Standard Crossarms

Source: CrossArm, Inc.
The standard crossarm measures 3.75-in-by-4.75-in-by-8-in, with a standard R.U.S. six pin hole pattern...
The standard crossarm measures 3.75-in-by-4.75-in-by-8-ft, with a standard R.U.S. six pin hole pattern. They are lightweight, approximately one-third to one-half the weight of wooden crossarms, and 100% recyclable, which eliminates disposal problems. They have a BIL value of 450, which is highest in the industry, and are UV protected with a 30-year prorated warranty. The product is weatherproof; completely sealed; insect proof and woodpecker resistant; and will not shrink, splinter, rot, or decay. There is no blooming, and they have excellent-non-conductive properties, as well as being able to utilize all standard hardware. They are interchangeable with conventional crossarms

EPRI certified testing has shown that under extreme loading conditions the arms flex instead of break and return to a normal level after the load is removed. This memory of the arms and its ability to flex will help eliminate the danger of downed power lines and power outages due to broken crossarms. The products comply with NESC 252, and are available in four standard colors, with custom colors available upon request. Sold in bundles of 25 each.

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