News | April 4, 2014

Southern Panay Transmission Backbone Nears Completion


Customers of transmission service provider NGCP stand to benefit from the completion of the Southern Panay transmission backbone and the Culasi-San Jose 69-kiloVolt (kV) transmission line project in Antique province.

The transmission backbone project covers 93 kilometers of 138-kV and 69-kV overhead transmission lines and tower structures and includes two substations, a newly-constructed San Jose Substation and an expanded Sta. Barbara Substation.

Commenced in 2010 and targeted for completion by the end of 2014, the project aims to accommodate the increasing load demand and address voltage quality issues of Panay island. NGCP President and Chief Executive Officer Henry Sy, Jr. underscores the project’s value to the entire Visayas grid. “One major consideration in pursuing this project is the rapid socio-economic development in Panay. NGCP aims to address the growth in demand while maintaining the grid’s reliability. The completion of the 69-kV loop in Western Panay through the completion of the Culasi-San Jose project will address any voltage issues within the island. We are also looking to extend power delivery to un-electrified areas.”

The Culasi-San Jose 69-kV line project covers 86 kilometers of overhead transmission lines and will include the expansion of two substations in San Jose and Culasi. Completing the western Panay 69-kV loop, the project is targeted to provide more efficient power delivery services to customers in Antique and Aklan.