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NERTEC AMR solutions for gas and water utilities
NERTEC AMR solutions for gas and water utilities.
The TELEREADER TL401 will read any gas or water meter equipped with an encoder, a pulse initiator, or an auto generator. The TL401 can be used for residential, commercial and industrial, gas or water meter, applications. The TL401 is a single channel AMR device and does not have, nor require, a battery to operate. The TL400 Family can come in a different enclosures to adapt to the variety of meters in the field.
The TL402, like the TL401, is a residential, commercial and industrial solution for gas and water utilities. With the same functionality of the TL401, the TL402 can read two meters (Gas/Water or Gas/Gas or Water/Water). An added feature of the TL402 (because the AMR device has 2 channels), the TL402 can be used to gather corrected and uncorrected gas metering information or, for water compound meters.
The TL401 and TL402 have no batteries, thus, eliminating the high maintenance costs associated with battery management, replacement, and disposal. They do not require any connections to electrical meters or AC power outlet. Both AMR devices are UL/CSA Class 1 Division 2 intrinsically safe, and FCC / DOC approved.

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