Source: Joslyn Hi-Voltage
The new Fisher Pierce SmartLink™ Utility Application Interface
The new Fisher Pierce SmartLink™ Utility Application Interface combined with Series 2700 Cellular Communication Based Monitor and Control Units is now available from Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio.

SmartLink™ provides fault information in seconds. This cost-effective system for distribution automation applications may be integrated into larger existing SCADA or other mapping systems.

SmartLink™ cellular communication systems target applications requiring constant monitoring by providing alarm, maintenance, status reporting, and switch control. The system utilizes existing cellular and public switched telephone network infrastructures (PSTN), eliminating the need to install and support a radio communication system.

The SmartLink™ System provides advantages for the following applications:

  • Fault monitoring
  • Capacitor switch control
  • Sectionalizing switch monitoring
  • Motor operated switch control
  • Alarm reporting
  • Equipment maintenance reporting
  • Load monitoring
  • Transformer monitoring

The Smartlink™ System provides an immediate solution for new distribution automation users, system expansion coverage, and new monitoring applications.

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