SSR-6000 Interval Pulse Data Recorder with Internal CDMA Modem

Source: TransData, Inc.
8-Channel, MV-90 Compatible Load Profiling Demand Recorder for Energy Metering Applications that readily accepts up to 4-KYZ or 8-KY Pulse Inputs with CDMA Digital Cellular and Telephone Modem options.
The TransData SSR-6000 is an eight-channel MV-90 compatible solid-state interval pulse data recorder used for collecting, profiling and totalizing pulse output data from electricity, gas and water meters. The SSR-6000 uses the same field proven register and recorder circuitry of TransData's ANSI certified MARK-V Energy Meter in service at more than 300 utilities worldwide.

The SSR-6000 is fully programmable to meet the widest range of meter pulse recording and totalizing applications. The SSR-6000 features a switch selectable 120-240-277 volts AC power supply, cover-mounted optical port and remote communication data retrieval and programming capability via CDMA digital cellular modem, telephone modem and RS232 serial port options. Also available is an auxiliary pulse I/O option for Status and Control functionality and providing a totalized KYZ pulse output.

Featuring eight configurable data channels, the SSR-6000 readily accepts either Form-C KYZ or Form-A KY pulse inputs with programmable 1 to 60 minute fixed or rolling block demand interval periods. The large capacity 128K memory provides ample data storage capacity for advanced applications.

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