt-hour revenue metering tolerances and specifications, and meet FCC requirement listed in Sub part J, part 15, class B.

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