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Sungrow's Energy Storage System Provides Support To Future Networks And Grid Operators

London /PRNewswire/ - Imagine the future, in which renewables will be the primary source of electricity generation, much of it from wind and solar plants. The power system impedance will become increasingly higher and the power system inertia will decline. As a result, the power system will become weak with a huge instability in both voltage and frequency.

To tackle the challenges of the weak power system, diverse ancillary services are required, including frequency response, reliability backup, voltage control, black-start and islanding services, etc. Energy storage plays in offering these ancillary services to fight climate change and ensure global adoption of clean energy grids.

The ESS is not a simple mechanical stack-up. The success of an ESS is based on experience in different fields, including electrochemistry, power electronics, and power grid support technologies. Together, these technologies will play a decisive part in ensuring that tomorrow's energy system is secure, profitable, and resilient. Sungrow is one of a few of companies qualified for the experiences from these three fields and continues offering professional highly-integrated solutions to customers.

"At Sungrow, we believe that innovation holds the key to creating a more resilient energy system at every level. We pioneer in the energy storage realm and offer our liquid cooled energy storage systems (ESS), the PowerTitan and PowerStack designed for utility-scale as well as commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, which can guarantee high profitability and safety," said Dr. James Li, Director of PV & Energy Storage System Product Solutions from Sungrow Europe, in his speech titled, "How does Sungrow energy storage system provide support to future networks and grid operators?", at the recent Energy Storage Summit 2023 held on February 22-23 in the UK.

The liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan is optimized for utility-scale applications. The intelligent liquid cooled temperature control technology ensures higher efficiency and longer battery cycle life. The new DC-DC controller can charge and discharge battery racks individually, improving the overall system performance. The automatic state of charge (SoC) calibration and the automated coolant refilling considerably reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs.

In addition, tailored to C&I energy storage projects, Sungrow offers its liquid cooled ESS solution, the PowerStack. The solution is a portfolio with a battery capacity ranging from 250 kWh to 4 MWh, available for two- to four-hour applications. It features cell-level AI monitoring, enabling early alarming. In addition, the energy management system (EMS) intelligent scheduling increases the project's yield by 10%.

"The C&I battery storage could lower Europe's electricity costs for the C&I facilities which they are installed at but could also help manage the cost of power for consumers," presented Dr. James Li.

As an early entrant in the EMEA energy storage market, Sungrow has supplied its ESS to plenty of landmark projects including a 100 MWh project and a 391MWh project in the UK, and a 430 MWh project in Israel. The Company is poised to deploy more energy storage projects with its new liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan and PowerStack in the region.

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