TDMARK-V Programmable Energy Meter

Source: TransData, Inc.
TDMARK-V Programmable Energy Meter
The TDMARK-V integrates a wide variety of functions into a single meter
The TDMARK-V integrates a wide variety of functions into a single meter:
  • Metering
  • Event Recorder
  • Communications
  • Circuit Analyzer
  • Load Profile Recorder
  • Digital Transducer Output
  • Power Quality Monitor
  • Outage Reporting System

The TDMARK-V is ideal for numerous applications:

  • Distribution
  • Generation
  • Feeder Monitoring
  • Transmission
  • Revenue Billing
  • Dual Circuit
  • Utility Inter-Tie
  • Co-Generation

Features of the TDMARK-V include:

  • Built-in Demand Recorder, Time-of-Use, Harmonic Distortion Detection, Loss Compensation & Autocal capability
  • Power Quality Event Recorder logs time, duration and magnitude of power quality events, metering events and tampering with dial-out reporting capability.
  • ±0.1% Revenue Accuracy True RMS measuring circuit meets ANSI C12.16 and IEC Class 0.2 requirements
  • Voltage Quality Monitor detects sags, swells, interruptions and outages with 1 cycle resolution and dial-out capability.
  • 4-quadrant measured quantities include kWh, kVARh, kQh, kVAh, Volthours Volt2hours & Power Factor
  • Vector Analysis system checks for improper wiring, phase rotation and equipment failures. An on-line vector diagram display shows the real-time current and voltage levels.
  • The industry's fastest sampling rate assures excellent performance with distorted waveforms, harmonics and rapidly changing loads.
  • Multi-port communication options via modem, cellular, radio, RS232/RS485, optical port and fiber optic.

The TDMARK-V is a direct replacement for electro-mechanical and other solid-state meters, and is available in Socket, A-base and Switchboard mounting configurations.