Staking Software

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Staking Software
The Staking Partner is a utility software program for training, documentation, and configuration maintenance.
The Staking Partner is a utility software program for training, documentation, and configuration maintenance. The System Hub manages job files coming from one or many Field Designer and Job Manager computers. It also creates text reports and map data files for completed jobs automatically and can communicate with specific external accounting systems.

The Map Translator converts the information from the mapping system into a form accessible to the Field Designer and Map Viewer. Map translators are available for AutoCAD and ESRI based mapping systems. It typically resides on a PC in the mapping office. Translating the map information helps eliminate the need for field engineers to learn the mapping CAD or GIS system, increases pan and zoom speed, allows access to an entire service area on one laptop, and allows a combination of information from different types of mapping systems into a single viewing package. It also helps reduce the information requests and CPU usage within the mapping department.

The Job Manager is a job control and status viewing tool. Residing on the office network, it provides a means for a field supervisor to re-allocate jobs to different field computers at any time. The module runs under Windows 95/98/NT.

The Field Designer is the "word processor" for the field engineer. It provides the existing maps as a seamless background to work on. Construction assemblies are listed and are arranged to allow easy location. Illustrations and specifications of assemblies can be included. The user can copy locations or create templates to speed the job. The module creates the construction sheets and any number of configurable reports. The software lets the user do their job and eliminates the process of ordering assemblies and drawing sketches. It is designed for field or office computers. The minimum screen resolution for viewing is 800 x 600 pixels.

The Map Viewer allows map viewing and redlining for all users in the utility. It can be operated on stand-alone computers or as part of the network. Clients use the module for service trucks, meter readers, operation centers, field supervision, and general map viewing.

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