Source: NERTEC Inc.
The Family 300 has two members, the TL302 and TL303
The Family 300 has two members, the TL302 and TL303.
The TL300 Family TELEREADER products offer multi-service and multi-tasking features. The TL302 can read two (2) meters - one electric meter and either a water or gas meter. This AMR device is the cornerstone for a Multi-Utility service provider or as a joint venture between different Utilities. The unit permits two types of marriages, either the AMR device is calling each Utilities' computer giving independent readings or the AMR device is calling a central point computer and from this central point distributing the meter reading data. In both configurations, your utility can realize extra revenues by offering value-added services. Whether you offer billing services or simply gather data for the other utility, it is a win-win situation for all involved.
The TL303 offers the same functionality as TL302, except that it can read three meters - electric, gas and water. It also can be configured to read one electric and two gas meters or two water meters. With the TL302 and TL303 you can read either pulse or encoder signal devices from gas and water utility meters.

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