Simplified Motor Soft-Start

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Simplified Motor Soft-Start
GOLETA, CA—April 11, 2000—Enerpro, Inc. introduces the Simplified Motor Soft-Start (SMSS), a compact, economical
New Soft-Starter Prevents Torque Induced Stress to Drive
Line Components and Load; Provides More Economical
Solution for Low Horsepower 3-Phase Motor Control

GOLETA, CA—April 11, 2000—Enerpro, Inc. introduces the Simplified Motor Soft-Start (SMSS), a compact, economical solution for reducing stress in low-horsepower 3Ø motors and drive components caused by instantaneous, across-the-line (hard) starts. The SMSS is especially useful for soft-starting blower motors, refrigeration systems, air compressors and other simple on/off motor control applications. The SMSS provides an onboard potentiometer that allows users to gradually ramp up starting torque by means of adjusting the time required to attain full motor running speed from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. Four models are available in the series: 13 hp at 208VAC, 15 hp at 240VAC, 23.5 hp at 380VAC, and 30 hp at 408VAC.
The highly compact, self-contained SMSS provides a more economical soft-start solution for this class of application by eliminating unnecessary starting current limiting and motor speed control circuitry. With roughly 70% fewer electrical components versus typical three-phase soft-starters, the SMSS accomplishes soft starts by applying reduced voltage to one motor phase—while full power is applied to the other two. This does not limit starting current or running speed but regulates starting torque only, allowing it to ramp up more slowly. Because full running speed is reached within two seconds or less, neither motor overheating nor excessive kVA loading occurs.
The SMSS is phase-insensitive and may be connected in any phase sequence between the existing across-the-line starter and the motor. Available either as an open-frame assembly or mounted in its own enclosure, the SMSS requires less than 300 cu in of space. The enclosed unit measures only 7.0" (177.8mm) high x 7.1" (180.3mm) wide x 6.0" (152.4mm) deep.
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