SWINGSTRAP™: Reversible Ratchet Headband

Reversible Ratchet Headband: Choose the patented SWINGSTRAP SUPEREIGHT® cap by Fibre-Metal when mounting face or welding protection onto your hard hat. SWINGSTRAP eliminates wasteful downtime from having to remove, reverse and reinstall your hard hat suspension to maintain ANSI standard head protection compliance.

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SWINGSTRAP™: Reversible Ratchet Headband:

You Don't Need To Reverse Your Hard Hat Suspension Ever Again!

Use the patented SWINGSTRAP™ SUPEREIGHT® hard hat by Fibre-Metal when you need to mount a welding helmet, faceshield or goggle onto your hard hat. The SWINGSTRAP allows you to quickly convert your cap from the forward wearing peak position to rear facing (and back again) without having to first remove, reverse, and reinstall the entire hard hat suspension. Just swing the SWINGSTRAP to the position you need with no down time.

  • All Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT Thermoplastic hard hats are SEI certified to ANSI Z89 in both the forward and reverse positions
  • Fibre-Metal ratchet suspensions are the longest lasting on the market
  • SWINGSTRAP headband provides the exceptional comfort of a 360° padded, perforated sweatband to provide comfort no matter which way you wear your hat
  • With the time saved, one time use of the patented SWINGSTRAP™ reversible ratchet adjustment by Fibre-Metal will pay for itself!
Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT hard hats are the most sophisticated head protection systems available
  • Smooth Shell: flexes on impact; no ribs, ridges of slots to trap impacting objects – they are deflected away
  • Eight Point Impact Energy Control System: reduces impact energy, distributes loading forces more evenly around the cap to eight scientifically determined points (twice as many load bearing points as the average hard hat)
  • Exceptional Comfort: SUPEREIGHT's headband can be raised, lowered, tilted, or moved from front to rear for just the right fit or feel. The full, padded, perforated sweatband provides cushioning around the head and helps to cool the air circulating within the cap

The SUPEREIGHT SWINGSTRAP is a great example of how Fibre-Metal's innovative safety products achieve quality by design.

100 years since pioneering the first welding helmet, Fibre-Metal has joined with North Safety Products to produce and distribute more high quality products than ever before. Fibre-Metal's premium head, face and welding protection products will now be carried alongside North's leading head-to-toe PPE products at more distributor locations nationwide.

Fibre-Metal is the only manufacturer who ships all of their hard hats fully assembled, ready to wear. See the difference quality makes.

SUPEREIGHT® is a registered trademark of Fibre-Metal, a North Safety Products brand.

To learn more about the SUPEREIGHT Swingstrap hard hats, and other fine products by Fibre-Metal, contact North Safety Products toll free at 888-422-3798.

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Catalog: Fibre-Metal Brand Premium Head, Face & Welding Protection