The Kroy TubeMarker 600 Wire Marker Printer

Source: Hanover Technical Sales, Inc.
A better bargain than ever!<
The Kroy TubeMarker 600 Wire Marker Printer
A better bargain than ever!

TubeMarker 600 ............. 240SE
Kroy TubeMarker 600
Perfect for:
Aviation, Avionics, Lab
Shop, Technicians, Everybody!

Features Include QWERTY type keyboard
16 character LCD display
Thermal transfer printing
240 dots/inch resolution
256 character buffer memory
Buffer memory char. editing
Five selectable typestyles
Repeats to 99 duplicates
8,10,12,16 point type sizes
Sequence numbers or letters
Prints horizontal or vertical
AC Powered Kit (Call)
Batt. Powered Kit (Call)
AC/Batt Pwrd Kit (Call)
Opt'l AC Adapter for Batt. Kit

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