Source: NERTEC Inc.
The Family 200 is a Time-Of-Use (T.O.U.) residential AMR device
The Family 200 is a Time-Of-Use (T.O.U.) residential AMR device.
The TL201 TELEREADER , is a single dwelling, residential Time-Of-Use, kWh AMR device, can store up to eight different rates (bin). It can store multiple readings in various intervals from 15 minutes to 24 hours. It has a dynamic remote programmable calendar and displaying sequence. It supports different configurations so you could download a new calendar month before it is activated in the meter. The TL201 records power outages and can, optionally, report power outages in real time. The TL201 Time-Of-Use TELEREADER has a Real Time Clock with no battery - the only AMR device of its kind, in the industry.
NERTEC's Time-Of-Use device is the perfect vehicle to introduce for your consumption awareness program. Usage, consumption, and the rate schedule can be displayed.

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