Strategic Competitive Intelligence (SCI)

Source: Global Change Associates Inc.
What is SCI?

SCI is a new information service for the global competitive energy markets, which recognizes companies' requirements for exclusive information to assist with short and longer term strategic planning. SCI has been developed to fill the niche between information and consulting services, providing an exclusive intelligence service at a fraction of the cost of consulting services.

How does it work?
SCI is a fully tailored service. The client company determines the scope, frequency and the medium of the information required. SCI is then packaged to the exact requirements of the company with the information provided being exclusive to that company. In addition SCI will provide quarterly briefings at the client's offices.

Why choose SCI?
SCI is backed by Global Change Associates Inc., which has over nine years consulting experience in the global energy market. GCA produced the first energy derivatives report in 1993 and has always been at the cutting edge of energy market developments. It has an extensive database of market participants and has access to the main decision makers in the industry. GCA has produced several management reports on developing market issues and has recently published the first comprehensive report on Electronic Energy Trading with other innovative reports planned for 2000. GCA's principals, Peter Fusaro and Jeremy Wilcox, have 40 years experience in the energy market and have an impressive list of global clients.

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