Source: Joslyn Hi-Voltage
The TriMod™ 100 Single Phase Vacuum Recloser is now available
The TriMod™ 100 Single Phase Vacuum Recloser is now available from Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio.

This recloser can be applied system-wide due to its high interrupting rating of up to 12.5 kA and continuous current rating of up to 800 A. Advanced vacuum interrupter technology provides two-duty cycle interruption life. The TriMod™ 100 requires no maintenance and has a long mechanical life of 10,000 open/close operations.

There is no oil or gas used for interruption or insulation in the recloser. It is insulated with JOSLYTE solid dielectric insulating material. This special high voltage solid dielectric foam has excelled for over 30 years in field applications in the most rugged climates and demanding applications.

The PowerMAX™ microprocessor-based controller provides unprecedented application flexibility and data recording capabilities. All protection settings are changeable from the integrated keypad, without the need to change or stock any components. Remote monitoring and operation is available via dry contacts or the RS-232 communication port.

The control contains only a small lithium clock battery for maintaining accurate time and date stamping. No other batteries are used in the operation of the control, thus eliminating costly battery maintenance normally associated with electronic controls! All settings and stored information are retained without the use of batteries even in the absence of line voltage. The control can be mounted directly to the recloser or conveniently located at a remote location.

Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation is an industry leader with over 80 years of innovation and world class products and technology support for electric utilities and industrial power systems.

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