SPEED LD-1100 Field Recorder

Source: Enetics, Inc.
The LD-1100 Field Recorder collects data at the electric revenue meter location
The LD-1100 Field Recorder collects data at the electric revenue meter location. Periodically this data is uploaded for processing using Enetics' SPEED algorithm, which produces energy consumption interval data for each major appliance in the residence.

The recorder is installed between the meter socket and the revenue meter on a standard form 2S meter base. Installation also typically involves connection to the phone line (if present) at the site. Typically, the unit shares the premises phone line for periodic uploading of data and recorder management ("walk-up" data collection methods are also available). The LD-1100 is configured for single and 2-phase residential services.

The recorder samples the power line and computes watt and VAR values. It senses transitions in these parameters and uses this information to determine exactly when a particular appliance turns on or off. It then records, calculates and stores the date and time of each on/off event along with the voltage, real and reactive power (watt, VAR). The recorder also computes and stores the whole-building watt-hour and VAR-hours for each recording interval. The recorder can also log internal temperature if the Plug-in Temperature Sensor is in use at the premises.

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