News | January 14, 2005

Sunflower Electric Power Corp. Adds Remote EMS Functionality

Web Console provides remote access to member cooperatives

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution announced that its Energy Management & Automation division successfully implemented a PC-based Web Console, which includes a license for access by up to ten users, to Sunflower Electric Power as an add-on to their Spectrum PowerTM TG SCADA/AGC system. Web Console will provide Sunflower's six member cooperatives with the capability to remotely navigate through the system display hierarchy and view displays with real-time information via the Web.

Sunflower's members provide distribution services to more than 51,000 metering points and indirectly serve another 10,000 meters as wholesale power suppliers to cities and towns in the region. A substantial amount of electric power and energy is also provided to other utilities in the region. Sunflower is a member of the Southwest Power Pool and the Mid-Continent Area Power Pool.

Remote access to the system aids Sunflower achieve its primary mission to provide an adequate, reliable, long-term power supply to its Member systems at the lowest possible cost consistent with sound business practices.

About Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution (USA)

Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution, Inc., headquartered in Raleigh, NC, creates innovative product, system and service solutions for its customers - electric utilities, transmission organizations, Independent System Operators, and large energy consumers. It is a leading supplier of high and medium voltage power delivery equipment and energy management and information systems for regulated and deregulated generation, transmission, and distribution markets. The company's products and systems are used to increase power system capacity and improve the reliability, stability and flexibility of power delivery and network control systems. It has operations in Wendell, NC; Jackson, MS; Minneapolis, MN; San Jose, CA; and Atlanta, GA. For more information visit us at:

About Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

Sunflower is a consumer-owned, nonprofit corporation operated cooperatively by six rural electric distribution cooperatives that serve people located in 34 western Kansas counties. Sunflower provides wholesale power generated by six power plants to its Member cooperatives. That power is delivered across a high voltage transmission network consisting of 27 substations and more than 1,150 miles of 69-kV, 115-kV, and 345-kV line.

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Source: Siemens