Substation Controller RTU+

Source: Schneider Electric
Substation Controller RTU+
In recent years, the emphasis on access to utility substation data has shifted from traditional SCADA interfaces to include enterprise connectivity and increased levels of automation
In recent years, the emphasis on access to utility substation data has shifted from traditional SCADA interfaces to include enterprise connectivity and increased levels of automation. Schneider Electric is committed to protecting customer investment and addressing the evolving integration and automation needs of electric utilities by providing solutions that are based on open architectures, inter-connectivity, and the integration of new technologies. Schneider Electric now offers a powerful line of scaleable, PLC-based substation controller solutions for low-cost integration and automation of utility substations. Substation Controller RTU+ products can be used for more traditional substation RTU or easily expanded into our latest Transparent Utility innovation which provides seamless integration of substation information into the utility enterprise.

Integrated automation solution

The flexible architecture of Schneider Electric's Substation Controller RTU+ solution can satisfy conventional SCADA connectivity requirements in the substation, or a higher level of integration by including interfaces with IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) over a distributed local substation network.

Substation Controller RTU+

Substation Controller RTU+ is suited for indoor and outdoor installation, ranging from small distribution to large transmission substations. The rugged outdoor solution meets ANSI/IEE 37.90.1 & 37.90.2 standards and withstand temperatures ranging from –40C to +70C. Ideal for new or replacement RTUs, Substation Controller RTU+ can also be used to integrate IEDs into a SCADA system.

Substation Controller RTU+ can support any level of substation automation through PLC ladder logic or more advanced IEC 1131 editors, and can interface to most commercially available user interface (HMI) packages.


  • RTU emulation using a flexible and expandable PLC based solution reduces the overall cost of implementing this application.
  • RTU emulation using a PLC-based solution with components supported worldwide reduces the cost of installation, wiring, and maintenance.
  • RTU emulation using the loadable function blocks provides unsurpassed flexibility. Use of a common hardware platform and basic software tools protects the investment while maximizing functionality.
  • The built-in Modbus Plus network capability of the Substation Controller RTU+ allows for future integration of IEDs and local HMI at minimal engineering and installation costs.
  • In addition to SCADA interface, the PLC-based Substation Controller RTU+ can be fitted with communication modules, allowing parallel communication modules, allowing parallel communications to the business enterprise (i.e. Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP,UCA, and web-embedded application), providing valuable information to make business decisions to improve the bottom line.

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