TF32D Microprocessor-Based Digital Input Monitoring System

Source: Measuring & Monitoring Services, Inc.
Microprocessor-Based Digital Input Monitoring System
Microprocessor-Based Digital Input Monitoring System


  • 32 digital input channels for runtime monitoring
  • Adjustable data storage interval with capacitor backed-up RAM
  • Data retrieval via telephone modem or local PC interface
  • Compact size
  • Fully integrated with TimeFrame software products

The TF32D (certified MV-90) is a microprocessor-based digital input monitoring system. Up to thirty two binary (on/off) inputs may be monitored for runtime at an adjustable storage interval from one minute to an hour or more. Data is stored in capacitor backed-up RAM for retrieval by telephone modem, or local PC interface.


The TF32D is ideal for low-cost, long-term monitoring of equipment runtime. Common applications are the verification of savings derived from lighting efficiency improvements and high-efficiency motor replacements in constant-load applications.
The TF32D is often integrated into larger analysis frameworks where data from multiple loggers can be assimilated using TimeFrame Universal software.

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