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tED Magazine Names 2010 "Best Of The Best" Marketing Awards

Van Meter Industrial and Legrand/Pass & Seymour Achieve Highest Distinction as Overall Winners

St Louis, MO - The Electrical Distributor (tED) magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), announces the 2010 winners of its Best of the Best Marketing Awards Competition.

Each year, tED magazine recognizes the electrical industry's top marketing initiatives with its Best of the Best Award competition. tED presents these honors in 12 categories. Companies compete with those of similar sales volume in each category. This year's awards represent the finest marketing efforts in the electrical industry for campaigns occurring in 2009.

The 2010 competition acknowledged the achievements of the electrical industry with 59 awards selected from more than 360 total entries submitted. The awards were presented on August 16, 2010 at the InterContinental Chicago during NAED's 2010 AdVenture Marketing Conference.

Of the awards presented, one distributor and one supplier were selected to represent the overall best marketing practices of the electrical industry.

Best of the Best Overall Winners:

  • Distributor: Van Meter Industrial (VMI),Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The company earned Best of the Best individual awards in Public Relations/Community Outreach for its "Fast Lane Friday" event and in the Brand Awareness category for its "Power of Many" campaign.
  • Supplier: Legrand/Pass & Seymour.Legrand/Pass & Seymour's "Tails, You Win" campaign captured awards in two categories—Direct Promotion and Product Launch.

The 2009 Best of the Best Award category awards are:

Brand Awareness:

  • Distributor under $25M – NorthWest Electrical Supply, "NorthWest Electrical Supply…On the Move"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Van Meter Industrial, "Power of Many"
  • Distributor over $200M – Summit Electric Supply, "A Nutcracker Electrician"
  • Supplier under $250M – WAC Lighting, "Responsible Lighting"
  • Supplier over $250M – GE Lighting, "Environmental Excellence Platform"

Digital Campaign:

  • Distributor $25-$200M – Dominion Electric Supply, "Enlightening Residential Lighting Blog"
  • Distributor over $200M – Summit Electric Supply, "Summit Tweets"
  • Supplier under $250M – Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut, "Protection Intelligence Quotient (PIQ) Quiz Program & Challenge"
  • Supplier over $250M – GE, "Targeted Audience Newsletters"

Direct Promotion:

  • Distributor under $25M – National Electric, "Promotional Mailer Campaign"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Mars Electric, "Green Solutions-Building Fitness"
  • Distributor over $200M – Rexel, "Stretch Your Gift-Giving Dollars"
  • Supplier under $250M – Hubbell Industrial Lighting, "Be an Energy Superhero"
  • Supplier over $250M – Legrand/Pass & Seymour, "Tails, You Win"


  • Distributor under $25M – Laconia Electric Supply, "1040 Days"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Inline Electric Supply, "2009 Inline Energy Efficiency Expo"
  • Distributor over $200M – Capital Lighting & Supply, "Construction Law Seminars"
  • Supplier under $250M – Robroy Industries, "Robroy Industries NAED Dessert Reception"
  • Supplier over $250M – GE Lighting, "GE Edison Award"

Integrated Promotional Campaign:

  • Distributor under $25M – C. N. Robinson Lighting Supply, "Center for Sustainable Lighting"
  • Distributor $25-$200M (tie) – United Electric Supply, "State of Delaware Integrated Campaign" and Dakota Supply Group, "Let a Pro Do It"
  • Distributor over $200M – Capital Lighting & Supply, "Emergency Services Number"
  • Supplier under $250M – Federal Signal, "Ultmt Effcy."
  • Supplier over $250M – Southwire, "SIMpull Solutions"

Literature/Selling Tool:

  • Distributor $25-$200M – World Electric Supply, "iCSales Countermat"
  • Distributor over $200M – Graybar, "Graybar Healthcare Initiative Playbook"
  • Supplier under $250M (tie) – Legrand/Wiremold, "Product Launch Binder for Electrical Wiring System (EWS)" and Juno Lighting Group, "The Collection"
  • Supplier over $250 million – GE Lighting, "GE Lamps & Ballasts Smart Catalog"


  • Distributor under $25M – C. N. Robinson Lighting Supply, "New Showroom"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Springfield Electric Supply, "Lighting & Design Goes Green"
  • Distributor over $200M – Stuart C. Irby Company, "Irby Safety Zone"
  • Supplier under $250M (tie) – WAC Lighting, "2009 Electrical Distributor Display Program" and RAB Lighting, "It's Easy to Be Green"
  • Supplier over $250M – Leviton Manufacturing, "Energy Smart Living and PowerMount Merchandisers"

Print Campaign:

  • Distributor $25-$200M – Warshauer Electric Supply, "Living in NJ"
  • Distributor over $200M – Summit Electric Supply, "Summit Marine"
  • Supplier under $250M – NSi Industries, "TORK League: TORK Hero Edition"
  • Supplier over $250M – Lutron Electronics, "Fortune Magazine Advertorials"

Product Launch:

  • Distributor under $25M – National Electric, "Let's Talk Tools"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Schaedler Yesco Distribution, "Titanix Compact Wire Puller"
  • Distributor over $200M – Stuart C. Irby Company, "INPRO (Irby New Product Roll Out)"
  • Supplier under $250M (tie) – RAB Lighting, "LPACK—LED wallpack" and Madison Electric Products, "SmartBox"
  • Supplier over $250M – Legrand/Pass & Seymour, "Tails, You Win"


  • Distributor under $25M – Gross Electric, "Gross Electric's 100th Anniversary Calendar"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – Dakota Supply Group, "Connections Magazine"
  • Distributor over $200M – Stuart C. Irby Company, "Irby Circuit Newsletter"
  • Supplier under $250M – KACO new energy, "The KACO Sun"
  • Supplier over $250M – Progress Lighting, "Green Brochure"

Public Relations/Community Outreach:

  • Distributor $25-$200M – Van Meter Industrial, "Fast Last Friday"
  • Distributor over $200M – NorthEast Electrical Distributors, "Project Green Lights"
  • Supplier over $250M – GE Lighting, "MC2 STEM High School"


  • Distributor under $25M –, " E-commerce Site"
  • Distributor $25-$200M – State Electric Supply, "Website Redesign"
  • Distributor over $200M – Graybar, ""
  • Supplier under $250M – Madison Electric Products, "Website Redesign"
  • Supplier over $250M – Lutron Electronics, "Lighting Control Institute (LCI) Online"

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SOURCE: The National Association of Electrical Distributors